UFC 202 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 4

UFC 202 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 4

On Episode 4 of UFC 202 Embedded, welterweight headliner Nate Diaz reluctantly powers through his promotional obligations. Opponent Conor McGregor continues to push himself in the gym. Then things go sideways at the official press conference when one headliner is late, one walks out and a near-brawl erupts between the camps. UFC 202 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to the hotly-anticipated rematch between Diaz and McGregor at UFC 202, taking place Saturday, August 20 on Pay-Per-View.

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20 Responses

  1. thepartygod says:

    lol, nate caused another scene and he is gonna knock the fuck out of
    mcmuffin. it will be glorious!!

  2. ChrisTheCreed says:

    Why is Nate playing rock paper scissors with everybody lol 0:17 1:07

  3. Pedro Rivera says:

    Conor already lost the 1st round of playing mind games. Nate is already in
    his head…

  4. Alonso Gadea says:

    Nate is a TROLL lmao…

  5. DSNugent91 says:

    This BT sport thing is BOLLOX…. UFC you are missing out on loads of money
    by doing this

  6. halfmanhalftree says:

    so wee going to act like the UFC didnt edit out these guys thowing bottles
    ans cans at each other lmao

  7. Charles Kittel says:

    Conor looks mentally broken! Avoiding early face off with Nate, arriving
    late, overthinking the fight, emotionally invested, putting too much
    affirmative actions, talking all the time his teammates that he is very
    strong, e.g., in an interview his teammate said you are strong and Nate has
    nothing for you; Conor looks at him and said YEAH like he does not believe
    it. Letting his coach to punch him in the abs front the camera to show his
    is not afraid and more things… Made me believe that he is NOT confident
    as before. This is NOT the Conor we knew. We’ll see what happens. For sure
    Nate won this round!

  8. Uncle Buck says:

    Conor and his dumbass entourage rocking up when they feel like it. Pricks!
    Hope he gets choked out again!!!

  9. EvansVision says:

    that was super disrespectful when nate made that camera guy leave the room.
    What the fuck does it matter if you have to repeat yourself? You’re an MMA
    fighter not a fucking king. Now i really hope your ass gets knocked out

  10. Jose Guzman says:

    Fk!! conor McCracker ate his own words Ha! Ha!

  11. Bebu Sander says:

    I’m shocked how alot of people don’t mention how Conor doesnt have a good
    chin. All they say is he was winning the fight. If he gets caught clean
    just once its wobble time, but he needs to catch Nate 100 times and hope
    somehow Nate goes down.

  12. santclause1 says:

    Both acted retarded.

  13. Marcus Garcia says:

    Nates mind is way more clear?

  14. dude0715 says:

    Mcgayor looked like he was about to cry. Rest a sure I don’t not like him
    at all. And hope Diaz wins but it’s funny to see a lot of his supporters
    not have any faith in him to win this fight. It’s a fight I’ve been
    watching since they started. Seen crazy shit. He has more than a shot he’s
    skilled. Wouldn’t be where he’s at if he wasn’t. Again I hate him. Diaz
    said it right weight isn’t even that big of a difference earlier. Now idk
    tough to say. Diaz is tall but mcgreggor does have muscle his quads are
    huge. Before the first fight Diaz has stated along with others he walks
    around at 180 and cuts to 55 Mcgeggor walks around at 176 his words before
    the first fight. So not any different. His reach yes but it’s just giveing
    Connor a taste of his own medicine. He was always been the bigger man in
    every fight and had the reach now he doesn’t and gets a Taste of it. Now
    Diaz is heavyier but I don’t know if it true but there was word Connor put
    on more weight that normal I heard 190. Idk

  15. obiwon76 says:

    This stuff is so rigged. I bet the Ufc has on their payroll several staff
    who used to work on reality tv shows.

  16. First Ladt says:

    Connor is not ready, neither mentally or physically. Consclusion… there
    won’t be any suprise, madafakas

  17. Chill Rob says:

    what media outlet is it at 1:40??

  18. any name says:

    bottles will be thrown…

  19. kevin Mullin says:

    Dana isn’t sorry at all, he’s loving every second of it! $$$

  20. Merk Man says:

    Watch all these Conor trolls disappear after Saturday night.