UFC 202 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 6

UFC 202 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 6

On Episode 6 of UFC 202 Embedded, headliner Nate Diaz, light heavyweight opponents Glover Teixeira and Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, and welterweight Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone sweat out their final pounds in anticipation of Friday’s weigh-ins. The next morning, everyone hits the official scale, then main event welterweight Conor McGregor refuels at home. The fighters square off at that afternoon’s fan event, where the bitter rivals in the headlining bout share an overdue – and intense – faceoff. UFC 202 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to the hotly-anticipated rematch between Diaz and McGregor at UFC 202, taking place Saturday, August 20 on Pay-Per-View.

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20 Responses

  1. Alex Zamora says:

    Artem was like Fuuuuuck when he saw Nate and Avila HAHA. Hey Conor fans,
    you petrified?

  2. Benjamin _hubble says:

    nate stuttering and mumbling like a faggit when joe gave him the mic, he’s
    hella scared ??

  3. thejoerice says:

    Nate tried to kill you Conor…. but you tapped

  4. MC KliQ says:

    let me predict this shit. connor will start blasting nate. nate will try to
    use his range on connor. in round 4 connor will get slower and slower nate
    will counter and try to wrestle connor. I can’t really decide this one. but
    nate is for me to pick up the win. connor looks very agressiv while nate
    doesn’t give a fuck. nate my use connor’s agressiv against him and pick up
    the win

  5. FromPoetryToRap says:

    Damn, Nate threw away his black shirt. What the fuck is he going to wear

  6. Nate Deuce says:

    After nate hopefully wins, i want cerrone in the spotlight. Two favorite
    fighters in this shit since i was a little kid.

  7. Mauri Barahona says:

    Ufc has the biggest trader fans bouncing from wagon to wagon

  8. Sean Bailey says:

    WOW, nutritionists who clearly have no understanding of nutrition. Nice
    work, feeding your fighters food that causes inflammation the day before
    the fight. GREAT JOB!

  9. Michael Flaherty says:

    take his skinny little girly legs out by kickin the shit out of the n punch
    his fuckin derby in southboston Massachusetts will be going fuckin nuts
    tonight……can’t wait
    IRISH PRIDE muthfucka????

  10. sven Andersen says:

    conner 168 nate 170 ,reach and heart will show this fight lads

  11. Why me ? says:

    Heyyy guys I’m from middle east, and I’m wondering if the Match of conor
    and Diaz started or not ? Somebody tell me please.

  12. Jotaro Kujo says:

    Ufc huile everything for conor to win …but thats ok nate will knock conor
    out this time conor don’t have the cardio he NEVER fought for 5 rounds
    …and yall know nate is a warrior he will never go down so conor will be
    ready of course but he will be dead in round 4 i think

  13. I trane UFC bro says:

    i am from the future, roughly 10 minutes after this fight, here is what
    Nate Diaz walks out with his homies to some rap song, flipping off everyone
    in the crowd in the process.
    Suddenly, loud war-drums are heard all over the arena, and water starts to
    fill the arena. Conor McGregor arrives on a god damned medieval ship with
    his whole team and Sinead o’Connor who sings “the foggy dew” for the huge
    irish crowd. Conor steps off his ship and enters the octagon.
    Bruce buffer begins to introduce the fighters, but after he had introduced
    Diaz, McGregor grabs the microphone and introduces himself.
    “My name is Conor McGregor, and I’m the greatest damn fighter to ever live
    ye, but i have one thing to say before i kill this man; fook team diaz, and
    if you’re down with team diaz then fook you too” Meanwhile, diaz repeatedly
    mumbles “yeah right” and “i dont give a fuck”, conor hears this however and
    screams at the top of his lungs: “I DONT GIVE A FOOK EITHER!”
    Bruce buffer finally manages to steal back the mic while conor is
    distracted, and lets Herb Dean start the fight.
    Round 1: Conor hits Nate with a jab and Nate immediately starts bleeding
    all over his face.
    Diaz now proceeds to slap conor twice, but the second slap was countered by
    a spinning foot stomp (far away in the crowd i hear Nick yelling “so we’re
    throwing spinning shit now?), Nate is now severely injured and has to pull
    guard as he cannot stand anymore, Conor tries to hit him but gets stuck in
    a triangle.
    The end seems near for Conor, as Diaz says “you should’ve went to kids bjj
    class bitch” and squeezes really hard. Mcgregor now can feel that he is
    fading away, and has to act fast. He remembers the training with ido portal
    in the park, and proceeds to hit diaz so hard in the ass that he almost
    dies, Conor takes mount and starts ground n’ pounding, but diaz is saved by
    the bell.
    Round 2: Conor immediately hits Nate with a head kick, killing the
    remaining 2 brain cells Nate has left, but doesnt even rock him.
    Suddenly, Nate stops moving, and pulls out some weed from under his pants.
    Conor asks if he can have some too, and diaz, being the gentleman he is,
    ofcourse shares some.
    Out of nowhere Jon Jones comes out of the crowd and leaps over the fence,
    bringing some hookers, cocaine, and dick pills with him.
    They all end up having the sickest party ever in front of the whole crowd.
    Then they all lived happily ever after, the end.

  14. Conor Odonnell says:

    Guess what guys conor already has the fight won. This fight will be fixed i

  15. Labhrás Éadbhárd O'Dochartaigh says:

    Am I the only one who finds it odd that the americans on here get upset &
    respond by either
    1: Calling someone a fag
    2: Talk about fucking someones mom?

    Is this like the allahu akbar of america?

  16. GazzyWazz says:

    Who’s Conor vs Mcgregor? and when can I see this boxing match?

  17. Qaturan says:

    who can i watch i for free?

  18. Фаррух Алияров says:

    Mcregor is a good fighter, but he needs to learn to respect his opponents .

  19. Johnny BrAvo says:

    Never seen a fanbase go from a few thousand to a few million like Diaz has!
    So many bandwagon gazelles. Yeah Nate has all of Stockton behind him but
    Connor has all of Ireland this coming from an American fan

  20. OneMethod says:

    We all fucking know Nate’s a better fighter then connor, i really wanna see
    what connor’s 300k camp going to bring to this fight! Can’t fucking wait
    till tonight, its going to be epic!