UFC 205: Post-fight Press Conference

UFC 205: Post-fight Press Conference

Watch the UFC 205 post-fight press conference live following the event.

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20 Responses

  1. Duc Le says:

    Eddie: Son, your dad just lost….

  2. Jesse Smith says:

    AND NEW you motherfucking blind haters

  3. Chief D says:

    Bruce buffer fxcked up twice lol

  4. Vey Narbz says:


  5. Yazoo says:

    Was Ariel back??? Thought I heard him chatting Woodley.

  6. YouChoob89 says:

    There is no way Mcgregor would beat Woodley. The size difference is

  7. Mohamed Ki says:

    Next fight is Khabib vs Conor… I can’t wait until Khabib destroys Conor

  8. Veetya says:

    What does Tyron mean Wonderboys head popped out?

  9. Sarah Rattle says:

    8:40 start

  10. Jessica and leahs show says:

    Conor McGregor is a true Dublin boy ????

  11. Happy Gilmore says:

    Tyrone The RACIST One is a Real Jackhole! All he does is complain.

  12. ragii says:

    I gained some respect for Woodey after this event.

  13. Abass says:

    Why does Dana keep saying Ronda’s UFC biggest star while the numbers and
    records say otherwise for Conor?

  14. sufyan sufi says:

    don’t understand why woodley gets so much hate.

  15. travisbickelll says:

    Where’s Eddie? Crying in the dressing room like Aldo?

  16. jay brooklyn says:

    Everybody Wants to pretend they were always Conor Fans now , i just laugh
    at this Comment section full of fagats and Bandwagons

  17. billy kidd says:

    What a card. Glad to see Weidman is ok. I was surprised how tentative
    Thompson was, and again the fuckin heart he showed. And again at the
    outcome. In a non title 5 round fight I give it to Thompson, 3 rounds to 2,
    but in a title fight, which it was, I gave it to Woodley I thought Thompson
    had his chance in the 5th to pour it on him, he did well especially after
    he got hurt badly but he didn’t do enough to take it from the champ. Conor
    surprised me as well. Didn’t think it would be that one sided. I said
    leading up to it Eddie wasn’t taking him serious enough, but when he got in
    there he did, the problem was the reach, the distance. And I liked that
    last combo Conor threw as opposed to just the one left hand. You could hear
    them shots too solid.

  18. Ad Camacho says:

    Wonder boy seems like a nice guy

  19. Hakim Ben says:

    How the fuck is Yoel Romero is a performance of the night and not KHABIB !!!
    Khabib just slaughtered and submit Michael Jhonson.

  20. Jorge Navarro says:

    im just shocked eddie alvarez didnt bother to at least try to consistently
    go for a takedown since that was his strength. instead he was tentative in
    there. maybe cuz he saw how weidman got koed bad by romero from a flying
    knee for telegrpahing a takedown. or maybe cuz conner got into his head
    during that press conference when he said he would dig his elbow into that
    sweet spot near the temple.