UFC 208: Dana White Event Recap

UFC 208: Dana White Event Recap

Dana White talks backstage with Megan Olivi and gives his thoughts about UFC 208.

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20 Responses

  1. Jon 'Coke' Jones says:

    “Steve Mazagatti was always my friend” – Dana White after Holm vs GDR

  2. NoahTre says:

    speak up on that shitty ref in the main event!!!

  3. Bones says:

    “Everybody has a plan until I hit them after the bell.” – Germaine ‘The
    Preacher’s Cheater’ De Randamie

  4. HollowPoiint says:


  5. Eddy Rodriguez says:

    Next time don’t put such a shit ref in for a championship fight

  6. Doe Dee says:

    Holly was fucking robbed, shoulda been a draw

  7. Artem 'Putin' Nurmagomedov says:

    “Dana, 60g’s baby, haha” – UFC 208 judges

  8. Hugh G. Rection says:

    hey you bald headed fuck, stop being a greedy cuck and give the fans what
    we want to see CM PUNK VS EDMOND TARVERDYAN for the interm championship

  9. Jacky Bars: Fuck Yo Feelings says:

    WORST CARD EVER, everybody knew this card fucking sucked on paper. Then you
    had the audacity to put it on ppv. Lmao glad I watched this shit on
    periscope. MMA JUDGES ARE THE WORST JUDGES EVER. Fix this shit. And
    Germaine ain’t no champion belt don’t mean shit.

  10. Conrad McGoobs says:

    Lol Dana hated this card.

  11. jared baker says:

    Holm was robbed, she won. that dang ref… point should’ve been taken…

  12. Iam “Infinite” Pyre says:

    I don’t like Dana being interviewed by company employees.

  13. BigGee614 says:

    Holly needs to stop screaming before she throws her shots…she’s pretty
    much telling her opponents hey get ready I’m about to hit you

  14. joecugo says:

    I hope Cyborg takes that rocket fuel and puts cheating Germaine in the

  15. The Pimptopia says:

    Dana is straight up shitting on this event. So used to hearing him hype
    shit up with “This is trending to be” and “the fights were so amazing”.
    This is surprising lmao

  16. lwklwk111 says:

    ref, u take everything i worked for motherfucker, imma fight your fucking
    ass – holly holm

  17. Fullmetal Ifrit says:

    I wanted to see Holm vs Cyborg.

  18. artiew87 says:

    Holly Holm at 145 has the best ass in the UFC.

  19. uZiiTV says:

    germaine get your anus ready for cyborgs massive cock

  20. Dominic Decoco says:

    GDR is a cheap shotting mofo. I feel so bad for Holm.
    That Meisha fight was a fluke.
    The Valentina fight was a legitimate loss.
    And this fight, she was robbed. Really hope she has a massive comeback.
    Most humble fighter in the business.

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