UFC 210: Post-fight Press Conference

UFC 210: Post-fight Press Conference

Watch the UFC 210 post-fight press conference live following the event.

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20 Responses

  1. Gerard03 says:

    Weidman didn’t wanna fight, and took advantage of a rule to get Mousasi disqualified or to take point away from him, it was his fault he lost; I hate that behavior in sportsmen, Weidman is a pussy compared to guys like Gegard that will NEVER do something like that. I’m glad Mousasi won and the fight wasn’t scored as a No Contest, although I wanted the fight to continue

  2. artiew87 says:

    Some of these people talking shit about fighters don’t have an ounce of the heart or dignity that the fighters do.

  3. Show Me The Money Bitches says:

    I will legally knee weidman in the crotch in rematch, I dont give a fuck!!!

  4. Ramin Guy says:

    Young Jamie with the quick upload!

  5. Rufmono says:

    Chris Weidman should think about picking up a second career as an actor

  6. Don't be mad because I game on a 55 inch 4K says:

    What happened to seating all the co mains? The new UFC owners are shyt

  7. solukhumbu911 says:

    is it me or does Dana ‘s flinches and nervousness makes him look like he has been dabbing on those good old powder

  8. Don't be mad because I game on a 55 inch 4K says:

    27:55 I told them the fight was on, then I told them to go the fuck back to your rooms – Dana white

  9. Gandhi The Rebel says:

    DC and Mousasi are really great guys, Respect.

  10. joe g says:

    Starts at 2:56

  11. stuntguy2012 says:

    This was a very odd fight card.

  12. Cherry Pauper says:

    That “doctor” likely bet thousands on Gegard.

  13. Beast says:

    any1 know wht jacket dc got on?

  14. Moises Hernandez says:

    I think it’s for the best of Rumble , I mean he’s had 2 chances to get the belt . Failed both times. What’s the point of fighting if you know you you will never beat the champion . He was as game as ever today and still got choked out . Plus he got out before he suffered any serious damage . I hate to see him go but it’s the absolute best decision .

  15. Daniel says:

    I’m 19 and I might have testicular cancer that has spread to my lungs and I’ve got to have a scan at the hospital today and I’m so scared ?

  16. Doo Steal your Ho Choi p4p #1 says:

    Weedman is a bitch tried to milk the knee before it was called legal then after he lost acted like he got screwed Fuck him and DC won me a lot of money Vegas fucked up making him the underdog when he was the clear favorite

  17. Rufmono says:

    Dc is the 206.2 pound champ!

  18. Tanvir Rezwan says:

    Let’s face it, all these cards got awkward cuz things just don’t seem the same in our head without that “Here we go…” or “it is all over…”
    I mean you can’t even tell if a fight just started or not if the foreplay is missing.but then again the new skulls in UFC are too thick these days to realize sth.

  19. God says:

    Nice job NY ya fuck.

  20. james harper says:

    Gegard “The new race card Woodley” Mousasi

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