UFC 211: Post-fight Press Conference

UFC 211: Post-fight Press Conference

Watch the UFC 211 post-fight press conference live following the event.

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20 Responses

  1. 6SENSE says:

    ariel you dick lol

  2. SWAGGERwrestling says:

    Why is everyone talking about Francis Nganou? He’s beaten like 1 top 10 guy

  3. mess meg says:

    What Ariel do to Joanny is nothing compere what he do to Edgar. How he can ask about child!

  4. SWAGGERwrestling says:

    Stipe has retard stength and an immigrant mentality, a deadly combo

  5. N. D. says:

    I broke my back! My back is broken! Spinal!!!!!!

  6. Teriyaki Pigeon says:


  7. Daniel says:

    Jessica was supposed to be Joanna’s toughest opponent and Joanna dominated her!

  8. Teth Adamus says:

    Bitchsping and McFourLeafClover take notes pussies. Stipe is a real champion beatin the best, not callin out old bums and retirees. Keep goin Stipe, show these morons what it’s like to be a white fighter that earned his way to championship contention like everyone else and didn’t use his skin or oral skills to get a red carpet rolled out along with a helicopter ride to the top.

  9. MMAZED says:

    screw those stupid rules, they need to do something about it and fast. I mnot necessarily implying that Eddie exploited them to get out of the fight but that really sucked

  10. Wesley Mccovey says:

    Why did Joanna leave early?

  11. Beckoning Oblivion says:

    Did Ariel just make Joanna cry? Holy fuck.

  12. Martin Korn says:

    I knew it all my fighters they had to win was win but Eddie had a complicated situation.

  13. Du schöner Westerwald says:

    It’s okay to cry Junior, even great warriors like Andy Wang shed a few tears after a tough loss.

  14. 911 Did Bush says:

    Can we please BAN Ariel from these fucking Pressers. He always asks the most fucked up questions, dude made Joanna cry and leave, asked Frankie about that kid, like what the fuck dude. Dana was right the first time when he banned that cunt.

  15. i SkyWalKing says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Ariel Helwani is a genuine fucking piece of shit. A fucking turd nugget with a hook nose who does TMZ style tabloid “journalism”, has no integrity and a fucking scumbag. Glad Frankie briefly called him out on it. And then to ask him “how it felt that Nick’s kid died prior to the fight” is extremely telling of how low this scum-bag will go for a couple internet hits. I genuinely hope terrible things happen to this fucking crocodile tear shedding spoiled cunt. And you ruined JJ’s fucking moment and made her cry you fucking mook. Ariel needs to go…

  16. hatedheretic says:

    Stipe gets a “performance” bonus for a what, 2 min fight? Joanna dominates and puts on a clinic; gets snubbed? huh?

  17. The Pimptopia says:

    God if you motherfuckers don’t like journalists asking real questions wtf do you even watch this for

  18. TheJking85 says:

    What a sad night for American Top Team. JDS got knocked the fuck out by Stipe the Fireman. Joanna defeated Andrade but lost to Ariel Helwani and will soon lose her belt to Thug Rose. Jotko got beat by Branch in a BORING fight. Dustin Poirier had a no contest in a fight that should have been on the main card. And Masvidal lost to old man Maia who has no striking ability whatsoever.
    If I were a mixed martial artist, i would avoid ATT at all cost and go train at Al Iaquinta’s gym. He’s the fucking man!!!

  19. johnyvodka says:

    It’s a fucking tragedy that we will never get to see Conor vs frankie

  20. Nono Empírico says:

    2:00 Joanna
    14:00 Alvarez
    20:34 Poirer
    25:56 Edgar
    32:32 Maia
    42:11 Junior
    48:32 Miocic
    54:39 Dana
    59:52 Ellen Keller

    You’re welcome, guys.

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