UFC 214: Daniel Cormier Octagon Interview

UFC 214: Daniel Cormier Octagon Interview

Watch Daniel Cormier react in the Octagon after losing his belt to Jon Jones at UFC 214.

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20 Responses

  1. TiTo dabarber says:

    He shouldn’t cry… he’s a soulja a real man….keep it going dc


    Jon Jones give him a babality from mortal Kombat turned him into a baby wow!!!

  3. Heroes Workshop says:

    He’ll be fine. Just an awful time to interview someone.
    Why Joe? You went against your own rule.

  4. JAY BK says:

    Man jon got like an 84 inch reach and DC reach like 72 inches, he was closing the distance against jon and that aint easy, He did it the 1st fight for 5 rounds , and the 2nd fight for 3 rounds , and he chose to box instead of wrestle .
    How can you not respect DC

  5. Young Ealy says:

    My nigga look so distraught same look I have every time I get off Call of Duty

  6. iron popoff says:

    DC i’m still a big fan of you great champion

  7. Sam Taylor says:

    You guys really need to take this down

  8. Katy Lee says:

    I feel so sorry for Daniel Cormier πŸ™

  9. Rob Amiri says:

    “AND THATS STILL MY BOY” – Cain Velasquez

  10. Kieran Lewis says:

    Got to be one of the most emotional moments in UFC history, for me at least

  11. Oktay Boyka says:

    I just can’t understand the haters. Why are you hating Daniel Cormier, this Man is one of The best Fighters that ever lived. He has done so much for this Sport. But it’s not over, YOU’RE STILL MY CHAMPION DANIEL CORMIER!!

  12. Hart Russell says:

    I was crushed for DC. But you can’t take away his amazing UFC run. Only lost to Jon Jones, who is arguably the greatest MMA fighter of all time, so that doesn’t mean much. Much respect to DC.

  13. Caesar Zeizy says:

    I was rooting for Jones, but this is heart breaking. I respect the man infinitely more, showed so much heart and dedication.

  14. hdspade says:

    this is the new crying jordan meme

  15. Chili Rum says:

    UFC be like “We didn’t want Rogan to do the interview.” Proceed to post it on youtube anyway…

  16. Aaron Reigns says:

    Makes me laugh how some of the pussies in this comment section are ripping into DC, most of you have achieved fuck all in your life, and sit there on your high horse, slating a man who’s arguable one of the top 5 light heavy weights to set foot in that cage, he’s crying because of how bad he wanted to win, because how hard he trained, because how desperate he was to achieve something, his work ethic is second to none and the man fights with more heart than anyone I’ve ever seen. MOST (not all) of you know fuck all about being dedicated, you just sit there and talk shit, when you’d crap yourself in front of any MMA Fighter be that DC or JJ. Respect to DC and Respect to JJ for showing some love to his opponent at the end of the fight. I hope DC comes back stronger and gets back to what he does best…. dismantling his opponents.

  17. Amado Lainez says:

    Anyone laughing at DC has never competed in any combat sport or at a high level of sports ever it’s emotional even wins leave people in tears don’t mock the man

  18. General Kunta says:

    I am telling you as a man, and most importantly as a human. These people, who are demoralising and mocking the defeat of Daniel Cromier. Let me tell you this, at some stage in your life, when you’re off guard and you’re out. Somebody will exploit and rip into you. When this happens to you, when you’re helpless and feeling sorry for yourself. Remember this, you have yourself to blame for having this nasty trait of spitting on people whilst they’re down.

    I’m no fan boy, I happen to watch the fight last night. What these warriors sacrifice and put their bodies through. There is no shame in this, and I respect this man for being real. The shame is in the way these scum are ripping into this man on the internet.

  19. Bawi Hmung says:

    “28 have tried 13 have failed”

    Baddest men in history Artem

  20. RAGE_ KILL3ER_274 says:

    Daniel ‘Don’t Cry Cormier

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