UFC 220: Official Weigh-in

UFC 220: Official Weigh-in

Watch the UFC 220 Official Weigh-in on Friday, January 19 at 6pm/3pm ETPT.

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98 Responses

  1. Pablo Vazquez says:

    UFC 220: Rocky IV

  2. niaz roger says:

    Ngannou is gonna lift stipe off the ground with an uppercut

  3. YOLO says:

    Francis “Do you know da wae?” Ngannou

  4. Juro Jurkic says:


  5. Abdussamad AbuRashed II says:

    You know what Francis told me? He says I want Stipe in a burning building, isn’t he fukin awesome? -Dana “next question” white

  6. Brendan Burke says:

    I see fans of Boston don’t dig Francis like the UFC hoped they would by forcing us to constantly hear how he punches so hard blah blah blah. Stipe wins

  7. steve james says:

    Dc francis -win

  8. hiep tan says:

    220 going to be war best way to start 2018 🙌

  9. Kelly Rowland says:

    Volkan might fuck around and pull a rose namajunes

  10. Mark O'Rourke says:

    Ngannou by Ford Escort

  11. MarioMan99 says:

    I have a bad feeling volkan is gonna win

    • loueyikpeba says:

      Me too

    • fabian padilla says:

      Nah DC is a fucking beast!!! Undefeated in heavy weight! You think some random unknown light heavy weight KO artist can finish him??? Nah, Anthony Johnson tried twice!! But rubble fell short. And rumble was scarier than Vulcan and also much more talented

    • Tyrone McDonald says:

      Four Disastrous Years Coming your a fucking idiot. Cormier is far better then jones always has been he’s undefeated at heavyweight also. He could take stipe out easily what does that tell you

    • RumbleYoungMan Rumble says:

      MarioMan99 I know man, got the same feeling. He still damaged from his last fight. I’ll feel very bad for him if he loses by ko again.

    • Dee Rivear says:

      I have the same feeling

  12. Team McGregor says:

    “You will sleep.. You will sleep soon”
    – Tyrone Woodley to the fans before his next title defense

  13. Tadija Dolic says:

    Stipe is so calm.

  14. aJupacabra says:

    NGannou should have simply said “if he dies….he dies”

  15. Plexiun says:

    #AndStill and #AndStill

  16. Sagi Amoyal says:

    I’m a big fan of Francis but he made a huge mistake talking about our great president. Don’t let corrupt media brainwashing you

  17. Anonymous M M says:

    *Main thing to take away today is Conor Mcgregor has finally been stripped of the Lightweight belt*

  18. DariasProDigital says:

    A TRAIN vs Ford Escort….and STIIIIIL

  19. Cyge Firstcaste says:

    if DC loses hes going to retire :-/

  20. Александр Грибков says:

    Переустановил Виндовс! Главное, что браузер работает! Буду смотреть UFC 220! Ахуительно!

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