UFC 222: Brian Ortega Octagon Interview

UFC 222: Brian Ortega Octagon Interview

Hear from Brian Ortega inside of the Octagon after the biggest win of his career against Frankie Edgar at UFC 222.

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111 Responses

  1. Luis Almodovar says:

    frankie would have recovered……..wheres mario yamasaki

  2. Mitch.G says:

    Ortega VS Holloway about to be lit.

  3. Wesker JHG says:

    Dude Ortega is a beast! I always said he would finish Edgar, also props to Edgar for accepting this fight knowing he was first in the line for a title shot

    • Rulo Turati says:

      Where did you say it, fuking liar?

    • Terra says:

      Frankie accepted the fight? Ortega accepted the fight on 3 weeks notice to save the card. Frankie could have waited to fight Max, but Frankie said he wanted to fight now, and asked Dana to make the fight with Ortega. Frankie asked for Ortega seemingly out of nowhere. Ortega said, that he was befuddled when Dana called and asked him to fight Frankie, but immediately accepted.

    • 04mzwach says:

      Wesker JHG what was Frankie thinking…Ortega was the one guy he didn’t have much chance against.

    • TheAntManChannel says:

      Wesker JHG I knew he was this good too

    • Jeremiah Lopez says:

      Fucking liars.

  4. Thai Fighter says:

    Poor Frankie 🙁

  5. Kazhin Rauf says:

    Holloway vs Ortega might be the best fight on paper behind tony vs khabib, book it dana

    • CharlieConwayFTW says:

      Ufc 225

    • amanda miller says:

      California Mike gtfoh if you think tony wont compete. One slip from strangling khabib. Dont get it twisted

    • Alan Hagan says:

      Jaybie Dayy They need to be Co main event on the DC Stipe fight. Holloway should be healed up by then and it will give them time to promote it.

    • Alan Hagan says:

      Jono I’m itching like a bitch with crabs to see Wonderboy VS Till. If Till can win that fight, he should be in line for a title shot. Woodley will probably pull every race card he can to avoid a fight with Till lol. Dude is a beast and a half.

    • Alan Hagan says:

      amanda miller What makes Tony vs Khabib a great fight is Tony’s ability to finish people off his back. We all know the takedown is gonna happen but it’s gonna be intriguing to see what happens after that. The way Khabib locks up limbs negates alot of submission attempts though. Never seen anything like it, the way he pretzels and locks people up with ease.

  6. Popcorn Chicken says:

    Ortega vs Holloway will be epic !!!

  7. shone97 says:

    Cris “when i KO someone they dont fcking move” Cyborg

  8. Niamh Wilson says:

    Ortegas timing and analysing is so good

    • Chris Dynamo says:

      Height, reach and 25 pound advantage also help. Total mismatch. The guy’s a welterweight, fighting at featherweight.

    • Niamh Wilson says:

      Chris Dynamo you could say the same thing about holloway

    • Chris Dynamo says:

      Niamh- Of course you couldn’t, what a ridiculous thing to type; Holloway is very skinny, he’s clearly suited to the division.

    • Niamh Wilson says:

      Chris Dynamo bro he’s 3 inches taller than Ortega and they both cut a similar amount of weight. The reason he looks bigger is due to his frame. Everyone’s shaped differently. And what you mean it’s a total mismatch, Frankies fought at lightweight so imagine the size of those guys he’s gone toe to toe with

  9. aajk9 says:

    My dream fight is Frankie vs TJ so i would love to see Frankie drop to 135

  10. Hugh G. Rection says:

    crazy to think after all these years, tonight was the first time edgar got finished

  11. Arquimidez Gomez says:

    Next Mexican champion

    • punk punk1 says:

      Henry Ford have u seen his dad he looks Mexican as fuck why do u try to claim him ?

    • punk punk1 says:

      Henry Ford do u know what mixed means it means the children can come out looking either European or Native American or somewhere in between

    • punk punk1 says:

      No mal patriote u lying I removed one his cousins was saying both parents are Mexican decent and aside they had some Yaqui native ancestry cause Ortega has roots in Sonora Mexico wich makes mestizo just looks more European do y’all even know how genetics works cause phenotype doesn’t equal genotype some can be let’s say 60 percent Native American and 40 percent European and still come out looking more European than native thats genetics work that’s what mixed means

    • James Rodriguez 2020 Ballon D'or says:

      @Henry Ford Blake Griffin is half black yet he has ginger hair,pale skin,colored eyes. You only want to claim Mestizos when they win. Bottom line is when someone is mixed you can’t predict their appearance.

    • irishjudo36 says:

      Mario Gonzalez By that logic of nationalization, then he’s an illegal immigrant?

  12. Mrs. Man says:

    I feel so sorry for Edgar. He will never climb that mountain to the top again. Should retire before destroying his legacy..unlike Anderson Silva

  13. ONS says:

    I like em humble. I wouldn’t mind him dear throning Max, despite how much I like him too as he is also a humble character.

    • Moses Juice says:

      Modern savage25… I commented in jest. I would love to see Max and Conor go at it again because of the unbelievable growth in both their game. I feel Conor would finish him 2nd time around but Max is an animal these days and much smarter fighter. I just hope we see the rematch in the not to distant future.

    • chirazi says:

      max is over rated

    • Alan Hagan says:

      Max is humble but has a confident side that some might interpret as cocky. You gotta have a little bit of cocky mentality and think you’re the best to be the best. I’d rather see honest cockiness and confidence than fake humbleness, but who says you can’t be both cocky and humble..? Darren Till is a great example of that. He is as cocky as can be but always shows his opponents respect before and after the match. Plus a little bit of cockiness helps sell the fights. There is a fine line though. Colby Covington is too cocky and not humble whatsoever. Nobody likes that. It’s even hard to watch him talk like a bad heel from 80s pro wrestling.

    • David Pejuan says:

      ONS yea he earned a fan in me today.

    • Conor 'pls dont take my belt' McGregor says:

      ONS max is a humble character?? What u been smokin? That meth head is an idiot who tries to be too much like Conor who at one point ragdolled his ass all over that cage.

  14. chino 9898 says:

    I feel so bad for frankie man

    • Lucky Luke says:

      chino 9898
      I know, but he had a great run, man. 145 is the division of the news. T-City, Bless….

      But hey, Frankie is not too big for 135.
      Makes that division more interesting.

    • slicvm says:

      Yeah a bit but Frankie has had few title shots. Time for a new face.

  15. nahom michael says:

    Brian ” I’m here to change the woorld” Ortega

  16. TrinityRourke says:

    Holy shit. The dude who’s known for submission finishes, finishes Edgar with a fucking KO…
    Ortega vs. Holloway is gonna be one for the books for sure

  17. Jobst Stormrider says:

    Who’s cutting those fucking onions…?

  18. darkovilos says:

    Now wait for Conor’s half ass dis to Frankie on social media to stay relevant.

  19. Beautiful Boy says:


    • Damko says:

      Hahah all these stupid Americans getting mad lols doesn’t mean if ur born in America your American or if u got that passport a piece of paper says shit blood is what matters Ortega is Mexican and Stipe is Croatian so zip it all ya haters keep hating because nearly all your stars are immigrants or have some other ethnical backround

    • blocking Negro says:

      Bro you are on every video

    • Damko says:

      blocking Negro who ?

    • blocking Negro says:

      Damko beautiful boy the guy on the top of this section section. I having to say beautiful boy.

    • Ryan Mcgibbon says:

      Very humble. Nice guy. Great knockout. Congratulations.

  20. Black Magic Film Studios says:

    *_Grats Ortega_*

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