UFC 230: Daniel Cormier Octagon Interview

UFC 230: Daniel Cormier Octagon Interview

A very happy Daniel Cormier spoke with Joe Rogan after his big win at UFC 230.

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60 Responses

  1. Bird Plan says:

    I love that DC still just looks like your ordinary everyday dad that you wouldn’t hesitate to talk shit to at a bar if you didn’t know any better. It’s crazy to think that you would be talking shit to a guy that can beat up 99.9999 % of men on earth. Boy would you be in a world of trouble. DC holding it down for the everyday man, good values, good morals, hard worker, loves his family, would give you the shirt off his back but if you mistook his kindness for weakness he’d snatch your shirt off your back and choke the shit out of you with it.

  2. ShaunVibes says:

    Daniel “Jon is gay but Joe Rogan I wanna kiss you” Cormier

  3. TheJking85 says:

    Tony Ferguson is the type of dude to iron his shirt while he’s wearing it.

  4. iqewr qowiery says:

    DC just ragdolled #2 heavyweight in the world.

  5. Smsrules1 says:

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to swallow his own spitballs

  6. RebelTV says:

    ? DC always on point with the interview. Would have been funny if he was commentating with Joe Rogan for the first four on the Main Card.

  7. J Santana says:

    Breaking news joe rogan pregnant

  8. ATrafPRO sAm says:

    I absolutely love this new “Tony Ferguson is the type of guy” meme????

  9. Pat L says:

    Look at Rogans lips at 3:03 ??

  10. MMA LEAKS says:

    After UFC 229 and 230 you should finally realize, give your kids in wrestling

  11. mammu says:

    Respect to Cormier for shooting those single leg takedowns and getting so close to Lewis hot balls

  12. MOPAR 401 says:

    USADA BREAKING NEWS, Daniel Cormier tests positive for high levels of fat, suspended 8 months

  13. Sankalp Arora says:

    Joe Rogan bring DC on your podcast ! Make it Happen

  14. Hassan Syed says:

    Greatest NATURAL UFC fighter of all time.

  15. michael konstantinovich bordwell says:

    Tony Ferguson the kind of guy who tells his hair to leave before he loses it..

  16. shAiQ says:

    Tag Team Match In UFC – Khabib – DC VS Brock – Conor.

  17. hounddog2952 says:

    John ” I cant beat DC without cheating ” Jones   ???

  18. Evsin Evsito says:

    Man how could you not love DC, most likeable guy ever!!!!

  19. G B says:

    Look at that beaming smile! So pleased for DC, legend of the game

  20. Tampatec says:

    #Classact victory. some UFC fighters need to take notes.

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