UFC 232: Jon Jones Octagon Interview

UFC 232: Jon Jones Octagon Interview

Jon Jones speaks to Joe Rogan after regaining the UFC Light Heavyweight championship with his third round TKO victory over Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232.

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108 Responses

  1. Daniel Vlach says:

    Bones vs. Lesnar next
    All roids allowed.

  2. Monkey D Doffy says:

    Lol did he say Alhamdulillah?

    • Nigward Tentacles says:

      +The TriRacial Goddess litrally every paki i have ever met has been muslim apart from hindus

    • shpoogy noogy says:

      +Justice Jason a muslim with a christian tattoo?

    • Antonio Burke says:

      Justice Jason It’s not a “Muslim” phrase

    • OnePunchFatality says:

      +James Tudor thats wrong and you know it. White males are statistically becoming more infertile. Its white secular non religious countries who are promoting mens cutting off their genitals and calling themselves women. Its also the same countries involved in all kinds of degeneracy. Muslim countries don’t tolerate the same whereas white males have lower testorene and like watching their spouses being fucked by colored men.

    • OnePunchFatality says:

      +Nigward Tentacles sorry but mgtow cuckold gay potheads opinions like yours are invalid. Continue smoking your drugs smelly degenerate future rapist.

  3. hhbp3 says:

    is it me or jones said alhamdoullillah???

    • Tee says:

      Antonio Burke yes, I’m saying it’s extremely uncommon to hear any non Muslim say that phrase. Especially an American Christian. Never heard it before in my life. And as a American born native English speaker, I can clearly hear what he said.

      Again, Joe asked him how he’s doing. He started to answer the question but remembered he wanted to praise god before speaking about himself. Hence the “I’m doin uh… god is so good” he even goes on to finish saying how he’s doing directly after that. Tribalism does funny things to the hearing.

    • Tee says:

      Idrees Ahmed it’s pretty clear to me. He just said it fast. Maybe because you aren’t from The USA and don’t have as easy a time with the dialect.

    • Antonio Burke says:

      Tee Once again, Tee, it is actually not uncommon at all to hear a non Muslim person say that phrase. I understand that you probably have not encountered a lot of Arabic speaking Christians in the states, but if you did you would understand that it is not uncommon to hear any Arabic speaking person that believes in God say this. There are many many Arab Christians that say the same phrase. And you’re making another false assumption by alleging tribalism when I’m not a Muslim. Why can’t people understand that there’s a whole world outside of their bubble and they’re not familiar with everything? Shit, you can just google the phrase.

    • Tee says:

      Antonio Burke okay, I can admit that I was wrong about its use outside of America. But that doesn’t change that it’s not what he said. I have no reason to say that other than that I understood perfectly fine what he said. Just trying to clarify.

    • Abdullahi Hussein says:

      +Tee check out his Instagram

  4. truth cker says:

    1:04 “Oh Man Alhamdulillah…God is so good”

    • David Rajewski says:

      Lol I understand that, I was just going off of EVIDENCE. I dont look at the cover of the book and expect to know it. That’s what’s sad about people, they cant think for themselves. Going off blurting out nonsense. Like you, I simply stated I dont think hes Muslim, bc I was replying the most of the feed above. But it’s funny how you jumped my gun, acting like you know my next words. Maybe you should rethink who your faith is for my friend.

    • John Hawthorne says:

      Tee he literally saw “Aw man…” then says it you’re just trying to be annoying

    • Graham Gooch says:

      Dave Smith
      Ok he’s not Muslim but he said all praise is for Allaah . Enough said.

    • Amir says:

      Dave Smith he said on twitter alhamdulillah also. Jones isn’t Muslim but he clearly said it.

    • Nico Thomas says:

      Whoever keeps saying you Muslims are ignorant to abrahamic Faith’s. Please read a damn book.

  5. De Onzichtbare Daan says:

    Just here to say: Best beard of the century For the ref

  6. Chris Capicotto says:

    He’s even fake when he’s keeping it real.

  7. Milan says:

    Jon has won the title the same number of times he has failed a test

  8. Clit Squiggle says:

    In any other sport, when an athlete is caught for doping, they are stripped of all their titles. In the ufc they are given a belt.

  9. Ludde152 says:

    This steroid addict should be nowhere near the octagon, all about the money thats why the ufc has became such a joke.

    • Stephen Twilling says:

      Aj styles pretty much every sport has athlete taking banned supplements to stay in shape instead of working out without supplements to gain real Results . If you wasn’t result working don’t take protein pre workout drink or pills to get result faster . I’ll admit I eat recovery protein bars after workouts but don’t think it really does much cause I lift very light

    • Stephen Twilling says:

      Aj styles in order for me to have jones body I would have moderate my drinking and make a full cut of alcohol and eat less greasy foods and eat nothing but steak and chicken for high protein without supplements

    • Anicodeaufo 59 says:

      Ludde152 You seem upset.

    • Jacob Deeway says:

      Ludde152 couldn’t agree more. Dana White is a money hungry pig who lets bigots like this asshole dishonor the sport and the fans just for good Paper View Sales. Fucking sickening…

    • DARKSAINTXVI says:

      Everything that was once good is now shit

  10. Mrniceguy2209 says:

    Does this mean steroids are legal now in the ufc?

  11. xdecemberguy1 says:

    Failed drug test coming tomorrow…

  12. Aling Aling says:

    Jon Jones has been clean and has never intentionally cheated.
    Also the moon is,also made of cheese.

  13. Aden Badi says:

    Fury was robbed

  14. Bxmet says:

    Im gonna inject one on shoulder and gonna inject the other on the other shoulder and they gonna need a fookin army to take them turinabols off me- Jon”Juice” Jones

  15. Sicarii says:

    Says Allhamdulilah and has bible verse on chest. AAAAAAAAAAAAALL righty then.

  16. Zanar Aesthetics says:

    “I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength”
    Philipians 4:13
    JONES chest tattoo

    • Ivan Ivanov says:

      +0121_ R.K Not WAS, RK, He IS GOD our Savior!!!

    • reality check says:

      john luongo

      Every Muslim follows the 10 commandments.

      The Muslims follow a creed;

      Say: “We believe in Allah, and in what has been revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Isma’il, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and in (the Books) given to Moses, Jesus, and the prophets, from their Lord: We make no distinction between one and another among them, and to Allah do we bow our will (in Islam).”
      Quran 3:84

    • reality check says:

      Not Your Biz

      Are you educated?
      Do you have any academic credentials?




      Telephone# 972 025883742

    • Caliven Stowe says:

      +reality check shut up with allah he is satan the tbe father of lie the devil or satan decieve the world

  17. Unknown Horse says:

    Khabib the type of guy to convert Jon Jones

    • Cory Scott says:

      +reality check your name is “reality check” but you speak of the mentally ill that believe in fake entities, a bible full of false words and of factually unkown people that may or may not have existed. Its ok, i believe in the easter bunny and Santa. Oh lawd!! Thank you Jesus for both. ????

    • reality check says:

      Cory Scott

      *For someone who dosnt care for religion, why do you waste your time commenting on it?*

    • Cory Scott says:

      +reality check – This isn’t a religious page so thought i’d comment on the idiocy conveyed. Keep believing though. To each his or her own.

    • reality check says:

      Cory Scott

      Are you stupid?
      Did I start this post?

    • Cory Scott says:

      +reality check – No, but you surely can’t deny that claim. Not once did I state that you did commence it. However, you conveyed the false notions and I hopped on it like a fat cock during bottoms night in Bethlehem… And let me tell ya, the Jesus Juice was invigorating.

      Bye now.

  18. mikey camara says:

    Who wants a steroid league. Let the fighters juice up.??️‍♂️?️‍♀️?

  19. PlaceOfOrigin says:

    Without Turinabol I would be nothing!

  20. Swifty Unknown says:

    I love how salty some people are lol

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