UFC 235: Jon Jones and Anthony Smith Octagon Interview

UFC 235: Jon Jones and Anthony Smith Octagon Interview

Jon Jones and Anthony Smith both spoke with Joe Rogan after their UFC 235 title fight.

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73 Responses

  1. Bobby Reza says:

    Anthony smith earn my respect?? lionheart nickname is suitable with his name ❤️

    • JJ M0nster says:

      Oh yeah cause he really needs bobby rezas respect thank god he has your respect nos,how could he habe moved on from this loss without Bobby’s respect?dumbass…..

    • King AMMO 6090RP says:

      He didn’t do shit. All that talk.. I knew he wasn’t gonna be able to touch Bones ??‍♂️✔️

    • Joseph Espenship says:

      Bobby Reza made me a fan for sure. Anyone else would of played that shit off and got that belt

    • Joseph Espenship says:

      bkstacker 247 they deducted two points wtf are you talking about???? Also he was getting his ass kicked when he hit him with that knee in the 4th round. Smith is a guy that don’t take the bitch way out. If it would of fucked him up and actually hurt him then that would be different but he was fine and chose to be a MAN and take the rest of that ass whooping.

      Not everyone’s like you trying to take the easy way out. That’s why smiths different and just gained way more fans for taking that like a man. #respect

    • Clean EM1 says:

      Wow. A ufc fighter earned the respect of an absolute nobody ? I’m sure he couldn’t care less about having your respect or not

  2. 123 456 says:

    He was playing with smith. Jon is a monster. He is by far the goat.

    • fransisco espinosa says:

      Not really if he never tested positive then with out a doubt but that’s not the case

    • John Morestin says:

      Jon Jones is overall better than Anthony, the whole fight smith looked confused and didn’t know what to do, because of Jon’s reach and kicks and when smith finally started swinging he didn’t have enough time.

    • Joe Morris says:

      Jones vs smith

    • parker Melville says:

      If he was the goat he was fight guys his own size at hw until he does that hes just a cheat facing smaller opposition.

    • parker Melville says:

      Rumble has no heart whatsoever he immediately quit when Cormier got a hold of him instead of facing adversity fuck that guy hes only good when hes delivering the beating.

  3. unknown identity says:

    What is Jon Jones doing lol 4:11 I have to say well done pn Smith to get through the cringe fest that was Jon Jones but he is being nice now trying to change his image I guess

    • Lorenzo Estrada says:

      The Ghost he’s always given thanks to god. I remember BEFORE his fight with rampage Jackson, he was on Twitter, thanking god for the victory. ON TWITTER. I don’t think gods even got a twitter account to be honest ? He uses god to try to look good. Meanwhile he’s doing drugs, doing hit and runs on pregnant women. Having babies out of wedlock. Cheating on his girl. Not to mention the eye pokes and picograms. He’s two faced and he knows after a few wins and mentioning god afterwards will get people like you to forget all about the things he’s done.

    • Tim Bryant says:

      +Chuyew you cant diagnose him. Lol

    • hivenind913 says:

      for real, he did that as soon as his interview started so he could get some more attention and to disrupt Smith and his time to talk. even during the fight he was just toying with him, not looking for the finish and treating with him without any respect (it’s a fight, I know) and THEN threw an illegal strike which he knew was illegal. Jones is a fucking asshole and people still don’t see through it. you already KNOW Jones was talking all that trash the moment he was alone with his team. fuck Jon Jones and bet his post fight drug tests come back hot AGAIN AND HE WILL STILL BE ELIGIBLE TO FIGHT GODDAMNIT

    • Joseph Espenship says:

      Lorenzo Estrada you know it’s funny Richad Evans started all this shit about jones being fake and a pos be4 Jones whooped his ass. But now Evans and him are good friends again kinda makes you wonder?

    • Joseph Espenship says:

      Lorenzo Estrada imagine becoming a millionaire at 23 within 6 months with everyone calling you the baddest dude on the planet. We can’t even relate to that or I know I can’t

  4. Donovan Enslin says:

    I see alot of people saying Walker vs Jones.. Walker will get beat like a drum by Jones. The real fight for Johnny Walker is Anthony Smith.. Let’s start there.. Or even Gustav

    • N Vannote says:

      Why are you happy the guy who’s cheating won? What did you get? You didn’t even get a real fight to be won.

    • Donovan Enslin says:

      +N Vannote he won did he not? Why must you hate? It’s not up to us if Jon fights. I think his ability is phenomenal. Great work to Jon Jones

  5. MECSMI _TV2 says:

    Anthony is definitely a good replacement for D.C. he just needs to take the fight to jones and he might get lucky. For now Jon is just the best L.H.C of the UFC and has more heart than all the fighters out now. But now you see how good d.c is because for a short guy he takes the fight to jones everytime. How can you hate on a fighter who brings it every fight. Luke thinks he’s gonna beat jones, after this fight he’s not getting past Anthony

    • Enrique Zavala says:

      The power behind every hit is more. If you have a decent power jab now multiply it by 3 instead of a jab it feels like a hook. That keeps the fighter fighting from the outside where Jones has the advantage bc of his long arms and feet. So yes steroids do help you set up combos.

    • John Barnes says:

      There just isnt very good MMA fighters about. The sport is a joke.

    • MECSMI _TV2 says:

      Commando Master hell Yeah. We need that one for sure

    • parker Melville says:

      What do you mean steroids don’t play a part delusional idiot if they didn’t the cheat wouldn’t have to take them.

    • MECSMI _TV2 says:

      Joseph Espenship Yeah for real and a great team

  6. Jerry 4902 says:

    Kudos to Anthony Smith man. Stood up for 5 rounds. No lethal strikes taken. Had he been more offensive, it would have been a different thing altogether. Jones vs Smith 2 is gonna be lit.

    • Zach Alan says:

      That wont be anytime soon after a complete domination like that

    • Tai Lopez says:

      +Zach Alan “complete domination” – not under Jone’s standards. Anthony still looks fresh post fight, even after that ILLEGAL KNEE

      However, yes Jones completely shut down Anthony

  7. Raymond Polanco says:

    Anthony Smith just made me a fan. True warrior hope he can get another shot some time soon

  8. Mike johnson says:

    Close ur eyes & listen to both lion heart & Johnny talk they both sound alike..

  9. Ben Paul says:

    Jon Jones and illegal strike.

    Imagine my surprise.

    • John Morestin says:

      Ben Paul Jon Jones is overall better than Anthony, the whole fight smith looked confused and didn’t know what to do, because of Jon’s reach and kicks and when smith finally started swinging he didn’t have enough time.

    • Ben Paul says:

      John Morestin

      The skills or abilities of Jones is not in dispute, nor Jones dominance of many of the top fighters in the light heavy weight division.

    • Habib Cisse says:

      Ben Paul u ? mad?

    • Squirtle Is The Best Pokemon says:

      Jon Jones cheating at every possible opportunity.

      Imagine my surprise

  10. Jason Garcia says:

    Belt looks like an hub cap off an old school Buick

  11. CHIN CHECK TV says:


  12. Yanier Ordoñez says:

    Respect both of them because they are so humble and it about sports. No stupid words and ofender. Prouder you mans

  13. #JoshuaWilder says:

    Mr Picogram won what a surprise…

  14. The Paul Bo says:

    “I wanted to win it..”

    You got my respect Smith ?

  15. TINKYSTEELE says:

    Hopefully he can keep it on his waist a whole week this time

  16. Bren Premacio says:

    “I wanna win, I don’t wanna steal it, you know” -A. Smith. Salute for this man☝️

  17. WhoKnows WhoCares says:

    ”I wanted to win it, not steal it”
    Wow… what a legend

  18. CasperTheMeanieGhost says:

    Jones is definitely getting better. Now he’s added illegal knees to his arsenal of eye pokes.

  19. Jay Brown says:

    Jones is like the final boss in a video game you just can’t beat..

  20. Devante Randle says:

    The old belt look so much better. This belt looks cartoonish.

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