UFC 235: Weigh-in

UFC 235: Weigh-in

Watch the UFC 235: Jones vs Smith Ceremonial Weigh-in LIVE on Friday, March 1st at 7pm/4pm ETPT.

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81 Responses

  1. iamsexyandyouknowit says:

    Lol is it just me or does most people hate it when, fighters simply throw their shirt n stuff on the ground? cuz the coaches look stupid af picking em up.. STACKEDDDD CARD THO 🙂 Cant wait!!

    • ThatCooLDUD3 says:

      Lol now I’m watching every fighter to see if he’s an asshole or not

    • Insane says:

      Agree, can just hand it to coaches

    • Ermawati Idrus says:

      Yes, that is not polite when you throw your shirt to your coach in front of people.

    • JUDAS 41 says:

      I thought it was only me noticing that hehe

    • Manteiv says:

      That’s so true… You can see Conor doing that shit all the time for example, he throws his shit on the ground without even looking at his teammates or coach, a real douche. And a lot of other fighters acting like douchebags. I mean, have some fucking respect for your coach or teammates, you wouldn’t be shit without them.

  2. bob jones says:

    Why does Dana keep shaking with his left hand?

  3. DC Hall says:

    Tony Ferguson the type of dude to pop out behind Dana just to intimidate random opponents

  4. SatanDynastyKiller says:

    Holy shit, this is gonna be a good night from start to finish.

  5. 7 Aeons says:

    I’m 30% excited to see the Usman fight, but the rest is fire.

  6. justin hammond says:

    17:20 Ben Askren leaves Dana White hanging

  7. kopxpert says:

    Ben Askren the fashion icon

  8. Dam Jan says:

    Dude this card is under hyped

  9. mahe m says:

    Woodley’s pic on this UFC 235 weigh in video, makes us happy

  10. Liftoff2theclouds says:

    *Marty didn’t didn’t rep Nebraska?*

  11. Michael Vasquez says:

    Johnny Walker is the jon Jones killer.
    This card is SPECIAL

    • Shivendra Saxena says:

      Except DC, Stipe and Cain no one is even in competition with Jon Jones in whole middle to heavyweight divisions.

    • David Mercer says:

      Walker is nowhere near ready and Dominick still doesn’t have the cardio. Anthony has a better shot just based on maybe getting overlooked the way Jon did Gus the first time

    • Rio Da Fire Guy says:

      Another dick smoker

    • Top Streams says:

      GreetinFace #1 of course he wouldn’t beat him now, if Johnny walker keeps improving yes he could beat him

    • Kevin Fuller says:

      You sound fucking retarded. Who has Walker beaten to make a statement like that? Dude isnt even top 10 yet smh.

  12. Gibbet Hoskins says:

    Ben Askren looks like he doesn’t even workout and Zabit looks like he just came from herding goats in the hills of Dagestan …and Jon Jones thinks his imaginary friend cares about cage fighting

  13. sami chowdhury says:

    Why is Tyron looking so small ????

  14. Nick van Tinteren says:

    Amazing stacked card!

    Headed by a guy with confirmed steroids in his system.

    Everyone else’s wins will be legitimate though!


    Dana ‘ Good Luck Tommorow Night’ White

  16. Escorpio123PS says:

    A card so stacked. Johnny Walker’s biceps are somethig else.
    I’m glad everyone made weight.

  17. Justin McGeorge says:

    Joe pronounced it “Mogomedshapirov” the first time. It wouldn’t be a UFC event if Joe didn’t pronounce something wrong. Classic.

  18. Kashif Jamil says:

    Stephen and zabit should have been main card and torres and Zhang should have been preliminary.

  19. sYph psYko says:

    Are u serious Joe “Zabit Magomedshapirov” ?

  20. Big darg Joe says:

    Boxing needs to become like ufc! Less weight classes and less belts so we know who’s the actual best

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