UFC 236: Dustin Poirier and Max Holloway Octagon Interview

UFC 236: Dustin Poirier and Max Holloway Octagon Interview

Find out what Dustin Poirier and Max Holloway said after their five round war for the interim lightweight title at UFC 236!

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60 Responses

  1. Alberts stuff says:

    I was rooting for Max, but glad Dustin got it. He deserves it ??

    • Matthew Reid says:

      Lol I wanted Poirier to win and now I’m just heart broken seeing Max’s son cry. And Max still congratulated Dustin’s team and family. You shouldn’t bring your family to war, it’s messed up when they lose…. seeing the loved ones in the back round.

  2. Ishmael Carrillo Jr says:

    Max lost his 13 fight win streak. Im bummed for Max but he showed that he is humble in victory or defeat.

    • Toussaint Louverture says:

      You realize that he’s still champ right? This isn’t his class.

    • Toussaint Louverture says:

      +If you laugh you sub! these people are idiots. The fight was a good pay day with nothing to lose and much to gain. He’s still on a 13 win streak in his division.

    • M Harish says:

      +If you laugh you sub! then what do you think this fight is a exhibition match you dumb fuck.. there is too much size difference and power difference. Max listened to Dana and thought is a big 155 er. Max is lucky . What happens if he fights Justin gaethje or Tony Ferguson or Kevin lee. Max has great cardio and crisp boxing but if he can’t hurt his opponents at 155 they will walk thrpugh his punches. I hope he better stays at 145. Where he can bully smaller guys.

    • King Finney says:

      +Terry Bird wow u must be a casual…SMH Conor beat both Holloway and poirer way back. and what legacy? Im glad that the stupid bleesed era is over.

    • Occifer FigPucker says:

      +James Godley

      Holloway would beat McGregor tho

  3. Hulk Smash says:

    Poirier and max two real warrior☑☑☑???? congratulasion boys the best of the best oh yea

  4. Cece Dawson says:

    He even took the time to acknowledge his wife, congrats!

    • justin wiesmayer says:

      Wtf is wrong with you. 8 or 6 who the fuck cares. To call her fat is just disrespectful and false just because she don’t looks like she just get something to eat once a weak. I personally think she looks pretty but that’s just my opinion.

    • lee lunk says:


    • Danyal Khandakar says:

      lee lunk So do you not know how to turn off caps lock or something?

    • lee lunk says:


    • momentum 123 says:

      +lee lunk stfu she’s way better looking then you lmao

  5. Adnan Jusufbasic says:

    Seeing Max shake Dustin’s family’s hands is truly amazing. True warrior, and sportsman!

    • john wayne says:

      I knew beforehand both these guys were class and two of my favourite fighters – Max is possibly the greatest example of a warrior in the UFC and was very humble in defeat.

      Max had a very rough Round 1 and did you see his face as round 2 was about to start? He was smiling. He loves this chit, I can’t believe he went all 5 rounds without being dropped or KO’d. The guy’s chin should be illegal, it unfair to have such an invincible jaw. Max is still p4p and the king at 145, just wait until he is forced up to 155 and can fully acclimate to the weight! Poirier is a man of insane heart and work ethic! Both of them are blessed and I am a fan for life!

    • Nilesh jak says:

      Max is a nice guy

  6. unicorns! everywhere says:

    i fukin love this Sport 2 great Champs man love it <3

    • Paul Denino says:

      Was easy to know that Max is going to lose this one.
      His Chuck Lie-dell style doesn’t work against someone who has power.

  7. voodoo dolly says:

    Awww blessed lol. He’s so respectful and humble even with his face bashed in.

  8. LE0NSKA says:

    “my friend DC. if you want it you can get it I don’t care”

    LOL max is the best

  9. jose ponce says:

    Dustin took the W as soon as her wife put that green dress on her ??

  10. ko0lGuy23 says:

    Max is classy, “he beat a champ, he’s a real champ” enough said, spoken true words.

  11. Shinigahmiii says:

    Dustin was long over due for a belt. Congrats to him.

    • Oscar Perez says:

      +David JR khabib beat a barely top ten ranked iaquinta for his belt. By your logic hes a fake champ too

    • Dominic Crawford says:

      David JR clearly a troll shut up u faggit???

    • David JR says:

      +Oscar Perez First off, rankings in the UFC mean exactly fuck all, second, if you are stupid enough to look at them, Iaquinta is #5 and McGregor was #1 when Khabib beat him

    • justin wiesmayer says:

      David JR I’m also not a fan of this stupid interim titles but Dustin has earned his right to call him champion. Yeah we all know that he hasn’t beat this ugly fucker Khabib and maybe won’t beat him in the future but I don’t give a fuck. Khabib is not here, Poirier is here so he’s the champ

    • Joe Pesci says:

      +David JR where’s your belt pussy? typical faceless nerd talking shit say that to his face that he’s a fake champ you’ll get knocked the fuck out

  12. Stone Heart says:

    Notice how both Max and Dustin referenced DC after the fight? Everyone loves DC. He’s like the cool, stable uncle of the UFC lol.

  13. Leon says:

    Next Fight i can see it Khabib vs Tony vs Dustin TRIPLE THREAT MATCH?

  14. don dappa says:

    “If I can do it you can do it” Dustin Poirier.

  15. Tony MacDonald says:

    These 2 men are what MMA should be, the amount of respect that was shown afterwards made me tear up. You both are outstanding people!

  16. Pete says:

    Max “Such a good dude” Holloway.

    Nothing but respect. ?

  17. Joey E says:

    Two fight of the year candidates in a row. Great night.

  18. Whozaper says:

    I love Max but I’m incredibly happy for the incredibly deserving Dustin the diamond Poirier. ??? Congrats

  19. Maciek Leszczyński says:

    I love Max. He is an amazing sportsman and what else – fantastic person.

  20. Josue jaimes says:

    Dustin is a perfect example of Never give up, Never stop, Keep going, congrats champ

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