UFC 237: Rose Namajunas post-fight interview

UFC 237: Rose Namajunas post-fight interview

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45 Responses

  1. bo jiden says:

    Her boxing looked so damn good. It doesnt even seem like Andrade is even champ

  2. Lee Etchells says:

    Just thankful rose didn’t get badly hurt from that throw.
    She could have easily broke her neck.
    You are still the best to me.

    • Kiss my axe says:

      We dont want them injured so they can fight longer.

    • KrazyKillers40 says:

      Chris_Gullett You’re a retard mate stop talking to me

    • Chris_Gullett says:

      +Kiss my axe Most fans could care less. They wanna see fighters injured, then they get on social media and brag about it happening while calling the fighter a bitch. Most sports fans wanna see injuries. MMA fans are the worst, cause when they see an injury they never let it go, and they make insults about it like its funny. Nobody even seen Ferguson get injured, but that does not stop people from still making fun of his injury. Most fans do not wanna see a competitive fight, they wanna see blood and one fighter get hurt. A competitive fight gets booed, but a fighter getting knocked out and injured gets cheered. You’re naive if you think most fans do not wanna see fighters get injured.

    • Lizbeth Malone says:

      Amen to that!

    • Miles K says:

      Grabbing the cage would lead to a plethora of issues… using the cage as a weapon is lame imo.

  3. Tia Chia says:

    Hell yeah, pay that house off girl!!! That’s awesome, good for her.

  4. Eric Swanson says:

    I hope she comes back..
    Great personality Great fighter..

  5. Youtube Watcher says:

    I love love Rose. She’s the only female fighter I’ve followed for years. She is amazing and watching her grow all this time fighting and in her personal life is humbling.

  6. Michal XXL says:

    Rose pls don’t quit we need u ,u greate fighter

  7. JAVY G says:

    I like when she said, I get to pay my house off. That’s been humble.she’s real and down to earth.
    You have to be on those shoes to understand the pressure to keep up with everything around you. Maybe she didn’t even wanted to fight.good luck with your decisions mama.
    What ever makes you happy. ??

  8. Nasho is Nuke King says:

    Thank God she’s alright. What a beast

  9. Maik Mazhovsky says:

    Love this girl ??❤️??

    • RJ En says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s widely known that both competitors are trans. Rose was actually born Roger.

  10. grant legg says:

    Poised, humble, honest. Especially in a tough loss. I’m firmly on the Thug Rose bandwagon?

    • Khabib cherrypicking Weight bully says:

      grant legg Pug Rose 26 and quitting like a bitch

    • Lizbeth Malone says:

      Yass ???

    • grant legg says:

      Khabib cherrypicking Weight bully you can’t say shit if you haven’t been in the cage. It’s a get your bread and get out type of thing. If you’re smart about it, never worth it to stick around if her heads not in it

  11. joe fran says:

    Rose it’s your life, you paid off your house, awesome, keep your looks, your young, live like you want and not what others expect!

    • Stankonia3k says:

      Exactly. The selfish part of me wants her back in the octagon schooling contenders with her beautiful brand of mixed martial arts but the humanist in just wants her to continue winning at life.

    • Marty Moose says:

      She is the best 115 lb woman I the world. She was overpowered in a brief mistake but was able to demonstrate her amazing technical skills. Rose today has come a long way since her early career. Really amazing improvement.

    • Brian Wheeler says:

      That’s right she seems like she’s got her s*** together on top of that she’s an American sweetheart Thug Rose and I think she’s really cute

    • Gamer George says:

      I agree, shes too beautiful to fight imo. That slam could have killed her. If she retires I wont mind.

  12. Joy Gish says:

    Rose you will always be a ROCK STAR . You are one of the most ground people I  have ever had the honor of following in all of sports    Thank you

  13. Omer Jr. Sauve says:

    great job Rose.
    1 more fight in your home state and then hang the gloves. you’ve done alot in this sport. Defeating and humbling JJ twice .and became a well know caring fighter with a big heart. congratz to you and enjoy life the way you see fit. Champ for ever .

  14. food luv says:

    She’s simply amazing! Love her! Many blessings to her and best of life for her

  15. A EL says:

    Jessica was just lucky with that drop after all, Rose was DOMINATING her from the get-go.

  16. madhun02 says:

    Head Up, Rose!
    You’re the best!

  17. danifilthofthebeast says:

    You did your best!! you’re a great fighter and you’re still a true champion… congratulations Rose!!

  18. Craig Parker says:

    We was all worried about your neck and if you would be alright but your a livening legend and got up like a champ ! Thank you for being the best champ and soon to be champ

  19. Ryan Black says:

    I really love you Rose. I really respect you. Thank You. You get this. You do amazing work. Peace

  20. Vincent F says:

    even Rose lost her performence showed what mma is all about beautiful striking smooth transitions dangerous groundgame hope she doesent stop fightig it was an pleasure to watch her

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