UFC 238: Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone Octagon Interview

UFC 238: Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone Octagon Interview

Check out what Tony Ferguson and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone had to say after their fight at UFC 238!

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52 Responses

  1. Fitness MMA Playlists says:

    Cowboy is such a savage man. Humble guy and doesnt give excuses. All the respect and hope that eye gets better. Same for Tony

  2. Alex Greenough says:

    Why would you boo him after that performance?? The guy’s an absolute warrior

    • thomas wightman says:

      @Cory Evans cowboy was kinda getting off on him aswell at the end and Tony just couldn’t let that slip

    • Richard Garza says:

      thomas wightman bro you guys are overthinking it.
      When your in the ring, your adrenaline is going, you just trying to knock the other dude out. Shit happens get over it

    • Ma. Higinia Blanco Blanco says:

      You queers act like he wasn’t throwing a combo when he hit him yall act like it was a sigle punch 2 seconds after the bell its fighting you softys

    • /////// says:

      @Mario yeah i feel like the ref maybe could have stopped it but it happen ed so fast. Tony’s feet and body were moving for the punch as the bell rang, and then his punch landed.

  3. random n stoned says:

    Respect there “talk to cowboy” well done tony, and donald ??

  4. Beans Lusk says:

    The fans were total jerks! Two of the best fighters to enter the octagon!

  5. Babazooka boi says:

    Man I can’t remember the last time I got emotional during a post fight interview.. Tony’s such a class act, no one deserves a title shot more.

  6. K guyzi says:

    Two classy fighters. Great sportsmanship!

  7. Kyle G. says:

    Huge respect to Tony! He looked super concerned for Cowboy, insisting Cowboy was interviews first. Both fighters were absolute warriors. Great fight. Welcome back, Tony!

  8. woodk1d says:

    the amount of respect that was given from tony in that situation is fucking amazing, I could actually feel how emotional he was after that right hand after the bell rang

  9. Theo B says:

    Cowboy you’re a warrior!

    Respect to Ferguson for good sportsmanship!

  10. mano a mano says:

    Post-fight interview with the champ:”Talk to Cowboy” That’s class.

    • NPC NOIR says:

      yeah but dont push Joes mic, that’s douchey. dude owns a multimedia empire, he doesn’t need to be in the ring interviewing your sharkhead ass.

    • mano a mano says:

      @Brad Lamb
      That’s not what I was getting. He seemed to be saying, he didn’t intend it to end that way, and that Cowboy deserved the spotlight at that moment.

    • Brad Lamb says:

      @Dr.Sir Bruce Armstrong Mother Fucker The Thirdthat’s what I said tard boy

  11. Joseph Ramirez says:

    Dana give Tony his well earned title fight against the winner of Khabib vs Porier.

  12. TeddyPESO says:

    I wanted Cerrone to win but i love how Much Honor and Class Tony has. That guy is a crazy fighter in his own right. Im becoming a fan !!!!

  13. Steffin T Greyling says:

    Tough crowd. Tony is a great sportsman, and so is cowboy for acknowledging that he shouldn’t have breathed through his nose.

  14. Александр Inferno says:

    Tony the best!!! Real champ!!! Respect from Russia!!

  15. Leo Hidden says:

    Look at tony respect daaam man ADD THIS VIDEO TO BEST RESPECT MEMENts inMMA LOVE TONY

    • Denmirden says:

      Tony is a warrior and he respects true warriors. And the Cowbow is definately the true warrior.

  16. Heith Watkins says:

    The crowd were totally disrespectful. These men were honorable in every way.

  17. Carlos Gutierrez says:

    This 2 Gladiators deserve a Standing ovation?

    Oh! And fk the Chicago crowd that attended last night!

    Boo Yo mama!

  18. Gg Purple The Purple Boy says:

    Great example on how to take a loss. Super genuine and classy much respect.. ?

  19. unexplained wearenotalone says:

    Bravo both but Tony real fighter with respect rules.

  20. Flucchetta97 says:

    Mad mad respect to tony you can tell he’s a true fighter for getting a win that way and he was sad. Both champions

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