UFC 241 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

UFC 241 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

On Episode 3 of UFC 241 Embedded, former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic wraps up his Cleveland training camp. Current titleholder Daniel Cormier hits Hollywood, with stops at Extra TV and TMZ. In Milwaukee, Anthony Pettis gets in an extra workout, his energy buoyed by his new weight class. Opponent Nate Diaz surrounds himself with his team for a dip in the ocean. UFC 241 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to the heavyweight title rematch taking place Saturday, August 17th on Pay-Per-View.
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82 Responses

  1. Zach Long says:

    ANYTHING Diaz is gold right now. UFC taking notes

    • songs for the deaf. says:

      Except cejudo… he is gold… literally. He more gold than goldmember.”I love GOLD!!!”

    • elizabeth tudor says:

      LOL This is Diaz first UFC fight in over 3 years. Finally the penny dropped when he realized that McGregor ain’t given him no more red panty nights.. Yep Diaz money is running out and he’s back to fighting meaningless warm up fights on the under card for 50k win bonus… Meanwhile Conor is raking in millions as he lays back on his yacht.

    • Dave Banfield says:

      elizabeth tudor You’re insane if you think Nate’s running out of money

    • JOSETV1 says:

      Would you say hes a “needle mover” lol

    • john2earth says:

      @songs for the deaf. Nobody gives a shit about the midget division, especially when it’s current champ is the absolute Double Champ of both little man syndrome and cringe(yes, even topping Ferguson level cringe now). Cejudo’s reaction after his last win says it all.

  2. E W says:

    Doesn’t make sense Nate and Anthony’s fight is a 3 rounder ?

    • Crazy Steve says:

      3 rounds 100% favours Petties, no doubt. Diaz won’t try to out point him with volume in the third, he just pours on if he senses the kill. Otherwise he won’t show any urgency to outscore him in three rounds. He might get the finish but would be more likely in 5 round

    • Rama Algifary says:

      @Veriloyly nate activates his super mode in round 3 to 5, he bleeds he is a monster

    • Den Harry says:

      3rounds is good for nate coming off 3 years

    • David Valdez says:

      Have to remember pettis hand is fucked and Nate hasn’t fought in almost 3 years

    • David Valdez says:

      @rahul nandi Rahul expect Nate has an iron Chin

  3. Ryan Ferrari says:

    If Diaz wins the McGregor trilogy is happening calling it now

    • Jimbobonesjones says:

      Yeah B you right

    • Shable says:

      @Xcru Ciator area code genius, zip is 5 digit postal codes.

    • Xcru Ciator says:

      @Shable There’s a world outside of your homeland too kid. You’d be surprised to know that words have different meanings in different places.

    • Shable says:

      @Xcru Ciator kid? Haha ok im probably older than your dad first, and second only time a zip had 3 digits was in the 50s. Zip is postal codes, area codes are phone codes and have 3 digits, if your not American, then im mean no disrespect, just informing you of the difference, so you know the correct terminology from now on.

    • Xcru Ciator says:

      @Shable Correct for you, not for me. I’ll still use what I’ve been using. Cheers

  4. Jerry Seinfeld says:

    UFC not covering Yoel vs Costa, startin to make me believe that the fight got cancelled and UFC dont wanna announce yet cause they might lose PPV BUYS

  5. Old Gregg says:

    “Playing touch butt with those guys on the beach.”

  6. Hangman18x says:

    Stipe talks in Microsoft Word spelling errors with red lines under them

  7. Hayden Donadio says:

    Dana: Nate Diaz was never my friend
    Also Dana: sup Nate

  8. Sergio Espindola says:

    Where’s costa and Romero at? Give the people what they want!!!!

  9. A.W. The Prezident says:

    “USADA, You think I’m just gonna sit there and let you kill me?”

    – Yoel Romero & Paulo Costa

  10. JAB TV Just About Boxing says:

    People asking what’s on Nate’s back he just done cupping

  11. OG 17 Exclusive says:

    TMZ makes you believe the guests are somewhere else

  12. Wesker JHG says:

    Remember guys, Romero and Costa are not on Embedded yet cuz it takes many episodes for them to turn Super Saiyan

  13. Rob The Vampire Slayer says:

    Nate drops an F bomb 2 seconds into his segment. Classic.

  14. Ibrahim Tall says:

    Stipe sound like some weird combo of Ben askren and Badger from breaking bad


  15. Pharaoh Chin says:

    Nate got Ernie Reyes Jr with him? How tf did I not know that? Wow, that’s dope!

  16. desolatescar says:

    Did Pettis just steal from the merch table?

  17. Sam Saldana says:

    I think everyone knows that Nate is the one drawing most of the hype to this card

  18. shushanth swinderballs says:

    People have been asking why Costa and Romero aren’t on UFC Embedded. It’s because they’re on USADA Embedded.

  19. David Duarte says:

    Why the hell does TMZ do a webcam interview when the guy is LITERALLY RIGHT THERE??

  20. socomredbull says:

    Daniel Cormier is the George Foreman of the UFC get that man a Grille.

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