UFC 241: Nate Diaz Octagon Interview

UFC 241: Nate Diaz Octagon Interview

Check out what California’s own Nate Diaz had to say after his long awaited return to the Octagon at UFC 241!

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70 Responses

  1. tylerdurden4232 says:

    Masvidal (Scarface) vs The Diaz Brothers at refugee camp in Cuba.

  2. Leobadfish says:

    Love how the Diaz brothers won’t ever touch gloves, but show a ton of respect always after all their fights

    • Leobadfish says:

      Lol how does a comment like this turn into a bunch of assholes talking shit to each other?

    • xxCamrachrisxx says:

      O C i don’t get how you’re trying to defend bro. he said all of the words in a condescending manner all up until ‘Mexican’ implying that just like the other three negative words, he thinks being Mexican is negative. whether that was the intent determines whether it’s truly racist but it’s still obvious that he has a slight disdain for them so all in all you’re defending a cunt

    • The Rap Vault says:

      @WhudUP Do im Mexican myself & i wasn’t offended, i will admit that gangs are part of Mexican CULTURE ??‍♂️

    • tonylvez says:

      The Rap Vault gangs are in literally every culture. Keep pushing them stereotypes though the elite love it

    • The Rap Vault says:

      @tonylvez is not a stereotype is facts west coast gang CULTURE with Lowriders, bandanas & tattoos comes from Mexican gang CULTURE, do some research IGNORANT dumb ass

  3. Akash 81 says:

    Nick Diaz Army Announcement for the Gangsterweight Championship: Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal at UFC 251..

  4. Xcru Ciator says:

    I just love too see that Nate always keeps his brother Nick up there. Never misses a chance to thank Nick, real inspiration.

    • Austin Littke says:

      @●GRANDMAS BOY● he beat anthony pettis and connor mcgregor, he’s good. He doesn’t look good because he doesnt quite know how to throw a punch 90% of the time, throws like a girl, but he finds a way to win

    • Beardo Baron says:

      @Austin Littke Oh he knows how to throw a punch. Nobody expects to be hit with a slow punch. Doesn’t take a big shot to mess up someone’s breathing. And it doesn’t take a lot of stamina from nate. He’s smart. And his Stockton slap just messes with their heads man.

    • Austin Littke says:

      @Beardo Baron ….you really thought it necessary to type that reply up? jesus

    • Beardo Baron says:

      @Austin Littke Lol. Oh I can’t say anything… But you can? Get outta here baby boy.

    • JakeEatingFruit says:

      Xcru Ciator I ate a banana with the peel on and uploaded it

  5. VVarrio says:

    lol “I know my mans a gangster, but he aint no westcoast gangster”, happy for jorge.. he got his moneyfight

    • fvgc454ss says:

      @wilsybhoy Edawrds had a 5 round descision against an old Cowboy. Masvidal fucked him up in 1 round. No one that goes almost 20 and 0 in the UFC and was a champ in another organization is overrated guy loses 1 or 2 fights and they are over rated these days shut the fuck up u casual english clown. Till beat Wonderboy and Askren beat Lima who just Koed MVP. Overrated…gtfoh

    • Joe Greene says:

      Diaz doesn’t bring a single penny to the table.

    • Joe Greene says:

      @Todd m Put the crackpipe down.

    • Thiago Tanikawa says:

      Now THIS is an interesting Money fight. Take note Tyron.

  6. Sloth55Chunk says:

    Joe “I’ll wear the same black shirt in the octagon forever” Rogan

  7. T T says:

    Conor this is how real men kick ass not in bars smacking old men ! Take a look at a real warrior!

  8. ESSJ333 says:

    3 years out the game and Nate wins convincingly. #Greatness

  9. c rigby says:

    Nate fights in the ufc while Connor is punching old men in a pub ?

  10. harlemdeni says:

    The Diaz Brothers. The Greatest thing that has ever happened to the sport of mma.

  11. Ta Guro100 says:

    1m + views in 6 hours, i guess he aint no needle mover

  12. xA-Town23x says:

    Brendan Schaub : ring rust is reeeeeeal maaaan
    Nate Diaz : Laughing in CBD

  13. H3N says:

    “The reason I was off is because everyone sucked!” ?? #Savage #NickDiazArmyMotherfuckers Diaz vs. Masvidal sounds dope for the gangster weight division!

  14. honorguard88 says:

    Dana: nate ain’t a draw

    Me: looks at nates interview views

  15. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    Nick Diaz army ?? Nate always got his bros back ?? the way it should be

  16. Ciaran L1998 says:

    My man is shadow Boxing after a Fight lol

  17. The Dude says:

    Give it up for Mike Beltran for grabbing Pettis before he walked out because he saw Nate trying to show his respects.
    Mike is the best in the business.
    Great fight, an all time great.

  18. Oliver Queen says:

    I bet conor was getting ready in the locker room in his mansion hitting the pad with his fingers getting ready to go for that twitter KO incase diaz called him out lol.

    • O says:

      Haha Diaz doesn’t need to beat him anymore Conor don’t even deserve to fight in the ufc anymore if he’s out wasting his time punching old men

  19. SAHIL SHARMA says:

    Man! three missed handshakes and fist bumps under 3 minutes ?? 0:39 2:32 2:38

    • p1trickcdn says:

      ? gracie with the backround bump .. no amount of training,family heritage can prepare you for miss like that..just lethal !

  20. Itachi Uchiha says:

    Let’s go Masvidal Vs Nate. Battle of the Gangsters

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