UFC 248 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 4

UFC 248 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 4

Champions Zhang Weili and Israel Adesanya find inner peace in the gym. Joanna Jedrzejczyk says she’s still the top strawweight. Fans from around the world cheer at open workouts ahead of Adesanya vs. Yoel Romero and Zhang vs. Joanna. UFC 248 is Saturday, March 7.

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65 Responses

  1. Preston Crocker says:

    Zhang: I’m going to knock Joanna out.
    Joanna: that’s what’s up

  2. Jon Jones says:

    Zhang Weili: surpasses 966 days as champ
    Joanna somewhere in Poland: “BOW DOWN”

  3. Lutfi Serbetci says:

    Weili looks insanely crisp while hitting mitts. Amazing striking ability

  4. Sgt Lincoln Osiris says:

    The closer the fight, the more annoying Joanna gets.

  5. zeeke58 says:

    Respect to Adesanya for pushing this fight. He really is ducking none and trying to be the best.

  6. Jimmy Jamdrops says:

    I’m getting good vibes from this card. Everyone competing seems to in a good head space.

  7. Hastings Mcmillian says:

    Zhang Weili technique is so perfect that it’s satisfying to watch.

  8. Mark L says:

    “My dog is named Fedor”

    Weili confirmed great person.

  9. Czar Macarse says:

    Isreal “Megalodon” Adesanya. Leeeeets gooo izzy!!!

  10. Dormio Vibes says:

    “I miss my dawg and my kite.”
    Every time Zhang speaks english its gold. lel

  11. Ghiulai Dani says:

    I instantly skip past the Joanna “Not Champion” parts

  12. Ray Warren says:

    He was definitely upset about Zhang cutting his head open 😂

  13. stufoo says:

    Lol that coach was like “women be shopping”

  14. Roddy TV says:

    9:05 I don’t know how Benavidez did it… but lucky man lol

    • Horten Ojongtambia says:

      Well, at least I wasn’t the only one who noticed the figure not being bad and her face also the same… I would hit… good job Joseph 😂

    • Onix Junes says:

      he literally explained what he did, Megan and her friend were at the lobby of a hotel for a ufc event, because they were on vacation before going to grad school, Benavidez and his friend started talking to them and asked if they wanted to hang out at a club later that night, they accpeted and benavidez asked her for her email, she gave him her email and then went from there.

    • Paris Agorastos says:

      @Onix Junes fucking old ass can I have your email ass

    • Jimberino says:

      @Shaggy Rogers Wtf is wrong with you? I understand different people have different preferences but to say this woman isn’t absolutely a fucking 9 at worst shows you either have some kind of mental disability or you’re just trying to hype yourself up.

    • Rtemis_16 says:

      Cause he got money! He looks like a beat up dumpster

  15. Activate A says:

    Ever time jj is on screen she makes me cringe when she dose a lil Malcolm in the middle scene and looks at the camera for too long 😂

  16. Hay Mamacita says:

    4:30 almost a disaster, fight cancelled because Weili breaks ankle 😱

  17. Stace Lunches says:

    I’ve become a big Izzy fan. I liked him when he first came to the UFC, then I stared to not like him, too much talk for not enough big wins, but now, I like him ! He lived up to the hype and did everything he said he would. He’s good one the mic, good on camera, he’s a dam good champ, and I’m rooting for him heavy esp cuz I’m not a yoel fan at all !

  18. Chris Dupuis says:

    Zhang’s trainer is in his feelings about her cutting his eye. Thumbnail is gold😁😁😁😁😁

  19. The Clash says:

    Weili Zhang , a person with good personality, friendly, humble, hard working, strong, with sense of humor, no trash talk

  20. Yono J says:

    Love how Izzy gives a bit of himself to the fans and audience. He doesn’t have to but still does it.

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