UFC 248: Israel Adesanya & Yoel Romero Octagon Interviews

UFC 248: Israel Adesanya & Yoel Romero Octagon Interviews

Undefeated middleweight UFC champion Israel Adesanya successfully defended his belt against Yoel Romero in the main event of UFC 248 via unanimous decision.

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56 Responses

  1. denzelsnipes69 says:

    “As long as they didn’t listen to the crowd, I was fine.”

    • Aaron Keane says:

      Running away from what? Romero never moved forward and threw fuck all. He’s a cheater with a shitty record that pretends to be a holy joe to impress his inbred fans

    • Smoke_ sumthin says:

      @Saintforeignmeek Becuase Izzy said he was going to Drop him like the twin towers, smoke a cuban pack, and KO him in under 3 rounds, something whittaker couldn’t do in 10 rounds…. Thats why.. He talked Way to much high powered shit to play it safe the way he did..

    • Aaron Keane says:

      Air Wrek
      All he did was stand there waiting to throw an overhand left and bum rush him every now and again. Romero is the most overrated fighter I’ve seen. Complete fake piece of shit as well. Faker than khabib

    • awefawef awefawef says:

      @E Lee The women’s fight before saved this lmao one of the best fights in MMA history

    • Micky Bowling says:

      @stephen allen I’m with you, I can’t stand the guy.

  2. Andrew Monter says:

    WWE crowd- “WHAT!”

  3. Emeka Adibe says:

    “If you wanna see running, go to see Usain Bolt” LMAO!!!!!

  4. mart chang says:

    Fight Summary:
    The championship belt had evaded Yoel so many times that he became delusional and started to defend his phantom belt from the champion.

    • Sendo 1209 says:

      I dont get why people are upset at Izzy. Izzy is already the champ, he has no reason to chase after Romero lol.

    • Wavy Strips says:

      @Sendo 1209 than why say you gonna knock him out

    • Famous internet youtube celery says:

      @James Horton Rockhold wasnt the Champion when he lost to Romero though.

    • Arturo Huizar says:

      @Wavy Strips because that is just what you say when you are going to fight. You must have noticed by now almost all of UFC fights have this ‘statements’. Romero said shit too and he didn’t even try get Izzy. Hell, he even kept up his hypocrisy after the fight, telling people they deserved a show when he was the one that refused to give it to them.

    • caindossantos santos says:

      Izzy scared to go toe to toe

  5. Leandro Vega says:

    Otro robo, y Yoel me decepcionaste, debiste haberlo noqueado lo tenias bajo tu dominio, todos sabemos que los jueces protegen a los favoritos

  6. J Strong says:

    “I’m fresh I could go another 5 rounds”, I think that’s the fan’s issue here 😂

  7. ali kayosan says:

    @5:36 lmaooo “ if you want to see running go see Usain Bolt” 😭😭😭🤣🤣☠️☠️💀

  8. Blane Ries says:

    “Da people pay paper view” sounds like Peter piper picked a pack of pickle peppers 😂😂

  9. EU SOU says:


    • Cleuber Pereira says:

      Próxima luta adesanya x borrachinha,ou seja Romero x borrachinha não daria audiência pois já lutaram,kkkkkkk UFC está igual a política brasileira só marmelada…

  10. CodyDTD says:

    Yoel *”I see you soon”* Romero.

  11. Betta B says:

    “you want to see running go to see Usain bolt” 😂😂😂

  12. Undertakerfan70 says:

    They both look like they haven’t even touched each other.

  13. fatfinger 101 says:

    Ready for the Izzy running man memes 🤣

  14. Blk Foreign says:

    Wow, that was some of the best English i’ve ever heard from Romero. He speaks better after he fights than in a press conference. 😂

    • Jared Leonard says:

      Thats probably because adrenaline is running thru him. Kinda like nick diaz doesnt stutter as much after a fight

  15. Joseph Wiseman says:

    That’s the way you fight a bull pick him apart when he charge… you don’t have to charge him

  16. Royal Me says:

    Israel “The legs dont lie” Adesanya 🤣

  17. Okanees says:

    Joe concentration over 3000 while listening to Yoel talk 😂

  18. kakadots says:

    Instead of going to the judges, they should have settled it with a dance off 🕺🏿🤸🏾‍♂️

  19. patrick elwood says:

    Joe looks like he ALMOST
    Knows what Yoel is saying lol

  20. Jack Of All Multiverses says:

    hearing Yoel is like hearing “Tony Montana” Saay yAllow tu ma yittle fyiend!”

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