UFC 248: Zhang Weili vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk Recap

UFC 248: Zhang Weili vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk Recap

See the highlights from UFC 248: Zhang Weili vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk recap after Weili defended her championship belt against the former strawweight champion, Jedrzejczyk, in the one of the best mma fights of the year.

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49 Responses

  1. Jack Chang says:

    That was an insane fight. Honestly can’t name a title fight that was that intense non stop this year. It’s still early but easily fight of the current year so far by entertainment value. Joanna’s face looked devastated.

  2. Night Owl says:

    This fight will definitely be in the history books of mma

  3. Cheerful YC says:

    Zhang: “My name is Zhang WeiLi, I am from China … Remember Me!!!” 👍❤👍

  4. 074 Shakey says:

    She looked like she had an idea… 💡

  5. Doodah 859 says:

    You keep showing the same highlight

  6. PrivateEyeYiYi says:

    Weili v Andrade wouldn’t answer any questions since Weili already destroyed Andrade in the 1st round. Weili v Rose on the other hand should be really interesting.

  7. IRONWOLF _OMEGA says:

    Zhang is a beast !!!!

  8. Bartholomew Danger says:


  9. nobl3savag3 says:

    I seriously hope Joanna is okay. I’ve never seen a head swell up to that large.

  10. Paul Liu says:

    These two girls were putting Izzy vs Romero to shame that night.

  11. YJM Strat says:

    Damn! Zhang use Fist of the Klingon.

  12. vagabond - says:

    Made the men look like Boy Scouts.

  13. RoastedPeanuts says:

    Adesanya and Yoel should have brought heat like this.. Damn

  14. kaicooper87 says:

    she showed her how to respect next time

  15. El max says:

    Zhang transformed Joanna into a klingon.

    • Alan Peters says:

      Dude that’s a moronic statement. JJ out fought her for a majority of the fight, both of their faces looked like meatloaf, the only reason they gave Zhang the win is because she how the title, and when fights are that close they always give it to the title holder, the fight could have went either way and saying stupid things like that is childish and not at all funny except only to like-minded childish thinkers.

    • John Hurst says:

      Alan Peters They gave it to Zhang because she won. Check out JJ in the last round – she was gone. Head bowed & rounded shoulders. Zhang’s heavy head shots had taken their toll. Close fight but the correct decision was made….

    • Alan Peters says:

      @John Hurst yeah check out all the rounds before that last round JJ was kicking her ass all over the place., that one chin kick was so hard Zhang”s mama felt it in China.. to be honest it could have been called a draw.

    • Tim W says:

      Alan Peters It was close but there were 3 moments where Zhang landed so clean that Joanna was on the verge of going down, including the leg catch to forehead punch as opposed to the 1 moment where Zhang nearly went down, which was preceded by an unintentional headbutt. Even if you ignore the damage to Joanna’s face, Zhang earned this win.

    • Alan Peters says:

      @Tim W there was actully twice when Zhang almost went down, but yeah I’m not denying it it was close, i just said that it was the best fight I’ve ever seen in that weight division BY FAR, and everybody talkin about JJ’s head, they both went straight to the hospital after that fight, no press conference, nothing.

  16. Maria Rosales says:

    Weili is scary. Her punches look dangerous.

  17. JOJO Je says:

    Both lady’s are faster then Romero and adesanya 😂😂😂

    • Ironfangzu says:

      they EACH threw more strikes in half a round than Yoel and Izzy did combined, for their 5 rounds.

  18. Ж says:

    That moment when you realize watching women fight is more exciting than watching Floyd Mayweather box.

  19. Ned Joe says:

    The crowd went wild on every hit from both opponent….as the forehand grew…the patron at the bar was 🤮 ….this was non stop action to the end….much respect to both fighters…👍👍best fight of the year…tops the best fight in womans MMA of all time…👊

  20. Charlie W says:

    1:17 Thank you everybody. It wasn’t easy to come to the event this time, because of the tragedy happening in my country.
    was able to come here through traveling many countries, and it was hard. I hope my country can get get through this tragedy quickly, however this has become not
    just an chinese issue, but a world issue. I hope everyone can work hard together to successfully overcome this.
    2:51 Actually I wasn’t sure if I won, but I did everything I could to win this fight. I am very happy that I won. I also think that everyone in this octagon deserves respect.
    3:30I don’t want trashtalking to be a part of the octagon. In this ring we are all warriors and we respect each other. We need to be a role model for the children. That’s why we are champions and not just someone violent.

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