UFC 249: Justin Gaethje & Tony Ferguson Octagon Interviews

UFC 249: Justin Gaethje & Tony Ferguson Octagon Interviews

Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson react to their UFC 249 clash that saw Gaethje win the interim lightweight championship. Gaethje says he’s ready for champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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94 Responses

  1. John Elway says:

    Tony , you’re a true sportsman . Great response after a loss

    • Jose munoz says:

      Slow Stealth how he got exposed ? Dude cut weight around 3 times and god knows if that affected his performance because we saw a weird tony, not taking anything away from Justin bus tony was there weird asf

    • rider of the pale horse death himself says:

      @Slow Stealth mma math is bs u dont understand the ways that Justin’s leg kicks put u in a interimate range and in range for his hooks Tonys typical head movement Response is left to right in to hooks and if u pull back ur open to leg kicks

    • DFrizzleNizzle says:

      @Slow Stealth tony spent months training for khabib and wrestling. You really expected him to do well against Justin standing up all fight? I wasn’t surprised

    • Bob says:

      @Dexter Deter that was him showing his frustration to the loss. The fact that he got over that and took the loss like a champ shows what a great sportsman he is.

    • rambull Jr says:

      John Elway he pushed Justin after the fight when Justin went to hug him? He’s a pos little kid.

  2. APE says:

    Seemed like Tony had no game plan, and Justin had a great one.

    • Bob says:

      Tony had no corner advice right? All I heard was Eddie Bravo telling him he’s doing a great job (when he was getting his ass kicked) and to go for a roll technique.

    • alfredo gonzalez says:

      @Peter me too man, Tony didn’t even used his elbows

    • Brian Palmer says:

      Congrats to justin and team. Tony still a champ after that speech. What seperates fighters from real warriors. Its tirimasu time!

    • Andre Knowledge357 says:

      @alfredo gonzalez I can’t believe he didn’t use his t-kicks to the body all night. He hit him every time he threw them. And Justin has issues with people going to the body. He was preparing for Khabib, mentally, for how long though. And now we will not see that fight and even if we do, I’m not paying for it now.

    • Vik Tor says:

      When is rematch ?

  3. terryjoeljunior says:

    How about the class act in Tony’s octagon interview?

  4. Ceeya23 says:

    The bleep at 0:34 was Justin telling Tony “smoke a blunt later” lol

  5. Ezhoto Chirhaha says:

    Damn! Tony Ferguson does looks like he fought Tony Ferguson 🥺

  6. Pramod Yadav says:

    Justin would make more fans with his post fight interview then from his already fantastic fight! What a guy!
    Respect to both Justin and Tony for a fabulous fight!

    • CreatureOfGoddess says:

      I just posted his interview on Facebox and said the exact same thing. New favorite athlete, and I haven’t even seen him fight yet…
      Be blessed y’all 🙏

    • ufc vedio says:

      follow my account please

    • john butler says:

      I actually became a bigger Tony fan last night the dude took more punishment than should even be possible at one point he threw fake sand at Justin while his corners yelled “that’s right give him the sand” and he ended his interview with Joe “it’s good to see you again fucker” Tony is truly one of a kind

    • Abdul Mumin says:

      I so agree with you. What a humble person.

  7. Bigzclipz says:

    You know you’re a badass when you say that the only reason you have two loses is because you was having too much fun

    • BRO SKI says:

      Bigzclipz it’s true… now that Justin is being more patient dude is a nightmare

    • Ramiro Mata says:

      Lol ur telling me he was having fun with Eddie?dumb statement by him if u ask me

    • Daniel Pendleton says:

      @Ramiro Mata he definitely was. Do u think he loses those fights now??

    • Ramiro Mata says:

      @Daniel Pendleton I think he fucks up both the guys he lost to know …he is definitely a more mature n better fighter n after the Tony fight his striking is number 1 as of right know at 155

  8. Zhen 0u says:

    I underestimated Justin and he showed that I was so wrong. Congratulations to him.

    • Vodou Myers says:

      I had a feeling a week before the fight that he would pull of the upset & turns out I was right along

  9. J B says:

    I glad he finally figured out he can fight smart, tactical, while still putting on a great fight for the fans all at the same time. Well deserved win. #Respect

  10. King Nscy says:

    Justin: “there’s no better drug on earth”. Jon Jones: “Hold My beer”

  11. Barkolemeow Simpson says:

    “Waiting for the real one” … had to lose to get better … props to his parents … wants to do social work. I like this guy a lot. 👍🏼

    Been a fan of Khabib for a while, but I won’t feel bad in the least if he beats Khabib. Guy’s a true champ at heart.

    • Haashim Imran says:

      Joshua M. Stop talking shit g

    • Boddaaah says:

      @Montin Yek I don’t really think most women are like this. I think it more of a loud minority thing. I happy mid ground would be ideal but I don’t understand why Mr. Khan thinks our equal rights to women are false and ruining our society. There are things in our society that are more hypocritical and detrimental than letting women fight and how we treat them.

    • Booker T says:

      Let’s be real tho. Khabib smashes Justin…

    • Montin Yek says:

      Boddaaah he’s right. You realize it when you divorce your wife and she takes everything you’ve worked for, or when some skank calls rape cause she regretted sleeping with you while she was drunk the night before and now you’re held in jail and risk spending many years behind bars for something you didn’t do, just because a woman said you did. Or when a woman keys your car or otherwise damages your property and no one bats an eye, and don’t even get me started on the cancerous doctrines that feminists are pushing. Over-correction is what led to this bullshit.

    • RagingPasha says:

      @Joshua M. ferguson fans now riding gaethje, he doesn’t deserve such two-faced fans like you guys, go support arrogant people and keep hating good hearted people because you’re miserable

  12. Guitarstaraces says:

    Finally a Tony video with no “Tony is the type of guy…….” quips 😂

  13. Chris Pink says:

    They bleeped Justin saying let’s smoke a bowl LMAO

  14. Rehman Arshad says:

    Good to see Tony being humble in defeat, he’ll be back

    • gamemaniac8 says:

      Yes he’s gona be back stronger, hope this lose addresses some of the problems he has with his standup and he sharpen his tools

    • Rico Jimenez says:

      He’s an arrogant dick head. You can tell his real thoughts when he shoved Justin after losing and how he told the reporter to go fuck himself while he was receiving a compliment about mental health

    • Crimson Dynamo says:

      @Rafael Scatena he most definetely will, he’s not a mindless loser like you. Great champions have came back from defeat and Tony is from that same cloth.

    • Andre Knowledge357 says:

      Not after a fight that saw him destroyed in all aspects of the game at that level at 36. His career has peaked, and we never got to see Khabib vs. Tony during their primes.

    • rambull Jr says:

      Rehman Arshad he’s done. No respect pos.

  15. Eric Cartman says:

    Justin: Theres NO better Drug On Earth Than Adrenaline.

    Joe: Have You Heard Of DMT?

  16. Charlie Horse says:

    Joe ” I dont care I’ll shake your hand” Rogan. Wipe his hand on the shirt😂

  17. Altaf Kalam says:

    Everyone was like Tony so gangsta he cut weight when there is no fight.

    Don’t tell cutting two times in 20 days does not affect your performance.

    • Jake Harmon says:

      he got his ass beat like he cut twenty times in 2 days! Bye Bye Tony!!

    • Akam says:

      Ramiro Mata ur completely wrong dude. The weight cut didn’t affect him at all. He came in with no game plan other than take Justin to the late rounds because he is known to be weaker in the late rounds. If tony came in there prepared for a striker he could have put more affective pressure on Justin instead of just blindly walking forward. The fact is he trained for khabib this fight instead of Justin. That’s what sucks about being at the top, everyone else always watching you and preparing while you prepare for only what’s in front of you.

    • UFC GymGuy says:

      @MD SANID it’s cool, cause Justin’s as Mexican as Ferguson. Justin even CLAIMS it. So keep cheering for another 🇺🇲🇲🇽.

    • JC Castillo says:

      In the other hand I saw Justin fighting more different that he usual do, he did a good fight and fought more intelligent and u can notice that in his last wins

    • jhonny nicola says:

      “He is (you know) like stupid guy”

  18. wide awake says:

    Tony saying”im glad to see you” to joe was cool🔥

  19. Shaiful Sykes says:

    still put my respect on tony , without tony there is no “woooooooooo” in UFC

  20. Burst Reviews says:

    02:00 finger not working
    02:36 realized that finger was broken through the skin.

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