UFC 249: Post-fight Press Conference

UFC 249: Post-fight Press Conference

Watch the UFC 249: Ferguson vs Gaethje Post-fight Press Conference live following the event (virtual media questions).

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68 Responses

  1. Dodo M says:

    “I always tell myself that they’re better than me”. Man, that’s modest and humble while killing the opponent.

  2. MrBawble says:

    Cejudo’s “fighter and the competitor” analogy was great

  3. Sam Viele says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard Dana talk at a press conference where he isn’t saying “What did you say?”

  4. Troll Lol says:

    Just went in huge underdog and proved himself as one of the best

  5. Jim Clarke says:

    Cejudo the type of guy to call out Rey Mysterio

  6. G Vonta says:

    This menas Fergusson vs McGregor?? In that case hell YEAH!!

    • giggityeffyou says:

      I don’t think Dana will risk that. Conors gas tank is 💩 , his chin is soft and Dana really wants to make Conor vs Khabib 2.

    • meygaag kabacalaf says:

      McGregor will be knocked out and bleed a lot in that cage.

    • Salvador Fuentes says:

      @giggityeffyou sadly this is what’s likely to happen

    • Riotrecker says:

      That’s an interesting bout that I think could go one or two ways either mcgregors uses he technical boxing to full abilities and finishes him or tony uses he’s adamantium chin for the entire match until conor gases and tony goes in and destroys him so if Conor doesn’t get him out in the 1st or 2nd round he will lose

  7. HaiLaMasa says:

    That weight cut though, Tony was not really him last night…

  8. Joel M says:

    I knew tony shouldn’t of taken this fight man. His brain is strawberry jam after this one.

    • DiamondLifer says:

      MrRemixV3 yeah sadly by that time Khabib will probably have retired. We’ll never get an answer to Khabib vs Tony.

    • Maxpower Power says:


    • DiamondLifer says:

      tyler toner yeah the only thing is UFC might have jumped over him like they did with Dustin vs Max. He should have taken the fight against Max. Whoever told him to sit that out needs to be dropped. The win over max would have elevated him and synched the Khabib match.

    • DiamondLifer says:

      Tim Davidson a 12 fight win steak against the people hes beat could never be considered a fluke. Just like Khabib’s “padded” record which his first 16 wins can’t be considered a fluke. People who have never even been in a fight much less against trained professionals need to stop talking out of school. MMA fans are getting ridiculous.

  9. flexathillcrest1 says:

    Ferguson shook his head like Gerald McClellan when he fought Nigel Ben.

  10. Mark K says:

    “Brushes his teeth with bad intentions”, nice one

  11. Thats Lit says:

    Cejudo had a graceful retirement speech until he started making baby screaming sounds 😂

  12. David Erdman says:

    I’ve never been to a UFC event, so I can imagine what it must be like. I understand that Dana missed that element of the “show”, but for me, listening to the fight with good headphones was mind-boggling [because] the crowd wasn’t there. Hearing Gaethje and Ferguson fight was incredible . . . best fight I’ve ever seen.

    • Lindyann Watson says:

      A thought that aswell

    • DiamondLifer says:

      Ilja Dementjevs I agree. Gaethje deserves it after that performance but Tony’s deserved it for years and now, chances are we’ll never see Khabib meet his greatest threat. Great fight. I just wish we would have seen it down the road after we got Tony vs Khabib answered because Tony’s age and Khabib is surely soon to retire.

    • poijupoij says:

      It’s loud. The loudest one I’ve been to was in the Skydome in Toronto. When Rory Mac was suplexing Diaz I could not hear myself yell.

  13. Noah alexander says:

    He’s just a creepy little dude 😂

  14. Gg Buddy says:

    Tony is the type of guy to shake his head no when his brain decides to shut down

  15. Electricalwork says:

    Tony’s been waiting forever for his chance and now Justin will be fighting for the belt within a couple months. 🤬

    • BigL 90sFunk says:

      I’m a giant Tony fan but it’s his fault for losing the opportunity. He should’ve known Gaethje was the only other person to give Khabib a run for his money at 155. Now it’s up to Justin👊

    • fudmucker says:

      Bro justin deserves this hes been waiting on a big fight for a while. Like Woodley, he has fought his way to where he is. Its unfortunate that Tony went out like that. I still feel Tony has a better chance against khabib than justin. But God damn Tony us one tough son of a bitch.

    • Mat F says:

      The extra weight cut fucked him up 🤣😂🤣

    • Riotrecker says:

      Well I mean he got beat I wanted him to win but don’t be sore about it

    • abbreviation of time says:

      😂 You actually think Khabib will fight Justin “within a couple of months” you are delusional

  16. ThompsonDB says:

    I would love to see Eddie Bravo vs Joe Rogan for UFC 300

  17. Manny T says:

    Just when I started liking the king of cringe he retires 😂 what a night.

  18. muff patrol says:

    40:13 Dana is so happy with himself for the event going well and ESPN saying the numbers were phenomenal. And of course they wee going to be, we’ve had so long without a fight and to come back with card like this when we’re all stuck at home with fuck all to do.

    “They should’ve listen to me 3 weeks ago” He knows what’s up, Dana has a great mind for this sport and makes great decisions. So glad to have him at the helm of the UFC!

  19. Caleb Mullner says:

    The smirk on that man’s face when he said “it did very well. They’re very happy. Should’ve listened to me last month.”

  20. Kevin Cloonan says:

    I knew Tony was fked when he went to the stool all beat up and he only had Eddie Bravo trying to give him instructions !

    • R J says:

      Yo bro. Remember what the Aliens told you that one day. You gotta chill and let the Dragon Chi take over bro. Also did you smoke weed before the match bro?

    • Nate Richeson says:

      Kevin Cloonan which round was that

    • Kevin Cloonan says:

      @Nate Richeson Im pretty sure it was after 3 or 4. Eddie was the only one in the cage and they were all silent then Eddie asked if he was OK and Tony said Yes then Eddie said your doing good

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