UFC 249: Press Conference

UFC 249: Press Conference

Ahead of UFC 249, the UFC will host a press conference with UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and challenger Tony Ferguson.

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65 Responses

  1. Z Rodri says:

    “Why do you have gloves and a baseball?”

    Tony- “Like I said, I’m a mf Hitman”


  2. Squid Ness says:

    “Who’s got the first question?” …. Oh i wonder who (Peter Griffin)

  3. James T says:

    Tony is the type of guy to check his parent’s internet history.

  4. Benj says:

    “Kevin Lee was never my friend!” – Michael Chiesa’s Mom

  5. Harlz Bramham says:

    “Really big name Khabib Nurmagomedov” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Ollie Raynes says:

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to say “take off your glasses” to a guy not wearing glasses 30:08

  7. Всё Об Америке И Не Только says:


  8. Gautam Malhotra says:

    Tony’s the type of guy to yawn while he’s sleeping.

  9. owais khan says:

    Street fight???????

    “I can eat u in street fight”

  10. Ben Branstner says:

    This was unironically the funniest press conference ever.

  11. Jon Davis says:

    I’m from Oxnard….
    Where?? Where is this Oxford
    😂😂😂😂 I’m dying of this

    • Nahum Gomez says:

      @Darren Reddix dude he is like Josh Thomson, Justin Gaethje and Jeremy Stephens. If you go to their instagrams they never put anything mexican related save for tony, cuz he like pretending. By the way he was raised by a stepdad who isnt mexican.

    • Harlz Bramham says:

      @Ahmed Tarhouni u clearly didnt watch this bro hahahaha

    • Harlz Bramham says:

      @Nahum Gomez Ummmmkaaayyyyy bruuuuhh you’re the judge on all things Mexican! Enough we get it bruhhhh

    • Harlz Bramham says:

      @Darren Reddix yes but this dude has degrees on mexicana Chicano Chit! So He’s obviously the final authority on everything mexican lol 🤣

  12. Sarang Madhani says:

    Reporter: “… And you have a … Baseball???”
    Tony: “Incase they run.”

  13. IRL Moments says:

    This is pure comedy. I’ve watched “comedians” that are multi millionaires and they couldn’t make me laugh the same way these two had me laughing. Can’t wait for this fight.

  14. Pengantar Akuntansi says:

    1:01 that slam could separate my soul from my body

  15. Violet rose says:

    “Eey eey sunglasses , who are you … fight in the street I would eat you , you’re American you don’t fight in the street “

  16. Ross Clarke says:

    “Who’s got the first question” come on Dana we all know who has the first question

  17. Chauncey sna98 says:

    Khabib got serious when Tony said u never been in a street fight 😭🤣

  18. Cloudy says:

    “I don’t talk to you either dirty cue tip”

  19. OompaLoompaFu says:

    Khabib: “I like him as fighter, but as guy, he little bit stupid, little bit negative.”
    Tony: “You’re not listening to me. All I have are negative thoughts…”

  20. ThunderHoodie Beats says:

    when a person doesnt talk alot they mean business

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