UFC 259: Jan Blachowicz vs Israel Adesanya Highlights

UFC 259: Jan Blachowicz vs Israel Adesanya Highlights

See the highlights from UFC 259: Jan Blachowicz vs Israel Adesanya highlights video from The APEX in Las Vegas.

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analysis provided by Jake Hattan

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52 Responses

  1. Bob Hattan says:

    Great fight. Whoever Jan fights next they will have their hands full. Great recap as usual keep up the great work.👍👍👍

  2. Los Lux says:

    I guess izzy was “too skinny bro” after all 😥

  3. Hydra says:

    If you listen to the commentary without watching the fight you’d think “gyno bender” won every round

  4. josephbel says:

    Izzy should stay in his weight class.

    • Suntory Time says:

      A little short? Aside from Jan’s lead leg it was mauling. Jizzy doesnt want that smoke

    • Jeffrey Woodward says:

      @Miles McCall that’s two jumps in weight, tho Izzy is still taller.

    • gundasingh adrak says:

      or he should continue in the weight class to gain the momentum,,,,,hmmmm very tough lesson for adsanya

    • SqubanY ! says:

      Brawo Jan:))

    • Toxica .l. says:

      the natural weight of adesanya is light heavy. he went to middleweight to beat the dwarfs in that division. Adesanya can only beat fighters shorter than him and of the same weight. It is a fighter scam. adesanya writhed like a snake trying to escape from the Polish lion.

  5. Jim Grieshaber says:

    Such great fighters!

  6. Roddy Ricch says:

    The commentary were all up on izzys nuts

  7. ДС ВСГ says:

    Jan Blahović & Stipe Miočić = brothers

  8. brad noneya says:

    So many Izzy fans were attacking me when I said Jan would take it 🤣🤣🤣 sowwwwyyyy

    • Osah Jackson says:

      @tim maltese yea that shit was hella annoying dude got whooped by gastlum and people saying he can whoop stipe lol in that case why doesn’t gastlum move up and fucking whoop stipe

    • Northern Yeti Gaming says:

      @TheDarkCloudNC i hope you know when you block them they take that as a win

    • John Dough says:

      If yan came down to izzy wieght class izzy would win, its an environment thing here we have an elite champion fighter thats much bigger and heavier than izzy..so he had gravity and physics on his side from the getgo..izzy never experienced fighting at that wieght, its new to him..but he did really well he did not get hurt or knocked out like reyes he went ALL the waay..i think if he fights yan again..he beats him…i think izzy beats jon jones..and i think if it was yan coming down in weight he would get his ass kicked..izzy took on a brave challenge..i keep telling you guys you come on here talking about fighters but your girl will leave you in a second to be with one of these alpha males win or loose.. especially one of the rich ones like izzy or connor..so your all the real losers..when you think of it..

    • brad noneya says:

      @John Dough you are giving Connor mcchiken nugget exuses 🤮🤣🤣 Jan took the belt bro just stop.

    • Decker says:

      @John Dough John “it’s an environment thing” Dough.
      You’re a dunce

  9. grze1357 says:

    Insane so many ppl didnt respect Jan and he land more hits than Adasanya even throw

  10. Fuzzy Ewok says:

    Hope this humbled Izzy. Stay in your place foo

  11. Podikk says:


  12. ChiefRocka says:

    4:05 Glover Tex Era lol 😂 😂

  13. the taker of knowledge says:


  14. Jimmy Dean says:

    It’s hard when your used to striking with a bigger reach advantage

  15. GageAustin0226 says:

    Jan’s warrior genetics and instinct really kicked in dude💀

  16. iDinDuNuffin says:

    “You can obviously see Izzy had the speed advantage in rd 1” *shows slide of Jan beating the shit out of him*

  17. Ben Searcy says:

    This is a preview of how it will be for Jon jones vs miocic. Miocic is to strong to good for jones.

  18. James D says:

    Was really nervous for Jan when after the second round the commentators said “izzy has dominated this fight”.. seemed to me Jan won both rounds and that the ufc just wanted very badly for izzy to win. Thought Jan would have to finish him to win at that point. So glad he won though

    • A P says:

      I was pissed at the commentary. I was yelling so loud and hard I must have cracked the walls around me

  19. Nino klevsen says:

    I love how adesanya fans are saying he took the risk against a bigger man…where was this risk when jan was being overlooked and made the underdog lol, just admit it the dude has 0 grund game in MMA if the round lasted 30 sec longer he would have been finished

    • Rainbow Dirt says:

      More like izzy cant beat men who are not small or short asf like romero kelvin whittaker izzy cant beat no tall fighter like reyes rakic prochzaka

  20. Ryan Q says:

    Jan outstruck Izzy the whole fight

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