UFC 261: Jorge Masvidal Octagon Interview

UFC 261: Jorge Masvidal Octagon Interview

Jorge Masvidal shares his thoughts on what happened in his loss to Kamaru Usman in their main event rematch at UFC 261 in Jacksonville. Saturday night marked Masvidal’s 50th professional bout.

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52 Responses

  1. Heroes Workshop says:

    Jorge should’ve given Usman the BMF title since he got KO’ed.

    • C Brown says:

      @RealReview don’t make excuses. I’m a Masvidal fan but Usman threw that same punch several times. He should’ve been looking for it. I knew that Usman wanted a KO because everyone has been talking shit about him saying he’s just a hugger. Masvidal should’ve been aware of that too. Especially, after the Burns fight.

    • todd zeile says:

      He knows Usman will not take it considering he has a real belt lol! If Jorge did that Usman should take a piss on it and give it back to him because that’s super necessary as well!!

    • Adam Murtadha says:

      @Joey Faggotor you got it.

    • Adam Murtadha says:

      @Special Boat Service-Malaysian Infantryman you welcome hater.

    • Adam Murtadha says:

      @Sky bright you sound stupid. Because Nate is bullet proof monk?

  2. The-Art-of-Guitar says:

    I think Joe tried to cut it short since he said he hated interviewing fighters that just got KO’d, but Jorge was like “nah!” haha, awesome!

    • Christopher Briscoe says:

      @Q Tip It was because of the Overeem interview where Alistair was talking about “feeling the tap”.

    • Christopher Briscoe says:

      @Herman Garcia He’ll get one if decides to keep fighting. There are only two people in the division that might keep him from it which are Thompson or Khamzat.

    • Binary Ruffian says:

      @Christopher Briscoe he’s doing much better than kamaru. jorge is worth double what usman is. Not to mention he has a belt the ufc made specifically for him, usman is nowhere near the superstar jorge is.

    • yoku wakaran says:

      joe and him are cool, dont start shit

  3. jptothetree says:

    That was definitely the best post KO speech I’ve ever heard. Hope to see him back in the win column soon!

    • coachglaspie says:

      What speech? That ko is what was epic!long live the champ UFC’s most dominant champion rite now!

    • Ervin Abrahamian says:

      He’s a great loser, true fight fans know it’s the hardest thing to be, he admitted he was overconfident and seemed full of clarity even after a brutal KO, Respect!

  4. GabsEdits says:

    Man I knew Usman was gonna strike more with Masvidal, and I hoped he would cause it would give Masvidal a better chance of winning. But damn, that was one of the most jaw-dropping moments I’ve seen in a while… seeing Masvidal put to sleep like that is something I never thought I’d see.

    • Zed OHH says:

      @Jeremy Wall this butt hurt is so so real..whaaaaaaaaa🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Anderson Silva says:

      Trust me masvidals chin has held up well over the years, I was in shock last night more then i probably should of been

    • Dienf Het says:

      @Jeremy Wall L

    • Kp Kp says:

      Believe me people think Jorge saw that punch but he didn’t as he was laughing he took his eye off usman for a split second and it cost him dearly.

    • asdknjakljye says:

      That first round went well for Usman. Tired Jorge out some. Jorge went for that knee and a punch and missed both. Risk/reward. Usman hits hard when he lands. I always thought this was going to be Masvidal winning by attrition or Usman early KO. Credit to Usman. Thought Jorge would want the win more but man Usman is a very determined fighter. No off days.

  5. LMivha says:

    The more I watch the more I’m impressed of how a fully unconscious man got up and spoke like a mosquito bit him.

    • Sir Bisping says:

      @Reality Bites he was flatlined on the canvas when the ref pulled usman off him.

    • Davy Insiri says:

      @Reality Bites What are you talking about? I love Masvidal but he was fully unconscious.

    • DJ 517 says:

      @MC 28 I agree, Connor got KO’ed by some nice shots but he certainly didn’t get knocked into the ghost realm like everyone made it out to be. How many times does someone get “flatlined” and their up with both eyes open and seeming to be fully aware of what just happened. Tough loss and not making excuses for the guy but to say McGregor was knocked unconscious is a little steep..

    • Reality Bites says:

      @MC 28 i didnt remember that i got hit and i was asking my corner if i got hit because i never saw the punch.
      When one gets unconscious, he would not have any idea where he’s at.
      In my case, i know i was in a fight but i didnt know if i got hit, all i know is that my world is spinning and i have no idea if the fight have been stopped.

    • Reality Bites says:

      @Davy Insiri   i am just telling you that when you get hit by a knockout punch, you can go unconscious like blaydes, askren, overeem and like pacquiao when he went iut against marquez or you can go “drunk” like what happened to me.
      Everything went black and i cannot move but i am aware that my world is spinning.
      When you go unconscious, you are not aware of the dizzyness, you literally take a nap aand you wont fel anything

  6. A RJ says:

    I love it when fighters take the L with no excuses. They just go back to the drawing board and reset when they hit a setback.

  7. Purge Workouts says:

    The sweat that flew off masvidals head represents the galaxy he travelled to when unconscious

  8. Manny Fresh says:

    It takes a real man to speak the way he did in that interview. My respect to Jorge. A true warrior.

  9. Juan Colon says:

    He wasn’t moving his head and I noticed that right away. Usman earned more respect in the last 2 fights then he had his whole career. Respect to that brother.

    • Joshua Will says:

      Half yall never got into a fight but swear yall know how to fight sit down clowns

    • Santiagoscu says:

      @The resurrection Men Since the fight started I saw a deconcentrated Masvidal, and I do not say it as his fan (yes, I have his photo and everything, but he disappointed me), but Jorge did not take the fight seriously how it should have been, We all know that NOBODY at welterweight will be able to take off his belt, masvidal could have done much more, but he was in another world. Flying knees? Against usman, really? Im really disappointed rn.

    • The resurrection Men says:

      Santiagoscu yeah i don’t understand biggest moment of your life an you start clowning in the octagon with the most dangerous men in the division. But yeah he is tricky enough to set something up we have seen it against till and arsken but I don’t know if we ever see him do something like that again i feel like that was him at his all time high. it will be interesting what his next fight will be I don’t think he is gonna try to climb the rankings again i think he will do 1/2 money fights and bounce. But you never know

    • Randalmcdaniel says:

      now thats he has reached lv60 he can farm purple colored enemies for more respect

    • ghost knight says:

      Masvidal king 👑 Ufc bmf the best 🗺!!!!

  10. Julia Red says:

    Remember he was fighting people in backyard for probably peanuts . I mean win or lose man that’s a hell of a journey .

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