UFC 268 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 2

UFC 268 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 2

Michael Chandler embraces the Florida heat, then packs for his trip. Justin Gaethje gets competitive in golf; teammate and champ Kamaru Usman takes Uno seriously. Champion Rose Namajunas reaps what she sows. Colby Covington hits Central Park. Presented by Gopuff, the Official On-Demand Delivery Partner of UFC 268. Order now: https://bit.ly/3EsDfwm

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50 Responses

  1. King KeNNy Slay says:

    I wanna see Justin vs Canelo in golfing.

  2. Eskify says:

    Gaethje would be the most aggressive professional golfer ever 😂

  3. Anshuman Sinha says:

    Colby: Rocky 4, training in the wild
    Usman: Rocky 3, private jet, $$$
    Rose: Rocky 1, family, Church
    Chandler: Every Rocky motivational montage
    Gaethje: Rocky post retirement playing golf lol

  4. Otis F says:

    Colby in Central Park, listening to Rocky, boxing whilst wearing an American flag bandana is the most Colby thing I’ve ever seen

  5. Robert Hull says:

    Thank God Justin is a fighter cuz that’s a horrific golf swing.

  6. Ochi says:

    Chandler speaks like he’s readying the UFC for his post-fighting commentary career

    • Bryn Gwavava says:

      Not Anik.Nop.Anik,Rogan and maybe DC will be better than him.

    • BRUCiE997 says:

      @Graham Perkins yeah I mean that’s the difference between him now and then hes kind of lost a step in his commentary but to his defense he does have the biggest podcast in the world and probably doesn’t focus on commentating as much

    • Kyle Howard says:

      “In this garage, we don’t put cars in here, we put in miles” Had me fucking DYING

    • SkillsFX says:

      The most underrated speaker in UFC is Anthony smith . So acctually what you said was wrong because speaking great English but he hasn’t gotten anything and Anthony smith speaks better than 97% of the ufc commentators

    • Scott Lucas says:

      Talks more shite than the police

  7. Blvnts says:

    michael chandler definitely writing a book about his career once he retires 🤣

  8. pohmakas33 says:

    “Hey Chandler, what time is it?”
    “This is a sanctuary of suffering, it’s time to shed demons”

  9. Darryl says:

    “It’s a garage but we don’t put cars in here, we put in miles” Chandler with the Bars lol

  10. omgurheadsgone says:

    “I mean so I usually fight twice a year. But I fought Tony in May and Khabib in October, so that was way out of the ordinary for me to fight that many times in that short of a time.” -Justin Gaethje 2:36
    That’s twice in a year Justin lmao, almost exactly 6 months apart. I want what he’s smoking.

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