UFC 268: Pre-fight Press Conference

UFC 268: Pre-fight Press Conference

Watch the UFC 268: Pre-fight Press Conference live on Thursday at 5pm ET / 2pm PT featuring main card athletes and Dana White.

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43 Responses

  1. ClashX says:

    instant classic

    • Dallas Wakish says:

      @Chucky I have yet to meet an actual Biden supporter here in real life. I know they exist because the internet. Most have mental issues and/or are fueled by hatred ignorance, and a splash of virtue signaling.

    • Phil Swift says:

      @Dallas Wakish one of my coworkers is one. He got fired though

    • Noob7gg says:

      @Chucky New York? The home of Liberals? Lol bruh you bleeding blue out here
      not like you, everyone knows Colby “bleeds” MAGA for the attention it brings. They’re selling fight, making money, fighting each other, they know each other. Unlike internet people claiming to know all about them lol let’s calm down now

    • Noob7gg says:

      @Dallas Wakish yep. 100%

    • Gavin Pidgeon says:

      @Chucky if you know anything about nyc, def not home of trump supporters

  2. All Things MMA says:

    Dana’s reaction to the shove πŸ˜‚

  3. J 3 says:

    Dana β€œIS THAT A QUESTION FOR ME?” White

  4. Ian G says:

    “You’re a virgin” made me laugh more than it should have.

  5. Ifti Alam says:

    Somehow, that shove to Colby hurt Dana. Thus, the “AHH”

  6. Jack Dup says:

    That was entertaining. Enjoyed everyone getting involved – the fighters, reporters, crowd, and Dana.

  7. Bang says:

    I love how Dana tries so hard not to laugh in the first 10 minutes

  8. man frombritain says:

    I feel really bad for weili if she gets booed again, she seems like a genuine good person. Hate the CCP, not Chinese people

    • Joseph Bauman says:

      As American I actually want to cheer for Rose but I can’t stand the colorado team with boko Kamaru, and Miglo that sides with Ali. So I guess I have to root for Weili.

    • Ismail Ilmi says:

      Getting booed shouldn’t do anything for a fighters mental. If Weili is fighting at the highest level she needs to improve her mental as well. The fans can’t improve or decrease your performance. They can fo sho give you energy but it’s how you react to the booes that make the fighter. It’s all part of the game. She said that her mindset has improved so i’m sure she’ll be fine. Kamaru was booed when he fought Masvidal and his performance was flawless.

    • The Menagerie says:

      @Ismail Ilmi its not just the performance, she doesn’t deserve to be booed

  9. Hugh Leigh says:

    “Chandler how to you feel about this atmosphere”
    Chandler: “You know the energy in this room give me fuel for Saturday. Fuel I will use to achieve my destiny. Fuel I will use to provide for my family. The same fuel that drives me, emotionally, spiritually, sexually, spiritually.”

  10. 1422 NV says:

    Reporter: Chandler what do you think about this fight?
    Chandler: U keep your thoughts to yourself. When you find that dark place that hunts you down before a fight, you need to reflect how you can overcome all obstacles by yourself through the blood, sweat and tears that comes along.

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