UFC 270 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

UFC 270 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

Champions Francis Ngnanou and Brandon Moreno get fresh haircuts for fight week. Deiveson Figueiredo recovers in a hyperbaric chamber. Interim king Ciryl Gane readies to face a former teammate to unify the heavyweight title. UFC 270 is on Saturday, January 22.

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50 Responses

  1. Anonymous User says:

    Francis already got the embedded haircut curse now it’s up to uncle chael who wins😂

  2. Angad Singh says:

    i have really missed the ufc. thank you for coming back, one month felt like forever

    • Quasimodo says:

      Casual doesn’t watch the fight nights

    • Chris Prad says:

      @George Washington facebook is owned by mark zuccerberg who’s a capitalist

    • Aman says:

      @JC Denton Last week’s card was nice, every UFC fan should’ve watched it for sure. But the dude said he “missED” the UFC. Not “I miss it” We all know it’s back already but maybe he just wanted to talk about December and how he’s happy it’s back 🤷‍♂️

    • JC Denton says:

      @Aman Maybe idk, but like I said. I could care less if someone’s a causal fan or not?? We all watch these fight Ethier for passion or our entertainment.

    • Aman says:

      @JC Denton I guess so man, who do you got for this weekend?

  3. Mary Mcbay says:

    Love Moreno’s positive, jolly attitude to life! He’s such a genuine, humble champ! I liked Figueredo is very talented, feeling like Moreno will beat him again! Best of luck to both men!

  4. The Satisfied Customer says:

    2 amazing heavyweights. The sport just keeps getting better.
    Roll on the fights 💪

  5. Jan Hering says:

    You know francis has some power when the coach needs two body pads and still feels the punches coming through

  6. Tyler Mitchell says:

    These guys all seem like they’re enjoying there time but Brandon really has this crazy positive energy. you gotta love it.

  7. William Chegeni says:

    I have a feeling Francis knows something we don’t…he looks way too chill! Love Bon Gamin but everyone knows you lose at least once to the final boss on your first attempt!

  8. mmadigest says:

    Wholesome moment between Ngannou and Cejudo 4:09

  9. tony jello says:

    These two big boys are bringing life back to the heavyweight division. Speed Vs Power. May the best man win!

  10. Just a Van & his Man says:

    The way those kids looked at Ngannou was priceless, it was like they were looking at a superhero! Then his reaction made it even better. 😊🤣 So pumped! Gonna be a great night boys! Moreno! Moreno! Moreno!

    • Christine Joiner says:

      @Ig they looked at him and said he’s super human

    • Ryan Abuzahra says:

      It’s going to look priceless when he gets knocked out too

    • Nytusova Hlava says:

      @Zenepaxla I acctually lean for Figgy to win , but really confidence isn’t by no means a bad thing , nothing indicates that hes overlooking Figgy so it should be a great fight and let the best man win

    • Freedo says:

      @Zenepaxla moreno cannot be compared to chikadze in the slightest, moreno can be confident all he wants but that can’t be compared to whether giga was overly confident two totally different things

    • Zenepaxla says:

      @Freedo u just bullshiting ur point does not even make sense, Giga was thinking he is high shit talking about championship fights I see Morano has this big image about himself too. I cashed the Calvin win big and I am going to do same here

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