UFC 272: Post-Fight Press Conference

UFC 272: Post-Fight Press Conference

Watch the UFC 272 Post-fight Press Conference live following the event.

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51 Responses

  1. OldSchool Online says:

    0:00 Bryce Mitchell
    19:04 Dana White
    39:10 RDA
    55:33 Masvidal
    1:21:31 Colby Covington

  2. ThePaperyBull says:

    Good on Colby for showing support to Cain Velasquez

  3. Julian Mora says:

    John: (asks a question)
    Colby: (ten pushups John)
    John: (congrats)
    Manz didn’t even bother with it 🤣🤣🤣

  4. ΝΙΚΟΣ ΜΗΤΣΗΣ says:

    Imagine if John actually have a 3 months camp, do his 10 pushups and then Colby be like “20 pushups John”

  5. Jamian Wolfe says:

    Bryce Mitchell impressed the hell out of me last night. Both in the cage and out. Pure class. It’s a breath of fresh air in the MMA community. THUG NASTY!!

  6. cam jaraad says:

    I’m not a Colby fan but I knew this would happen. Colby has always been able to freeze strikers with the level change threats, his defense/chin, and his conditioning. This fight reminded me of the Lawler fight pacing wise

    • Farhang Emamifar says:

      The fight was fixed bro. Watch the fight again with that in mind.

    • Tyler D says:

      I thought the same looked identical to lawler

    • CruzDaPlug says:

      Agreed, hate Covington but he’s too technical and talented everywhere

    • Thomas Lunde says:

      @Kenneth Holloway “he has cardio that is not often seen from any human being alive” Dude, there are plenty athletes that would make Colby look like a schoolkid in terms of cardio. His cardio is great but not that super unique as you are implying.

    • Reece Howell says:

      @NotOften Told Wrestlers don’t need to finish you they just need to dominate you gas & tire you out. The fight was not a split decision it was a unanimous decision.

  7. PraiseHimNow says:

    Colby looked like he could have gone another 5 rounds. Insane gas tank

    • Hehateme says:

      @B JJ ..You just big mad your boy got his A** whooped for 5 rounds…..LOL

    • wipemysmile says:

      @Johnny Pockets Colby has the backne. I saw it clear as day right after the fight when he had his back to the camera and his arms resting on the cage. They are all are on steroids. Never forget usada works for the ufc not the other way around and they only exist to create the illusion of checks and balances but money talks and bullshit walks.

    • kidwave1 says:

      The Covington-Masvidal STAGED SPARRING MATCH, was an EMBARRASSMENT! That fight is THEE REASON that I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER watch or support the UFC EVER AGAIN!
      Colby could have finished that fight 50 times AND DIDNT! I have never seen such a horribly STAGED FAKE fight in my entire life! What a JOKE! FLICK YOU DANA WHITE!

    • Voice of Reason says:

      but none of them would be very exciting because he lacks power

    • GeT RekT says:

      Dustin the kind of guy to go to Jamaica to smoke weed, bc he thought it’s legal there because Bob Marley is from there…

      Want to fight in street, yeah sure , Dustin even aftaid to smoke weed…

  8. Karl Nufc says:

    Bryce honestly might just be one of my favourite fighters, He’s well spoken and respectful, Obviously fights need hype, But on some occasions fights don’t, I’ve seen both sides.

  9. silverchoas369 says:

    I love everything about Bryce. He’s a great soul and I’m gonna be a fan for his whole career. Great job man.

    • Mr says:

      @Novium Thompson this was his first fight since 2020 so where exactly have you seen the growth in popularity? Most people who aren’t well known don’t get more popular after a 1yr+ absence so I guess I’m wondering how you determined that? I’m not taking away from his abilities as fighter because he obviously ran through his opponent lastnight but it’s shown time and time again the nice guy routine isn’t the best promotion for fights it will grow old.

    • Novium Thompson says:

      @Mr but his popularity has grown over the last few fights so its working and it’s a different view…and it’s working

    • Nifty Mitts says:

      @Lil Savage Ariel’s puppet here

    • Mr says:

      @Lil Savage 100% agree that shit doesn’t sell fights in the UFC.

    • Lil Savage says:

      Dude is sappy, way too nice, and needs to keep his religious views to himself. Love to watch him fight, it’s a snooze fest whenever he speaks though. Dude needs to stay away from microphones and interviews at all costs!!!

  10. WorkingClass Patriot says:

    Bryce you guys get into the cage and show how deadly, how dangerous, and what a top tier MMA fighter can do to punish another man intent on punishing him, but tonight’s post right interview showed how humble, how kind, how selfless,and how a person’s strength of character can be more inspiring than the things he did in the octagon. I’m so glad Dana wants to give to charity so that you might be able to enjoy more of the purse you won and I’m thinking that just like me —— EVERYONE tonight is floored by not how much punishment you could hand out and take, but how really good a guy you are. Keep it up Bryce—– you are a good man brother.

    • Corey Michael says:

      Very well said. I never thought much about Bryce in TUF competition, but it seemed I was only focusing on his fighting ability instead of the character within the man. So many people from all walks of life could learn so much from his humility. Great guy and an amazing fighter who keeps levelling up after each bout.

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