UFC 274: Post-Fight Press Conference

UFC 274: Post-Fight Press Conference

Watch the UFC 274 Post-fight Press Conference live following the event.

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34 Responses

  1. Brandon D'Eon Music says:

    Charles took out Gaethje faster and more aggressively than Khabib did and apparently this was the “best version of Justin Gaethje”. Congrats to Oliveira.

    • I don't Know says:

      @Cbiz i was quoting what some people were saying in the comments “waterboy”

    • Mike Coxlong says:

      @Trojan Sasori He couldn’t tap out justin in the first because the round ended

    • Cbiz says:

      @I don’t Know knocked down LOL and justin never even came into his guard FOR ANYTHING! when charles got back up he was fine go sit in the corner bro you dont train mma you a waterboy. Justin has a looping right hand and a half calf kick LOL khabibs leg was mangled might i add.

    • I don't Know says:

      All the experts at work again.. y’all comparing Ghaetje vs khabib to Ghaetje vs Charles.. “Charles got knocked down twice”. “Khabib needed 1 round more to finish Justin”. Like seriously? That’s how you guys decide who would win if they fought each other? 😆

  2. Cali Breeze says:

    Michael Chandler and Charles Oliveira are very likable people for their humility, genuine kindness towards helping their families and communities and the excitement they bring to the sport. UFC has some great stars here and it is great to see the message they are portraying with their presence in the sport.

    • George Washington says:

      I liked mma a lot more when females were not allowed to participate.

      Fighting is a *man’s* sport.

  3. Jurnee Leia says:

    Congratulations Chales Oliveira!! Love your humility.. Certainly the Peoples Champion and a true credit to your family. Awesome!! Also just love you DC.. Another credit to yourself and your family!! Worthy addition to the Hall of Fame.. Thankyou for your career!

    • George Washington says:

      *“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”*

      *― Ronald Reagan*

  4. jamako says:

    Listening to Rose after this fight, I really have to ask what her corner told her between rounds. They’re there to be clear-headed and let their fighter know when something is wrong, what were they doing? Honestly, this fight should not have had a winner. Neither of them did anything of significance. This could’ve been a duo Zumba session for all that happened.

    • Mark Carthy says:

      @Robert Percival Carla controlled the octagon. She did slightly more than fuck all and it won her the belt.

    • George Washington says:

      Our Republic is blessed to have outstanding Patriots such as Tom Fitton, James O’Keefe, Dinesh D’Souza, Roman Balmakov, AwakenWithJP, Salty Cracker, Charlie Kirk, Mark Dice, and Dr. Steve Turley, to bring *truth* to the American people.

      *“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”*

      *― Ronald Reagan*

    • J Green says:

      @Robert PercivalRose lost, being champ doesnt earn you some unfair advantage in close fights. If she wanted to keep the belt she should’ve done more. By definition and according to the rules, Rose was BEAT and DEFEATED.

    • Christopher Mozdzen says:

      @Matthew Bellknap Pat Berry sucks so bad. Rose lost the fight because of his terrible advice. Witman was not any better. Those guys both suck right now.

  5. Bruno Miranda says:

    I see Justin was not in the press conference, I guess he did not want to get asked about tapping out to a guy he called a quitter.

    • Husar Munchie says:

      @Londinium Armoury Did you get your feeling hurt? I rooted for Olivera but just stating the fact that one of the comment say he quit. There’s a difference between quitting and tapping. If the comment I reply to say he quit then Conor quit twice, that make Gaethje comment about quitting correct.

    • ChromePvP says:

      @Pedro Hippocaus I just love how all you “pros” In The YT comment section are with judging people like gaethje. Him and several other fighters explained the difference between quitting and tapping and y’all still don’t get it. They are the right game , not you randoms. They’re right , not you butt hurt fan boys.

    • ChromePvP says:

      @Ken Osiel that’s not the same. He trained how to get out and it worked. He knew there was still a chance and he proved it.

    • Lone Ranger says:

      Rose gave her belt away , Pat Barry was giving her terrible instructions in the corner. Pat Barry kept telling Rose she was doing great instead of telling her to throw her hands.

    • Jeff Roach says:

      @Mr. Skeleton quitting is what Amanda Nunes did tapping is admiting you got me dead to Rights……you don’t see any difference there? I personally see a big one gaethje wasn’t getting out of that choke no matter what

  6. Tucson Maui says:

    Crazy to think Charles rocked Justin with his very first and very last punch he landed in the fight 😱

  7. Pickle Rick says:

    The aura that Charles has around him these days is frightening.

    He’s the real deal and even if he is vulnerable to getting knocked down, that in itself plays in to his hands as he’ll just submit you if you come rushing in.

  8. Maria Sweety Hotgirl - Vlogs says:

    The fight actually got entertaining when all DC and Joe were doing was arguing if it was as bad as other really lackluster fights. After all the talk about WHAT IF Carla won, and seeing how confident Rose and Pat were then when Bruce said “AND NEWWW”, I started crying laughing 🤣🤣☠️☠️

  9. SIKWITIT says:

    2 title defenses now for Charles in my eyes! I’m glad he had that mindset he was there to DEFEND the title. The champion has a name!!! It is Charles Oliveira! You gotta respect this guy! Stop questioning his abilities and his heart!!!

    • Kiab Toom Lauj says:

      The BS the UFC pulls against fighters from other countries are just that: BS. Notice that they keep babbling Leon’s been “inactive” for too long and if he didn’t fight some unknown, unranked mostly hyped train, that they’d take him out of the ranking? And they did, briefly… until Leon relented on fighting the unranked Khamzat.

      But up to that point — from 2015 to 2021 — both Colby and Leon each only had 11 fights…

      Yet, they used Alternate Reality BS to make it sound like Leon fought only 5 times during all those years.

      But they’ve said NOTHING about Colby being taken out of the ranking, if he didn’t fight Leon, Luque, Burns, Belal or now #3 Khamzat. Not a word about stripping Colby, who is now doing virtual WWE about him and Masvidal’s manufactured nonsense.

    • Andrew Villa says:

      @Jonathan Bustillos the champion has a name and his name is Charles 🫒

    • Andrew Villa says:


    • Eric says:

      rules are rules this isn’t Brazil

    • HIGHTS says:


  10. Justin Franks says:

    Someone needs to explain to me how in the fuck Charles Oliveira hits so damn hard… He rocks… EVERYBODY!!

    • jimbo ok says:


    • George Washington says:

      Our Republic is blessed to have outstanding Patriots such as Tom Fitton, James O’Keefe, Dinesh D’Souza, Roman Balmakov, AwakenWithJP, Salty Cracker, Charlie Kirk, Mark Dice, and Dr. Steve Turley, to bring *truth* to the American people.

      Governor Ron DeSantis is America’s top governor. 🇺🇲

      *“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”*

      *― Ronald Reagan*

    • Shaun Bat says:

      Cheerios for breakfast

    • Wrestling82 says:

      Because he didn’t cut enough muscle mass for 155

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