UFC 284 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 2

UFC 284 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 2

Champ Alexander Volkanovski trains for five rounds and travels in style. Champion Islam Makhachev relaxes on the water. Randy Brown and Josh Emmett sightsee.

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35 Responses

  1. Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV! says:

    Man what I like about Volk is that all this training is going to pay off in the fight, he doesn’t get intimidated by the pressure of what’s at stake so he will fight his heart out.

    • YouTube Connolly family says:

      @k3kz either way I’m sure Rodriguez versus Emmett will be a banger

    • YouTube Connolly family says:

      @k3kz I think that’s why everyone is so excited about this fight because we have the chance to witness the impossible happen even though it’s almost certain it won’t, but obviously there’s a chance to witness it. That’s why I am very excited. Just to see him possibly win. If not, I agree I hope it lasts at least three rounds, and makes it a good fight.

    • Sun Smouthh says:

      @Leg3ndKilla687 all for nothing? Volk said himself this is to challenge himself and it’s already made him a better fighter. This is his biggest challenge yet, have you ever challenged yourself or do you just couch camp and flame others for trying? Pinhead.

    • Leg3ndKilla687 says:

      It’ll be all for nothing.

      But I admire his will. He won’t have a choice this time tho. He will rule 145 for long time tho

    • k3kz says:

      Volk is such a great guy and even a better fighter. I hope he will last for 3 rounds. In the end Islam will ragdoll him anyways and anyone who isnt completly delusional knows that.

  2. Eduardo Saravia says:

    Man, VOLK always trains like a beast. Islam and Volk are going to show up and put on a huge fight. Props to both champs.

    • Vey Narbz says:

      Islam better hope he can put him away in under 3 rounds. Then he’ll be in trouble.

    • Plug🔌🎶 says:


    • Dangerleafs62 says:

      @sun leo Islam’s cardio is miles better? Volk went 15 rounds with the cardio king (max) and looked fresh. People keep looking at what Islam is gona do, but what if Volk can scramble, get back to his feet and pierce Islam up early and wear him down. He’s sent his last 3 opponents to hospital

    • sun leo says:

      @Ty DuPont Islams cardio is better & Islam is levels beyond Ortega

    • Daniel Bras says:

      @Itachi Uchiha Its not mentality lmfao Islam is at a massive physical advantage and strategic advantage

  3. Cold Editz.10 says:

    Randy Brown always comes across well and is a great fighter. His fight with Jack Maddalena is flying under the radar should be a class fight, hard one to call 👊

  4. Ben McReynolds says:

    I love the teamwork and friendship support that Volk has. They really know how to do things right and make the most out of life while they do such a challenging thing in life. Volk has great cardio & motivation

  5. White Buffalo says:

    i’m sure there’s lots we don’t see behind the scenes, and that most fighters training regimens are ridiculously difficult, but the one i recall being craziest was gilbert burns’- and here, volk’s looks to be similarly difficult.

    • Mad Gavin says:

      I remember watching Burns’ training session. I got exhausted watching it, man’s an extremely hard worker. Its a great indicator that these MMA fighters are not normal people, they’re built different from the rest of us.

  6. Pasta Man says:

    I love these 2 fighters. 2 different styles, but both masters of their craft.

  7. AR says:

    These two episodes low-key some of the best embedded episodes in a LONG time, excited for the rest

  8. Isaiah says:

    I’m rooting for Volk because that would be some insane history. There is something to appreciate though about the Dagestanis. Living a very practical life. Always dressed down and ready to do things. Adventuring to see new things. Cool buildup for both fighters.

  9. Qasim ANwar says:

    UFC needed to push this more. Both champs deserve respect.

  10. MVProfits says:

    These UFC embedded are always awesome, but they should also use training camp footages when fighters are going hard, and not just last week weight cut workouts. This intro and outro with Volk was perfect: super tough workout, glimpse of the rewards.

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