UFC 285: Jon Jones vs Cyril Gane Highlights

UFC 285: Jon Jones vs Cyril Gane Highlights

See the highlights from UFC 285: Jon Jones vs Cyril Gane Highlights video from Las Vegas, NV.

Jones vs Gane

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analysis provided by Jake Hattan

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38 Responses

  1. MMAWeekly.com says:

    Which Heavyweight out do you think can beat Jon Jones?

  2. Kung-Fu Kenny Family says:

    Been watching jones since I was 14. I’m now 27 and this guy is still destroying people. Literally has ran through 4 Generations

  3. Yeah_Sounds Good. says:

    Holy cow. I knew jones was bigger but seeing him now and then seeing past footage of him. He looks like a monster now.

  4. Dominique Lewis says:

    Honestly I’m not surprised. I remember watching his first 3 fights and it is evident he’s blessed with a warriors gift

  5. Kung-Fu Kenny Family says:

    Jon Jones has both the greatest peak of any fighter ever(2011-2015), and the best longevity of any fighter ever. No debate🐐

  6. Chuck Buskee says:

    I love the way Jones took him down. Got him by the back and just powered him down. He’s really gotten stronger in the past 3 years.

    • OG Wei Xian says:

      @GeneralKayoss dude get a job at the UFC headquarters

    • GeneralKayoss says:

      Not what he did at all. Once he got behind him, Gane was both leaning and pushing forward trying to resist, so instead of pulling, Jon switched to high control and used his own power against him.

  7. J GLB says:

    I really appreciate your choice in the very first clip you showed on Jon. Not sure if it was intentional but just look at the pure joy on his face and also it’s real easy to see what he said for only him to hear , but all the fans to feel.

  8. psyche says:

    Daniel Cormier going “What did he tap to?” While everyone was cheering and losing their minds haha you can tell Daniel still doesn’t like Jon and was rooting for Gane.

    • Dad Eee says:

      @Vincent Salamatino yea this is how I see it, from their angle it was hard to see what happened when it went that quick, Daniel I think understands jones is good, he just didn’t understand what happened lol

    • wreckim says:

      It was fixed. Jones is worth a couple of hundred million to Dana. I’m pretty sure Amanda Nunez would have landed at least ONE punch. Jeez.

    • torontonacl says:

      He couldn’t see from the angle he was sitting

    • PK says:

      True, dc is kinda petty for a supposed adult

  9. User not found says:

    Took Jones longer to get in to the octagon than it did to finish Gane, jammed up toe & all. Jones a NY🐐

  10. Scott Heaton says:

    Gane was crazy to just put his arms down and lean his head forward like that. Like he thought he could power his way to his feet from against the cage like that.

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