UFC 287 RECAP: Israel Adesanya DEFEATS Alex Pereira in 2nd Round TKO + Masvidal RETIRES | CBS Sports

UFC 287 RECAP: Israel Adesanya DEFEATS Alex Pereira in 2nd Round TKO + Masvidal RETIRES | CBS Sports

Luke Thomas of the Morning Kombat joins CBS Sports HQ to recap UFC 287.


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26 Responses

  1. Vernon Hardapple says:

    yeah i thought of Marquez vs Pacquiao 4 as well. I was worried for Alex between rounds when he was almost yelling at his corner and not listening to them. Then he was over aggressive, Izzy played possum like only a great can do, and countered and knocked him out. I was rooting for Alex but that was an amazing KO by Izzy and he is def an all time great.

    • Akamyson says:

      You got it right! Pereira got played by Izzy ! There was virtually no need for Izzy to cover up like he did! He just did that for pereira to let his guard down and then wham! Game over.

    • Alex Williamson says:

      I thought of Austin Vs the rock since that all ufshe is anymore. Gay fake fights

    • Anthony Hà says:

      Yeah, Izzy knew the kind of killer finishing instinct Alex has, and totally used it against him by showing signs of weakness and retreat (covering up and cowering against the cage) only to explode with probably the hardest punch he’s thrown in MMA.

  2. rustytimemachine says:

    It was definitely not just a TKO 😂

  3. jason ramos says:

    This has to be the most satisfying fight for adesanya fans. Everyone was just hating & clowning on him. We all believed he would come out victorious but DAMN, what a statement, and a big fuck you to all the haters.

    • jason ramos says:

      @Tee Oh agreed my friend.

    • Tee Oh says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself! I was genuinely concerned about Izzy after his last match with Pereira. I was hoping he wouldn’t let the fact that he had lost to him 3(?) times before, make him lose his killer instincts. I don’t care what other fights happen this year, THIS is the “Fight of The Year” for me!

  4. Earthling Swing says:

    Izzy taught us a valuable lesson. You can slay your Goliath. Fortify your mind. Believe in yourself. Focus. Win.

  5. Jake Miron says:

    Well lets not forget Khamzat barley makes weight at 175. If he can make 185, that would be an awesome fight for Izzy.

  6. Angela Hobbs says:

    Return of the UFC Mack!! Congrats Isreal I knew you’d get ur power & belt back! I’ve been watching, waiting, & folllowing…Grand job!! 💯❤️🔥🥊🏆

  7. Jevon Robinson says:

    This was not a TKO. He was unconscious

  8. Stories R us. says:

    Damn, IZZY just taught me persistency is key. He kept losing to Alex until he finally won.

  9. Heather Gray says:

    😂 My man said “winning” against Till and “doing what he did” to Askren💀💀

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