UK braces for Oprah interview with Prince Harry and wife Meghan

UK braces for Oprah interview with Prince Harry and wife Meghan

The British royal family is bracing itself for a highly anticipated interview between Prince Harry, his wife Meghan Markle and Oprah Winfrey.

In a clip that was released earlier, Meghan accuses the royals of perpetuating falsehoods about the couple. Just as that happened, the Palace said it was investigating bullying claims levelled against the duchess by former staffers.

The couple stepped down as working royals to pursue a new life in the United States last year.

Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker reports from London, UK.

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56 Responses

  1. Jerry 85g says:

    What episode of The Crown is this?

  2. Hope Algeo says:

    Enough of the dumb commentary, where’s the full intv?

  3. Musa Kamara says:

    I’m here for this tea

  4. ebonywahine says:

    What happened to the Palace ind depth investigation of Prince Andrew and Epstein? Oh yeah that’s right, there wasn’t one!

    • hoedemakerbart says:

      Still think coronavirus was launched because epstein thing came out and his link with royalty and Bill Clinton and the english royalty. For distraction

    • Debbie Lawson says:

      @Aurora Borealis DITTO ..Billy Boy was onthe plane, at Epsteins Island and Epstein’s gal Maxwell was at his daughter’s wedding. As far as Meghan is concerned she couldn’t hack it as a Royal and HARRY didn’t prepare her for what it entails ..They want the money and the titles but entails control in a tight family..They both bit off more.than they could chew ..When all else fails use the race card..Notice Oprah didn’t ask Megjan about her family and the fact Meghan has nothing to do with them except her mother . This was a total hit piece on the Royals and Oprah made 7mil more to add to her billions.

    • Anon Anon says:

      Yeah of course a black woman is saying this. Your all worshipping meghan, she doesn’t ride for you. She isn’t ur ‘sister’, she’s a biracial woman who called herself ‘white’, for 99% if her career. She isn’t perfect

    • Sanj S says:

      What does that have to do with Meghan the actress

    • Ian Umpil says:

      @Kerry O’Riordan Well-said, the issue of meghan is bullying palace staff which must be investigated rightfully

  5. Geneviève Chap says:

    can’t wait for the NEW KING JOSEPH GREGORY HALLETT to take is throne and kick the usurper out

  6. Foxesarefoxy 3 says:

    Family Feud: Royal Edition.

    • Jonny McNair says:

      It appears that this selfish self obsessed idiot has feuds with her own family let alone the ROYALS. Her ex husband tells you what she is like … a crazy self obsessed control freak. It Harry who make me sick the fool. Under the thumb idiot.

    • DrJames Davies says:

      @Nidhi Krishna Queen Victoria was the Empress of India. So it’s their money, not the Indians’

    • DrJames Davies says:

      @Jonny McNair Harry is the absolute shame of the royal family. I have just one word for him: LEAVE!

    • staunch2207 says:

      @ST English ,sorry! Brit is a word only english use .

    • I. says:


  7. smoketinytom says:

    Braces….. Most of us are asleep.

  8. Sing1song says:

    Come here and go straight to the comments😀

  9. Brau García says:

    Can at least also start the investigation process against Andrew why always attacking Meghan

    • C Leong says:

      They already did. The queen took every rights and titles and money from Andrew. He is no longer supported by royals. Andrew chose silence and do not appear. Meghan in other hand kept on showing up in media and attacking and complaining how hard her royal life is. It wasn’t very royal to complain if you have problem or etc. The British culture and upbringing are brought up differently from Americans. They are not straightforward. And also as royal and public figure, they cannot complain publicly. Meghan attack first. The queen had to protect her firm. And the public is also involved because they also pay tax for her security and titles she gained from. These are not only the gifts from queen. Meghan attacked first. So you have to hear from other side of the story. You see actual royal life is not always greener. It does have problems, limitation, arranged marriage, or etc.

    • ello there luv says:

      @C Leong source: trust me bro

    • Juan Catalan says:

      @C Leong Because only Royals can attack people

    • KDP says:

      We are waiting for the main witness – Ghislaine Maxwell – to tell the truth. Let’s hope she does.

    • Dan De Lion says:

      @C Leong You can say what you want but they have killed Diana and they probably will kill “Meegan” too after the dust settles.
      The stuff you’ve mentioned above is no reason to justify murder.

  10. Grace Camille says:

    They did disclose their baby was a girl

  11. just me says:

    Yah ok . Rich people whining . Yawn

  12. Constance Jackson says:

    Bringing up Diana’s tell all and her death after mentioning Megan’s tell all. I mean What ?

    • Anon Anon says:

      They’re getting desperate, without the public support (which Meghan will never have) they are nothing.

  13. michael merrick says:

    i was shocked to learn that Meghan was on “Deal or No Deal” in a glamour non speaking eye candy role. To think that a struggling actress is now married to British royalty – is that the role of a lifetime or what! (good for her). As far as her personality, it’s hard to know who to believe – the British press, who appear to hate her, or the American press, which is mildly supportive of her. Someone please clear this mess up.

  14. Kamille Marie Guillermo says:

    Can anybody share a link on where i can watch the whole interview? I missed the live airing 🥺

  15. Mr. Red says:

    For a moment l thought 0prah was interviewing Alanis Morrisette.😁

  16. tinfoil hat says:

    Any royal interview i m really interested is the interview of so called prince Andrew by the FBI

  17. Isabel Alves says:

    I really hope that nothing to happen to her after Oprah Winfrey interview 🙏

  18. Latina Abroad says:

    Oprah’s body language says “Yes, you know” when Meg says “I don’t know….” 😂🤣

  19. Aiyam Ghey says:

    Royal, schmoyal. What a bunch of BS to pollute the airwaves.

  20. The Front Porch says:

    Very few people on this side of the pond give a hoot about the “royals”.

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