UK Leaves The EU, #Brexit Wins!!!

UK Leaves The EU, #Brexit Wins!!!

Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks discusses the #Brexit from VidCon 2016.

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20 Responses

  1. g13iceman says:

    I have a feeling a lot of changes brought about by your revolution will not
    be desirable. this is what happens when you let children make the important

  2. TheGodYouWishYouKnew says:

    Liberals, for a long time, convinced people that protecting borders,
    language and culture wasn’t important. It’s impressive that they were able
    to do it for as long as they had. However, when the results are in and
    people see the disaster that it causes, guilt starts to fade away and
    common sense inevitably returns.

  3. Prabs S says:

    Im moving to canada

  4. Israr Hussain says:

    I am sorry you think .we aren’t all right wing.England did not have enough
    stuff to go around, I.e, schools, health care ,space ,housing,jobs. We
    really had no (choice). Some thing had to give.

  5. Dominic Taylor says:

    Northern Ireland and Scotland who were a majority in wanting to remain in
    the EU have had their democratic wills taken from them once again from the
    English people. Talk all over the news of Scotland and Northern Ireland now
    opening up doors to leaving the UK.

  6. Rashad “Dj Shad” Patterson says:

    I might be stupid ,but what does EU mean?

  7. Ashley11051991 says:

    While I assume that the government will abide by the outcome of the vote,
    the referendum per se does not mean that Britain HAS LEFT the EU. It is not
    legally binding, just some kind of “advice”.
    I’m mentioning that because the sentence of this report (“The UK has left
    the EU.”) made me cringe.

  8. TheDisproof says:

    This is terrible news. I voted remain, so did almost everyone I know. Here
    comes the recession.

  9. samdog166 says:

    Being from the UK and voting for a left wing leave, it’s probably worth
    people in america taking a look at Lexit. It’s not too bad, certainly more
    socialist than the EU

  10. Crimson King says:

    its not racism if they voted because they wanted to stop the overflow of
    immigrants, Islam is a religion, and one of intolerance
    its not bigotry if you know someone who has been raped, murdered, or
    and calling a nationalist, a fascists just makes you look like more of an

    stop it leftest regressives, you’re making humanity look bad.

  11. Andrew Mendiola says:

    Funny how all the American conservatives just had to make this big event
    about them. Pretty soon this will become a trend and America will start
    doing it until every single state becomes its own country.

  12. Brian Lutz says:

    Pretty ironic how the Americans had to fight a war for democracy while the
    British got a vote

  13. B Pringle says:

    The poor in the UK have been forgotten, the gap between the rich and the
    poor is widening. Today British people smacked politics in the face.

  14. They Have A Cavetroll says:

    Technically they didn’t actually leave. They voted in favor of leaving.
    The bureaucracy will do the actual leaving in a few months.

  15. southrules says:

    They’ll just spend the next 30 years trying to get back into the EU

  16. James Steer says:

    Yea but there is a petition being signed online by people wanting a second
    Referendum lol

  17. bonedog3000 says:

    Small correction: It was the New Democratic Party (NDP) that won the most
    recent provincial elections in Alberta Canada, not the Liberals.

  18. natasha pickett says:

    Why are people going on about xenophobia when it’s got more to do with
    that. Otherwise why would other EU countries want to leave as well?
    Brussels are now panicking because they know they have to do something and
    reform the EU before other the exit of other countries become a reality.

    Of course that doesn’t mean I am not deeply disappointed by the fact that
    we are leaving, but that doesnt mean i think people should be so hateful to
    the leave voters. Firstly, people say that they are hateful and since when
    was it a great idea to fight hate with hate? And secondly, even more
    importantly, I don’t blame the voters because it should never have been our
    choice! We are not paid way too much money and given loads of benefits to
    run our country and most of us do not have degrees or even A Levels in
    politics. That’s why we dont try to run the country and instead we elect
    people who ARE paid and privileged. And to add to that, both campaigns were
    misleading and quite frankly pathetic anyway.

    The most important fact, though, is that if David Cameron hadn’t allowed a
    referendum this wouldn’t have happened, and an MP wouldn’t have died on a
    British street in broad daylight. He created and allowed this mess and so
    he shouldn’t be allowed to resign until he’s cleaned up after himself.
    Unless of course the Queen blames him too and is the one to have pressured
    him in to it, which I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened to be honest

  19. BloodMoneyLLC says:

    The Brexit vote has caused the banks to tumble in the stock market. If the
    banks are having a bad day, then I’m having a pretty good day. :)

  20. EpicHeracross says:

    What I want to know is how did hating *Illegal* Immigrants, turned in to
    hating all immigrants according to some people?