Ukrainian soldier guarding Kyiv has only fired 16 rounds in his life

Ukrainian soldier guarding Kyiv has only fired 16 rounds in his life

Many citizens are fleeing Kyiv as Russian troops fight to surround the city.

Sky News spoke to one inexperienced 21-year-old soldier who is guarding a bridge into the city.

He told Sky News Chief Correspondent Stuart Ramsay he has only fired 16 rounds in his life.

For the latest developments on Ukraine:

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39 Responses

  1. Military Update says:

    salute to the people who seem not afraid and look calm like there is no war. they seemed to be walking quietly.

    • William Cozbie says:

      @O4aRIPJ4 4 it doesn’t reach our front door if we keep our noses out of it.
      People are scared because they are listening to people who have a vested interest in us being scared, turn the telly off for a while.

    • Wizard Fate says:

      Politicians around the globe talk, peasants around the globe loss their lives and yet have to pay more from their tax contributions for a higher costs of living, nothing benefits a fool peasants from war in any part of the world. peasants around the globe have to become unity and stop being foolish and stop taking sides. Geese’s War is a game for a rich elites, politicians and businesses family to deal and bargain their businesses by using a fool peasant lives as one of their chess game.

    • reeper 8187 says:

      Ukraine and nato were killing Russians well before outin declared war…this is all fake, Russia is justified!

    • Lady Darkness says:

      well screaming and panicking never helped to anyone

    • Matthew Sherriff - Growing Food says:

      @Watch With Me there was that car being run over by a tank

  2. purplerain says:

    I fiercely want this young soldier to survive! Why.. because the world needs such young men in future who will remind everyone around them to respect and value their freedoms, never take their parents and families for granted. Never under estimate the luxury of being born in a country free of geopolitical turmoils and wars. I teared up listening to him, sending my prayers for his brave mom and dad. Praying for every ukrainian to come out safe and strong! 🙏

    • Bad Boy says:

      @Bjorn Sjöström Почему все молчат?!Восемь лет там гибнут люди мирные от рук радикальных националистов таких как Азов.Приедьте туда,поговорите с жителями.Знаете сколько детей там погибло?Кто нибудь из вас об этом хоть слово проранил?Нет.Мы смотрели на это восемь лет.Пытались договориться. Переговоров больше не будет.Мы идём что бы судить преступную власть Украины.Украину Россия захватывать не будет.Нужен только суд.

    • Bad Boy says:

      @Bjorn Sjöström Вы знаете русский язык?Переведите им на английский всё что я вам напишу.Переведите что их политики это преступники розжигающие мировую войну.На Донбассе убивают людей но никто этого не видит.Они закрывают на это глаза.Где ваши суды по правам человека?!

    • Kaeble Aldren says:

      Quit posturing….your just a hypocrite goof

    • Mann ki Bakwaas says:

      @The Wide Open Life drafted*

    • The Wide Open Life says:

      And we did! For 20 years I took for granted living in a safe country, now I might get draughted to help protect them

  3. Home 2 says:

    I broke down in tears watching the interview with 21 year old Sergiy Petroshenko. Bewildered, frightened, worried about his parents, and guarding a bridge on his own having fired only 16 bullets in his life on a shooting range. I pray that he survives and that peace returns to all the people of Ukraine.

  4. Thesunisout says:

    This is a sad moment for Europe and the
    Ukraine, my heart goes out for the Ukrainian people and hope they can pevail against the evil that has been put on them.

  5. kizzy says:

    I have sons and seeing the young man guarding that bridge alone was just heartbreaking 💔
    I pray God be with him and the Ukrainian people. 🙏

  6. Rebel Mornings says:

    My heart goes out to this man on the bridge. He is too young to be there all alone left with his own thoughts trying to not focus on his inevitable ultimate sacrifice.

  7. Teo S says:

    My heart broke for Sergey Petroshenko. As I watch these people carry themselves with ultimate courage under some of the most dangerous circumstances, I can’t help but to be reminded of the demands for safe space by some students in American Universities. God bless the courageous people of Ukraine.

  8. Aryan Singh says:

    My soul shivers hearing that he is only 21. I myself am 17 and can’t even imagine being in such a situation.

  9. Rebecca Salyers says:

    The boy on the bridge , I feel so scared for him, I hope he is protected and returned to his family . He is a boy ! He didn’t do anything but protect his village! God help the Ukraine people!

  10. john says:

    I’m an Ukrainian 🇺🇦 soldier ‘ I’m proud to fight for my country and ready to die as a hero 🫂🥷

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