ULTIMATE 100 Layers of Rainbow Duct Tape Challenge!

ULTIMATE 100 Layers of Rainbow Duct Tape Challenge!

ULTIMATE 100 Layers of Rainbow Duct Tape Challenge! with Preston 👊

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46 Responses

  1. Preston says:

    Subscribe or I’ll wrap you in duct tape. Trust me, we have plenty 😁

  2. Bleach Bottle says:

    Why can’t you just use a steak knife and just puncture is in.

    • Amelia Parkinson says:

      Bleach Bottle it could snap as it’s weaker so they didn’t for safety if anything but safety is key

  3. Navin G. says:

    When you’re parents say don’t play with fire- Brianna: Plays with roofing torch

  4. Torenflame 1172 says:

    “The duct tape is so thick”
    -Preston, 2020

  5. Blue Boy says:

    Now now now, don’t let this distract from the fact that Slitheren blew a 472-321 lead on Griffindoor.

  6. Michelle Butlin says:

    Preston: it sounds so scary

    Me:it sounds like a electric sharpener

  7. Joe vs Life says:

    The silk absorbs the impact

  8. Yal Soia says:

    You can walk with a wooden leg. You can clap with a wooden hand. But, you can’t see with a wooden eye. Please wear your safety glasses before someone gets hurt!

  9. Katlego Letsoalo says:

    preston and bri are one of the cutest couples

  10. Courtney Wildenberg says:

    9:47 it blew his hair! 🤣

  11. HERCOGS says:

    I didn’t actually understand what were they thinking when hitting silk with a hammer…

  12. AnimalPlayCat Gacha Girl says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that they are using tools on duct tape that would be more affective on the silk and tools on the silk That could be used on the duct tape? Like if u think same!

  13. KRISH KHAMAR says:

    3:17 Preston is already sweating

  14. TheTwoDevs says:

    you have to push on the “round saw” And with the tree saw u have to let the saw do the work

  15. Gabe Joseph says:

    “Cough”JustDustin “Cough”

  16. TurtlePlayz says:

    Brianna & Preston: throws rlly sharp things at the silk
    Me: why don’t you throw scissors

  17. MinecraftGaming Gavin says:

    Preston in previous vids: “because i’m christian…”
    Also Preston: puts 6 colors in a rainbow.
    Me: “wow”

  18. Ryne Rhodes says:

    I’m Ryder Rhodes

    Preston:let’s put the fire out.
    Me:the fire isn’t out.
    Fire: I won’t go out if it’s the last thing I do

  19. Antoniettamrkz Markosangelo says:

    Play the game LEAGUE of LEGENDS in your gaming channel. I also play that game, my username is: antoniettamrkz

  20. Daxity says:

    thumbnail :
    *Burning the pride flag*

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