Ultimate Drone Save

Ultimate Drone Save

Classic catch to save my drone from certain death.

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20 Responses

  1. Kevin Garcia says:

    lol your face

  2. Larry Marshall says:

    That is awesome!

  3. Howard Sterling says:

    This should be a sport. Drone saving.

    Cause I’d totally watch it.

  4. Darko Nikolić says:

    So how many drones have you drown before filming such video? :D

  5. Beto Saborio says:

    Lucky you I couldn’t catch mine at time :(

  6. Waliur Rahman says:

    2:21 Guy with his selfie stick saw alien technology.

  7. ScreenTalker DotOrg says:

    Boy you had me it was going in the water. I’m guessing it doesn’t have a
    return home feature?

  8. Jamie Holyoak says:

    Good save mate!
    Next time use a timer like the rest of us….run your copter in high winds
    and let it auto land (if it has it) when it goes down. Time it, run the
    timer on your hand held or with a watch, phone etc.

    My spectrum DX9 and the DX7 I have both have timers you can set with
    warning intervals etc. Suggest you upgrade for next time 😉

    Second…did you have an area approval for that flight out of curiosity
    being City Beach? Did you run it by CASA first on the location?

  9. Bill Nye says:

    The reason I’m skeptical about this is because of how slow the drone fell
    from the sky. If it truly was out of battery, the drone should of just
    dropped from the sky. I think someone else was controlling the drone and
    was slowly lowering it making it look somewhat “realistic.” But then again,
    I’m no expert on this subject so I my accusation could be totally false.

  10. dawn dusk says:

    i understood nothing!!

  11. Engeel Jarquin says:

    hahaha, :D

  12. jennaishealed says:

    What model of drone?

  13. Joselas de Lapilla says:


  14. CloudchaserShaconag says:

    For it to not be dropping like a rock, there had to be power to the rotors.
    Why couldn’t some of the power be shifted to one side so it goes down at
    an angle (toward the beach) instead of straight down?

  15. bronzenrule says:

    This is kind of epic.

  16. Julie J says:

    I was shaking the whole time

  17. Cesar Romero says:

    the look on his face whenever he gets it and releases the swell is coming

  18. Matthew Johnson says:

    When I read the title I was expecting a military drone to save someone’s
    ass but this is my punishment instead.

  19. Gerald says:

    Saw it at 500k, tomorrow it’s gonna be at 1 mil 

  20. flintlights says:

    where’d you get the shirt?