Ultimate Minecart Race – Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 31

Ultimate Minecart Race – Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 31

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47 Responses

  1. Alan Becker says:

    DJ wasn’t wrong in his prediction of who would win: https://youtu.be/8nmqkAtZZlc

  2. I like watermelon says:

    We need an increasingly more complex and detailed rollercoaster episode for every season

  3. Legoguy9875 says:

    I like how even when Yellow went the extra mile to give them all gold podiums and trophies, they were so aggressively competitive that they just tossed them aside and were like “NO, I WON! ONLY ME!” A pretty refreshing twist on the “Everyone wins because we had fun” trope.

  4. AsianPersuasion says:

    Something that will always amaze me is your ability to write and animate an action sequence of MULTIPLE characters simultaneously. It’s already hard enough making an impressive 1v1. You constantly have team battles or battle royals and it’s crazy to make it consistent with all the unique attacks and movements each of these characters are pulling off.

    • Λeoпdгew says:

      Yeah, Alan Becker’s choreography skills are insane and there are so many neat interactions and creative attacks you can see when you watch the video again. A few I noticed:
      – 2:46 Red using the minecarts TSC knocked off the track while attacking Green to get to the front, then Green stealing TSC’s minecart, kicking it at TSC’s new minecart, which knocks Blue out of their minecart and lets Red take it, and then grabbing one of the minecarts for themself with the fishing rod
      – 3:05 TSC using their sword to jam the wheels on Green’s minecart
      – 6:20 Blue using the slime blocks Green threw to get to the front and throwing Green at Red, which Red has to dodge
      – 6:29 The chicken that Red uses to float down stays with them, and when Green grapples onto Red’s bee, Red uses the chicken to block Green’s sight, then tosses the flower to distract the bee and spawns another bee to ride
      – 6:47 Blue managing to clutch at the very end with critical shots on all three of the other stick figures

  5. clinton phang says:

    The fact that he managed to show them using all their knowledge of Minecraft they gathered over the years in this race video is incredible.

  6. Ntrew Salomon says:

    Their methods of gaining the advantage are both so clever and hilarious. Gotta say that Green performed the best in the whole game.

  7. ArturPlayz says:

    Can we just take a moment to apreciate Yellow for the huge amount of work he put into designing this race?

  8. Gavin Maretzki says:

    Absolutely hilarious how everyone else’s strategy for speed is relatively practical, whether it’s using fireworks, fast animals, blocks that can give you a boost like slime or TNT… and then Blue just gets iced out of his mind on swiftness potions. A true drug addict.

  9. Eric Nallem says:

    Podemos apreciar como alan trabaja en 2 series al mismo tiempo?

  10. onion says:

    I love how the “Wanted” plot just abruptly stops and we get a rollercoaster episode. This episode was amazing nonetheless. Keep up the amazing work!

    • AmazinCris says:

      i started thinking about that before this episode started
      my guess is that they happen at different times, but it could also literally be anything else
      oh well, this race was sick as hell!

    • A guy On YouTube says:

      AvA and AvM are different timelines. Still think it would be funny if they really just skipped AvA 6 and went back to minecraft

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