Ultimate Pizza Styles Taste Test

Ultimate Pizza Styles Taste Test

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Which city is home to the best pizza style around? We’re living our ultimate pizza fantasy to put an end to the debate once and for all.  GMM #1461

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77 Responses

  1. Morgan Davis says:

    This is the most controversial GMM episode

  2. Frankie Loiacono says:

    New York is the best either way

  3. A Glimpse Inside says:

    Do a toppings episode, guarantee the results will be different

  4. Chris Chamberlain says:

    Detroit pizza is NOT little ceasers…your Michigander is a fake…a real Detroiter would know Buddy’s is Detroit pizza…sheesh

    • Sam Valentine says:

      Chris Chamberlain no…they’re just saying that little caesers deep dish pizzas are Detroit style pizzas, not that little caesars invented it or anything.

    • BarefootBreakdown says:


    • Chris Chamberlain says:

      Sam Valentine even lc deep dish doesn’t represent Detroit pizza IMO…little ceasers is good if your a poor college student, but other than that, blech

    • mrtdiscgolf says:

      That Michigan guy is from williamston. Williamston is a good representation of small michigan towns outside of SE Michigan. I loved how Rhett doubted him at first when he said people mover.

    • Chris Chamberlain says:

      mrtdiscgolf ahh ok, well Williamston has excellent beer, but yeah no Detroit pizza.

  5. mark valenzo says:

    If thats chicago pizza then my car is a ferrari and my junk has a zip code

  6. Krallion says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to do these without knowing which pizza is which, blindfolded even, to prevent any bias based off where it’s from?

  7. Oreal says:

    As a New Yorker, I’m not surprised. But I still feel very proud.

  8. danny _coronado3 says:

    So Detroit lose because little Caesar’s has Detroit pizza? Little caesars is the best pizza ever!…………for $5.

  9. ISchulz says:

    As a native and lifelong chicagoan, that frankly looked like some poser-ass deep dish. The thin crust, weirdly, looked quite legitimate by comparison. Like, I kinda want to try that place in particular to see how it holds up; that’s how legit that thin crust looked.

    I also have to say, man, I really want to try some proper Detroit and Neopolitan style now.

    • BriBriJen15 says:

      ISchulz yes!! That deep dish wasn’t “deep” enough. And that thin crust pizza literally looked like Rosatis or Giordanos from like a strip mall in Chicago lol

    • Mottle McMottle says:

      They didn’t even try the crust on some of these. A shame they didn’t go after the deep dish crust, but it probably wouldn’t hold a candle to an authentic Chicago pie anyway.

    • Gianni Pappas says:

      ISchulz I agree that isn’t traditional Chicago deep dish

    • Cerys Morgan says:

      +BriBriJen15 what is a strip mall?? I’m British I just think of a mall for strippers???

  10. Charles Dabs says:

    Goddamnit Detroit never wins.

  11. Ashley Mania says:

    Lol, I am a detroit person at heart…. but Chicago shoulda went threw

  12. Gaming Fanboy says:

    The whole thing on water from NY is so noticeable, there’s a place called Grimaldi’s near me, they only use NY water and there’s no pizza that comes as close to being as good……and it’s in FL

    • hezmora says:

      When I lived in Florida, I couldn’t find good pizza anywhere!! The water definitely makes a big difference, because it was just terrible down there. I feel so bad for people who have only ever eaten pizza in Florida…they have no idea what they’re missing!

    • Shadé Palmer says:

      Same with bagels. You can’t make good bagels without NYC water either. There’s something really beneficial about our water and making doughs and bread.

  13. B Kingski says:

    That wasn’t New Haven Apizza! It’s not a crunchy cracker…. At all. Jen knows what’s up.

  14. Mackenzie Graville says:

    I’m from St. Louis and I detest St. Louis pizza more than almost any other food on the planet. I think it’s saltine crust with garbage on top. Chicago deep dish is the BEST

  15. schasse2011 says:

    What on earth kind of new Haven pizza is that ?? as a person from Connecticut I’m offended by how hideous that representation was ?

  16. MotoKP says:

    That deep dish Chiago pizza is SAD. Google Giordanos.

  17. Plump Cat says:

    Rhett, the type of guy to fight his own kid for the last slice of pizza


    When the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie that’s amore

  19. EyE m Joey says:

    so its LA pizza v LA pizza v LA pizza v LA pizza v LA pizza LA pizza v LA pizza v LA pizza

  20. MR Howard says:

    Look up new england greek style. My personal favorite. Similar to new york but a bit thicker and crunchier.

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