Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Tool

Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Tool

More power is more better.

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– Falcon Punch by Turbo Knight –
YouTube: https://goo.gl/Z5D4Mr
Sound Cloud: https://goo.gl/WvCS1k

Laser-time music: https://www.youtube.com/CM4llst4rs

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20 Responses

  1. Jackman Works says:

    I could be wrong (and I kind of hope I am…)
    But did I just watch you super glue a pumpkin?! 💪😃

  2. ToeSocksify says:

    Mr Bones is my hero

  3. George Cox says:

    T H E B O N E Z O N E

  4. Meshach Jassal says:

    Thinking quickly, William constructs a homemade jigsaw, using only a laser cutter, some superglue, and a jigsaw.

  5. DirtyOwl says:

    Mr bones will be missed

  6. Nicholas Hester says:

    Could I get some of those sexy cattoos.

  7. Dave Strain says:


    Where’s my cattoo William? We’ve been friends for how many years and I did give you my kidney. (I know you didn’t need it and I kinda just left it outside on the porch but still)

  8. liggieep says:

    “I feel like we’ve reinvented the jigsaw, using parts from a jigsaw”

    That’s almost verbatim what I said, moments before you said it.


    Instead of carving a cat into a pumpkin carve a pumpkin into a cat

  10. ZenomasGames says:

    now make the pumpkin breath fire

  11. Troy Lynch says:

    I’m here for the cattoos.

  12. Gracie Reinhart says:

    I’d love some cattoos

  13. ceiling fan says:

    I just watched a dude super glue a pumpkin and recreate a reciprocating saw

  14. Tommy Rogers says:

    You responded to me on Instagram and I love you

  15. Finnjamin Donaldpoop says:

    What’s with the “caretaker” ?

  16. JaKeAFC09 says:

    my head is spinning. camera guy is very unstable.

  17. Vasudev Baldwa says:

    Holy shit. This can’t be real. A William Osman projects that’s not complete crap!?

  18. Vincent Moore says:

    I aspire to be you one day

  19. Chris Kogos says:

    can i has a cattoo

  20. Calvin Vanhofwegen says:

    Literally could have just used a sawsall pumpkin blade

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