Ultimate Pumpkin Spicy Challenge

Ultimate Pumpkin Spicy Challenge

One gets the pumpkin, the other gets the spice. GMM #1403

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87 Responses

  1. Golden Relics says:

    rhett knows how to pick a long stick ?

  2. T Chow says:

    The colours in this video look extra nice

  3. Jessica Ross says:

    “My tongue is numb. Touch it, can you feel it”…Sorry Link it doesn’t work that way mate!?

  4. Clint Mcintosh says:


  5. Victor o2 says:

    10:07 Rhett.exe stopped working…

  6. Jessica Ross says:

    “Ghost pepper tunnel of smell” Link should really release a book of sayings for cards for every occasions.

  7. EJ Banfield says:

    Link: suffers through his bad ones
    Rhett: steals Links good foods to wash down the bad

  8. Muirgheal Murray says:

    “Eat a bean, make me proud”
    I love that ?

  9. Jonah Osborne says:

    The ghost pepper wasn’t in coffee it was in the peanut butter I’ve been lied to

    • secretartist16 says:

      Same! I entirely lied to!

    • Shish Lynn says:

      They have been being tricky in the thumbnails lately. I think they are trying to just give us an idea but not actually give anything away.

    • One Nation Under God says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who noticed

    • TheAlexandra211 says:

      I believe they did that so that people won’t complain about it anymore. I’ve seen lots of people complain when they put an actual answer as the thumbnail.


      For years they have been using titles that would be considered clickbait had they not actually been wild enough to stay true to them. So some complaints in the comments changed that all of a sudden? Nah dudes

  10. Sharky Sharklops says:

    “Christmas come early in my mouth” doesn’t sound great, but I guess it’s marginally better than “Christmas came early in my mouth”

  11. Shay says:

    Link, so you know for next time.. the skinnier the stick, the longer it is

  12. JackSucksAtLife says:

    Rhett was in such a great mood this episode, I loved it

  13. Tara_vd_G says:

    So you could say he got the short end of the (cinnamon)stick?

  14. Mulldrifter Z says:

    Why does Rhett turn evil and demonic whenever it’s one of these 50/50 good or bad taste tests lol.

  15. Annie Schroder says:

    The thinner stick is longer so Rhett just made sure he picked a smaller looking stick than link?

  16. Science with Katie says:

    Haha a dubious looking pie, I’d still eat it! ?

  17. Sarah Woodall says:

    7:12 “I can play this like a flute!”
    **holds it up and blows through it like it’s a clarinet**

  18. magicalmissfitz says:

    “Ya want a bib that says that?” Cracked me up so hard ?

  19. Kenneth Smotherman says:

    Just wait until you go to the bathroom fellas????.

  20. Helena Rosno says:

    Link: Clink it?
    Rhett: No
    Me: Oh this is going to be good

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