UNBELIEVABLE ACTION | KSI vs. FaZe Temper Full Card Highlights

UNBELIEVABLE ACTION | KSI vs. FaZe Temper Full Card Highlights

January 14, 2023 — Highlights from the KSI vs. FaZe Temper card from the Ovo Arena, London. Presented by Autozone.

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00:13 – Anthony Taylor vs. Idris Virgo
03:33 – Elle Brooke vs. Faith Ordway
05:46 – Ryan Taylor vs. Swarmz
08:41 – Luis Alcaraz Pineda (Mystery Opponent) vs. BDave
10:49 – Salt Papi vs. Josh Brueckner
11:51 – Slim Albaher vs. Tom Zanetti
15:39 – KSI vs. FaZe Temper

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30 Responses

  1. Diego Avila says:

    Salt Papi is beyond impressive, he’s showing real levels in this YouTube boxing thing

  2. Prospect says:

    I’m beyond proud of what KSI has been doing with Misfits and how well organized it is, that KO was beautiful as well

  3. ThatGuy says:

    Swarmz’s punch to Ryan’s eye was terrifying. Didn’t realise the fracture was visible till now

    • david dunn says:

      @Steve I’m glad you were ok but not every eye injury is the same. If you’ve broken an orbital bone you really don’t want to be receiving more blows to the same area as it could seriously damage your optic nerve. Sure you might be able to get away ok but it’s not worth the risk

    • david dunn says:

      @AB #1 at the end I heard the ref say “if he can’t see then he can’t continue”. I’m guessing the corner were just encouraging him to get back out there without alerting the attention the dr or ref

    • AB #1 says:

      @david dunn the BBBC commission this?? How can they stop the fight and debate to continue or not?? Isnt suppose to be up to the DR???

    • hardcoretam says:

      @If i was a cloud Ryan is a pure scummy human though so he deserves to be boo’d even if he ever wins.

    • Steve says:

      happened to me once couldn’t see out of my eye after being punched in sparring but didn’t say anything to the Sifu at the time but visibility returned after 5 mins

  4. YZB says:

    Honestly, best misfits to date! Every fight was fun to watch and the execution of Pineda’s reveal. The redemption of Swarms and Pineda was amazing 🐐

  5. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Salt Papi is beyond impressive, he’s showing real levels in this YouTube boxing thing

  6. The CNSR says:

    Twas an elite night of boxing entertainment, well played 👏🏾

  7. -- says:

    When JJ said “If I wanna end it in round one I can, and I feel like ending it in round 1” I thought he was just being confident but turns out he was not joking.

  8. Percy TW says:

    JJ’s jumping in tempo to throw temperr off his rhythm and then advancing with his amazing speed and well-executed combo was beautiful, I’ve literally watched it for more than 20 times.

  9. Ivailo valevski says:

    shame we didn’t see much of swarmz in action, but it’s crazy how much he’s improved, both technically and physically

  10. Tina Turner says:

    For zanetti’s debut he was an absolute maniac in the ring gotta love him hope to see more of him

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