Unbelievable Myths From The 1950s DEBUNKED!

Unbelievable Myths From The 1950s DEBUNKED!

Science has come a long way since the 1950’s, but what crazy things did we believe back then?
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74 Responses

  1. Mac Nicholson says:

    I feel like being high on heroin would be the equivalent of being Blocko IRL

  2. Brooklyn Wilkin says:

    Notif squad <3 its my birthdayyy!
    EDIT: this has been the best birthday present ever guys, im in shock. the internet is truly a wonderful place


    World is not flat ?!
    How can you explain that in minecraft you can choose FLAT WORLD !
    You can’t !!!

  4. Millipule says:

    *Flat Earthers Exposed*

  5. Pau Gironès says:

    Flat earthers triggered

  6. kanna trishan says:


  7. Erik Kitvisets says:

    Give me a like.

    Or not…

  8. Matteus Silvestre says:

    Real Earths have curves.

  9. Emotional Chameleon says:

    Flat earth = Flat brain.

  10. Luke McCrory says:


  11. Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

    True star wars fans know who spoke this quote apathy is death, worse than death

  12. Daniel Gonzalez says:

    Wtf dude the earth IS flat. Haven’t you played minecraft?

  13. Ckasp says:

    LSD was made illegal yes, that doesn’t change the fact that it had promising results in treating mental afflictions. Classifying a substance as highly illegal makes it near impossible to do research on. Don’t dismiss a viable research subject just because it sounds weird and dangerous

    • Jelle Zuiema says:

      You can’t get addicted to LSD, you build up a tolerance to it immediately. If I used a standard dose today I would need twice as much the next day just to get the same effects, so you don’t have time to get depended on it. Also an LSD trip is waaaay too intense to do everyday.

    • Samuel White says:

      TaigaGlade you’re a fucking idiot you can’t be addicted to LSD, most psychedelics are near impossible to get addicted to

    • Ckasp says:

      I understand that it comes with some risks, but that’s the case with most medicine. Opiate based painkillers for example are horribly addictive but extremly effective. When used in a controled environment the benefits outweigh the risks.

      As far as side effects go, LSD is really rather mild. And while it is possible to get psychologically addicted to it, it isn’t chemically addictive so there is no real withdrawl. As for the benifits, it looks quite promissing for its use in psychotherapy. Too bad that getting a permit to research it is borderline impossible because of its legal status.

      I’m not advocating that we start handing out sheets of the stuff on the corners of every street, nor am I encouraging it’s recreational use (I’m not going to stop you either, I’m not your mom). I’m saying that it’s use in the 50’s and 60’s wasn’t necessarily wrong or ineffective and that it’s been disproportionally demonized.

      Tl;dr : LSD, not as demonstrably evil and useless as you might think

    • Dor Breger says:

      Ckasp You are so right.

  14. DarkGamer13 says:

    What did the librarians told the kids and teenagers to do

    Read more

  15. Life Noggin says:

    Thanks for watching! What decade would you wanna see us cover next? We’ll see you in 2018 with a brand new series on Life Noggin AND A NEW CHANNEL!? Big announcements coming really soon! * heart emoji x721 *

  16. LUSCID [your user-friendly guide to Science] says:

    We might have more knowledge and better technology to explore the unknown and yet many myths persist even today. The abundance of scientific information is not enough to persuade someone who has strong beliefs on a given topic. That’s why the important question here is *how to communicate the scientific discoveries* – and a lot of academics have already started exploring that problem.

    • The Ranger says:

      And when someone in power has a strong belief that goes against scientific fact, that can present a problem like idiots who don’t accept the problem of climate change.

    • LUSCID [your user-friendly guide to Science] says:

      True, when people with influence propagate such false beliefs, the situation becomes worse because those who already hold that position become even more confident. But I still think that the bigger problem is that most of the people are not critical thinkers and don’t know how to explore a given topic from different angles despite their initial beliefs.

  17. O(∩_∩)O says:

    1:40 so they didn’t proof that LSD was harmful or something else, but simply made it illegal. Sounds suspicious to me…

  18. My name is Joey says:

    How will they look at us in 50 years?

  19. عابر سبيل says:

    We are in 2018 and some people still believe the earth is round.

  20. War Duke Gaming says:

    Earth is a decahedron

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