Unbelievable! The Yellow Submarine Engine Starts Up After Being Under the Water for 30 Years!

Unbelievable! The Yellow Submarine Engine Starts Up After Being Under the Water for 30 Years!

@MerlinsOldSchoolGarage @FabRats

Will this old engine that has been under water for 30 years run? After some cleanup you might be surprised… The entire crew sure was! Paul, Ben,Merlin, Hunter and Jimmy are really excited! Catch more videos from Fab Rats on their channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/FabRats

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25 Responses

  1. hankstar56 says:

    I’m a retired mechanic of 45yrs. I’m 66 and would have bet my entire tool collection that engine was scrap metal. I’m at a loss for words. Great job guys.

    • Joshua Bennett says:

      @Mister Sniffer it can’t rust at that depth because there is no oxygen in 100 feet of water in most lakes. No oxygen no rust

    • Mister Sniffer says:

      I would have never guessed but it makes sense if the engine is sealed Water spills in, oil floats and the oil kept things from rusting, thats why the intake looked so good..

    • greg hardy says:

      I’m with ya on the scrap metal part. Unbelievable.

    • Joshua Bennett says:

      I would say the depth it was at would have to do with why it wasn’t completely rusted junk. There generally isn’t much oxygen at depth depending on water temperature. If the water line was actually 150 feet deep there was very little oxygen for it to corrode down there. If it was at 10 feet it would be a ball of rust almost unrecognizable

    • fire surfer says:

      @brians48now I bet that is when most of the corrosion happened.

  2. Chris King says:

    That motor and boat don’t want to die, you “Must” resurrect them together , please dont separate them, that is just so damn impressive that not only the boat is in one peace , the true miracle is that it runs. this is true entertainment, hats off to you guys.

    • thereal nynetynyne says:

      Replace parts but yeah rebuild that thing right it ran it should be restored just because it won’t die.

  3. dsmacd46 says:

    I’ve built a couple small block GM motors, and remember how careful we thought we had to be with cleanliness & precision, so I’m flabbergasted! Watching this is the most fun I’ve had in weeks. Thanks.

    • RI Outboards says:

      well no way those rings escaped without considerable damage. i say it wont last long before atleast burning some major oil.

  4. JMO says:

    The talent in this family is unreal. Freakin love these guys 🙌🏼

    • warren michael says:

      That talent was passed down from their fathers and uncles, you take some fairly smart guys that usually dont have a pot to piss in and they end up working tough things out with whatever they have on hand, that is what makes a great mechanic i think. These guys are all just salt of the earth and fine people

  5. allen tisthammer says:

    What a family and what a friend! Great team of guys having a blast doing the improbable! When you guys laugh its infectious. Really enjoyed this Collab and what a treat. Happy holidays to all.

  6. Paul Browning says:

    I believe being in the lake for 30 Years, she’s worthy of restoration, a full engine rebuild.

    • Tim Kaldahl says:

      @Jack Boyer I’m not a fan boy, but my f150s have never let me down and for the most part are simple to wrench on. Never had one newer than 2000 though. My favorite cars have been a 72 Dart with the slant 6 and a 99 Cavalier with the 2.2. Growing up in a household of a steel miner in the 80s keeps me from looking too hard at vehicles not made in North America. With the recent declines in quality of Japanese cars (JATCO Transmissions, new cars burning oil) the cost benefit analysis doesn’t work out for me. I drive old beaters and the prices of used Toyota and Honda cars are way more than I want to shell out. They were definitely reliable though.

    • Jack Boyer says:

      Hmm, maybe Ford isn’t so bad after all! Just saying…😁

    • Andy B says:

      It definitely deserves it, it refuses to die

    • MacGyver 2 says:


  7. Jordan Van Calster says:

    That is absolutely insane! Had no idea what the inside looked like and you still got it to run. Very impressive. Nice work.

  8. Fab Rats says:

    I still can’t believe we got that thing started!😳😎

  9. Steve Schmitt says:

    Merlin…….I’ve been a mechanic for over 40 years and what you have accomplished is unbelievable. Oh boy thanks for sharing and stay safe 👍

  10. Bernie Wilson says:

    I am truly amazed that it actually had almost no damage after all that time! It was a joy to watch this video & to hear it actually start it up and run it! Thanks for a wonderful informative video!

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