Unboxing 10 Customized Products We Bought Online!

Unboxing 10 Customized Products We Bought Online!

10 Products that Got Extreme Upgrades! ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFyuNDyaIW8
10 Tech Gadgets That Can ONLY Be Found In Japan! ➡ https://youtu.be/0CcSpxiN5qE

YOOOOO! How’s it going? Hopefully good because its FRIDAY AND we are coming at you guys with a NEW VIDEO full of 10 customized products! We’re unboxing things like custom-made cookies to custom-made ice sculptures to custom-made tattoo’s! Not to mention, you guys have a chance to win a pair of custom-made DOPE or NOPE Vans! That’s right! All you gotta do is give this video a like and head over to our last instagram (linked below) for instructions on how to enter in the drawing! Good lucccckkk!

TWITTER ➡ https://twitter.com/Hi5DopeorNope
INSTAGRAM ➡ https://www.instagram.com/hi5dopeornope

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37 Responses

  1. DOPE or NOPE says:

    I hope you guys enjoyed this video! It’s easily one of my favorites we’ve filmed in a long time! What’s your favorite part? What do you want to see next? Go give your parents a hug. Love you guys.


  2. mixstamike says:

    Matt: You just sucked my head!
    Tanner: You tasted good.
    Me: ?????‍♂️?
    You: Take that audio and make something amazing and then post it so we can all see it lol. But you gotta tag me wherever you post because it was my idea :p lol.

  3. Dylan Picciallo says:

    Who else remembers when the channel was just named “Matthias” ?

  4. Plazma Star says:

    “You just sucked my head!”

    Please dont say that out of context ??

  5. Luke Vinay says:

    Micheal: you can’t speak to loud, he’s like 2 rooms over!

    Matt: PaUl!!!!!!!

  6. Sally George says:

    My Favorite part:
    Matthias: Did you just kiSs mE
    Tanner: n0
    Matthias: you just sUckEd mY hEaD
    Tanner: you taste gOod bRo

  7. Intan shella says:

    you guys should make an intro with the puppet on the next video

  8. Dr.Rexel Pixel says:

    Man, Mathias sounded fine at the start but then he had a weird accent the whole video

  9. Gizzy the fury says:

    5:28 taners nails: when ur goinh thru a half emo stage

  10. Silver_the_Rowlet says:

    Matt to Tanner: “You just sucked my head!”
    Me: **Inhales** BUDDY *NO*

  11. Ellie Spinellie says:

    It’s 12:00 am and I’m dying of laughter over the fact that there feeling the Matthias ice sculpture… help

  12. Frick'n boo ya says:

    Absolutely nobody:

    Tanner: licks Matthias’ head

  13. Starry Night says:

    Tanner: Windows is for GAMERS!
    Me: Uhh, Tanner, you are a gamer.
    Tanner: . . .

  14. vadim gaming says:

    6:27 when the aliens from Area 51 clone you but they are still tweaking

  15. Vêινëτ Rūsh Dæ SHIPPU ÙwÚ says:

    So I see da first clip of da vid and I was hella confused on who was which?

  16. Bagel WolfTV says:

    This week’s episode:
    Matthias shows his dominance by stamping his enmployes.
    Tune in next week for Connors Back Love.

  17. Heather Bartilotta says:

    Thank you guys for all the support your channel gave to me after my 16 year old dog be put down

  18. Anne Tan says:

    13:40 Those drink toppers are generally for coffee or hot cocoa like how theres coffe/choco art but i guess lemonade worked? Ish?

  19. El Vela says:

    The ice scapular of Matt should’ve being a MEGA DOPE??

  20. Autumn Jeans says:

    #wackyapps useless web
    like if you think wacky apps should come back

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