Unboxing 10 MYSTERY Products From an ABANDONED Storage Unit!

Unboxing 10 MYSTERY Products From an ABANDONED Storage Unit!

10 Magic Products Magicians Don’t Want You To See! ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUqZNp0gphM&t=484s
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Today on DOPE or NOPE… we bought an ABANDONED STORAGE UNIT!! This was a ‘like to buy’ from a previous video, and today we get to explore the unit we bought and see if we can find any expensive mystery items! Be sure to stay to the end to see all the surprises we encountered, and subscribe to see more videos like this in the future!

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35 Responses

  1. We The Animals says:

    Matthias, please learn how to put on a face mask properly.

    On second thought nevermind. I need the laugh.

    By the way, happy borkday.

  2. Mirka Escalante says:

    The gold box with the gold coins are weddings coins that get blessed so that money isnt a problem. So that there will always be money.

  3. Javier says:

    Keep it a couple of years than see how much its worth

  4. 7pug7 says:

    Almost 6 million yay 😁edit: also you have to go to dd’s discount

  5. Ogzelle says:

    This is easiestly the best Dope or Nope so far! 😁

  6. Chloe & jhing says:

    You know that invisible ink people used back then with the light so you could see it. What if he or she used something like that???

  7. xiTzJustGameZx says:

    Make a Video where you check how much these things are

  8. Naxet Advanced says:

    Video has been out.for.6 hours and it already has 60 thousand likes

  9. David GamePlay says:

    Go to a sporty place and check the value of the cards, pics and anything else important

  10. Nathaniel Graham says:

    Damn, I NEED more Storage Dope or Nope!!!

  11. holymintyoongi says:

    i know this a sensitive topic but i have a feeling maybe the person who was the owner of the second storage might’ve committed suicide.. that’s the feeling i got with the journal entries..

  12. Homelikekey 52 says:

    When Michelle opened the African Ceremonies book, I felt a wind blow on my face .o.

  13. Dragunnitum says:

    are you 100% it’s ABANDONED? o_o

    • NEMesis1413 says:

      As a former self-store facility manager, I can assure you there is lengthy legal process that has to take place before a unit can be sold that involves attempting to contact the contents owner and/or next of kin in just about every way imaginable. There are some pretty substantial penalties against any facility that invades/sells any unit without following the legal process beforehand.

  14. GreenBEEN says:

    11:33 those could be silver pennies from WW2 they worth 100$ of dollars

  15. Tina And says:

    I shop at dd’s discount already lol,it’s pretty good.

  16. rain dows says:

    happy 30ths birthday matt happy birthday to you cha cha cha happy birthday to you cha cha cha happy birthday dear Matt happy birthday to you cha cha cha Ooh La La chips and salsa

  17. Dance Hoe Hoseok says:

    This was kinda depressing… Not that they were disrespectful or anything. It’s just sad how this is what human life comes down to – dusty forgotten things.

    • L3afeonT3a says:

      Not true, that’s all just stuff. What’s really important is remembered by those who knew them, and the affect they had on them. That’ll live in everyone that those people come in contact with. A human life is more than a house filled with stuff. It’s what we do that is makes a human life.

  18. ClimateCTRL says:

    It’s like Storage Wars, but without all the fake drama and overly exxagerated reactions.

  19. Talus Tanat says:

    My neighbor was a close relative of Magic Johnson when I was like 7-13. Magic used to send him all kinds of signed memorabilia to give out to the neighborhood kids and he visited once…unfortunately, I was on vacation that day.

  20. Dario Hall says:

    Hes 30 and owns a millionare internet company WTF good job man!!

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