Unboxing 5 Mystery Box Products!

Unboxing 5 Mystery Box Products!

Today I do a LIVE unboxing of products that I’ve never seen from VAT19.com! This website sells goofy gifts that are often beyond ridiculous, and today I’ll let you know if these mystery products are hilarious or delirious. Be sure to stay until the end, when we try a dangerous kind of candy that I’ve never seen before!

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20 Responses

  1. minicio says:

    any one see he is wearing the apple watch series 3

  2. englishbaby royalty says:

    10% of people in the comments are saying “I’m so glad you made it so we can watch live videos after”
    20% of people in comments saying “Matt I miss Bryan”
    20% of people saying “I missed the live :(“
    49% of people saying “ANYONE ELSE SEE THE ODD1SOUT???
    I say Matt I loved the video

  3. #Beeparff says:

    My mom got some plants from church. She asked me if I knew what they where. I said they look like peppers. So I tried one. OMG hottest pepper I ever ate.

  4. Reborninlondonuk Phillpot says:

    Awww bless him crying he’s handsome too

  5. xxMagicalRainbowsxx says:

    A bit late this time I’m seriously obsessed with the channels that he is a part of

  6. Jacob Morgan says:

    He’s getting good at dropping rubber

  7. Junior says:

    Anything with vat19 in matthias’ videos, is the best thing in the world.

  8. Kiros says:

    Four leaf clovers are not that rare, if you look long enough in a clover patch you will find one. also I highly doubt that one is real.

  9. Ruffnek Chicken says:

    Shouldn’t the criteria be ‘Hilarious or Nefarious’ ?

  10. Abby polkin says:

    i have 15 4 leaf clovers my yard is full but i will tag you in an insta post

  11. Cool unique Violist says:

    7:29 That’s some good Voodoo my Doodoo. Matthias 2017 XD

  12. Natalia Panuska says:

    My dad found a four leaf clover but my uncle was mad at him for noreason and ripped his four leaf clover #wierdofam

  13. Random Channel says:

    I have found a four leaf but i i uhh butterfingers

  14. Killian Cush says:

    Hey I’m Irish and proud

  15. Happy Seashell says:

    Will Bryan ever be back? He was awesome btw love your viddsssss

  16. amir abu ata says:

    “Partly” thats a new word, i always thought it was partially, then it turned out to be partly 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Cave Spider gaming says:

    Twice my friends found a a four leaf clover

  18. Joey Petrasun says:

    I’m also 30 percent Irish to

  19. tomaspasie says:

    I just did one of these! 🙂

  20. I LOVE PINK XOXO says:

    Aha I used to have the 1st toy he opened as a kid

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