Unboxing Apple’s 700 Dollar Wheels

Unboxing Apple’s 700 Dollar Wheels


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48 Responses

  1. Unbox Therapy says:


  2. dandaddavi says:

    Things like this make me so glad that the world is ending this year.

  3. Alex747 says:

    “My wheels aren’t rolling correctly”

    Apple: well you have to either buy a new set for 700$ and try those wheels or a replacement for 420$

  4. Jay🕉 says:

    i like that part when he said *“ “*

  5. Champagne davy says:

    “Let the lunacy speak for itself”- mark twain

  6. Droid 16 alpha says:

    Never have I simultaneously been so Scared, yet so Calm at the same time

  7. felcia jacintha says:

    Me : What is the use of these overpriced pieces of crap

    Lew: plant stand

  8. Kevin Parmar says:

    4:52 –> 8 year old me with my hot wheels

  9. sarthak srivastava says:

    Just when you thought apple couldn’t top themselves.

  10. Cameron Seals says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen someone say “what the hell were they thinking” without him opening his mouth at all, like seriously what was Apple thinking

  11. Ashish Rathore says:

    His Silence has given the review.

  12. Vineet says:

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Apple in 2050:can beer openers

  13. Vivek Bajaj says:

    Year 2030
    Apple: The most powerful smartphone ever.
    (Camera, battery, charger, processor sold separately)

  14. Lalitha Singh says:

    Apple in the future:
    “Introducing the latest next generation technology” get your own iwater only for $5999.

  15. Priyanshu Sahoo says:

    We will have flying cars by 2020…

  16. Vidunixel says:

    3,500 BC: Man invents wheel
    2020: Wheels sell for $700
    Look how far we’ve evolved

  17. Peter Graham says:

    For the first time I can ever recall ever in the history of youtube tech reviews has anyone ever been able to show the sheer lack of value in a tech product by unboxing it for seven minutes and forty five seconds without saying a word while still clearly articulating ones disgust for apple products like these.

    ROFL .. Lew I do believe you’ve broken the internet with this one .. and we loved it.


    The internet.

    • Robert Pendzick says:

      If your Apple computer isn’t on an Apple cart, rolling on Apple wheels how can it be under Apple warrantee?

  18. BOTTIMIND says:

    Lou: Is that a kilo?
    Cook: New casters, whadda ya think?

    Lou: Very nice, look at that

    Cook: Picked em up from U-Line yesterday.
    Lou: …. Nice coloring

    Cook: That’s Chrome..and the rubbering is something called…..Sillyan Rail

    Lou: Very cool Bateman, but thats nothing….look at these RollerBalls.

    Jobs: Veryyy nice

    Cook: I can’t believe Jobs prefers Lou’s wheels over mine…

    { o /o }

  19. Latios Hunter says:

    “This is beyond science”

  20. Lein-Hoseiniv neé Bukowski says:

    I bet if Apple made cars they would sell the wheels separately

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